How to get a shine winter to neutralize in a demilitarized zone

The skin of the Operator for winter is one of many awards that you can unlock with the help of factional missions in Call of Duty: DMZ. The skin is available as a final award for the execution of the 2nd-level white lotus missions, which are unlocked only after you perform a set of testing of the 1st level.

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How to unlock the mission Two Birds in the demilitarized zone

How to get a skin to neutralize winter in a demilitarized zone

How to unlock the mission Two Birds in a demilitarized zone

You can get the skin neutralize the winter by completing the last mission of the fraction of the white lotus of the 2nd level, two birds. This mission opens after performing any five of the six basic tests available at the same level. We have listed five, which you can easily perform in DMZ below:

  1. Bombardment
    • Exile with six series of murders for one deployment
  2. Pack them and mark them
    • Find and remove four enemy tokens.
  3. Get and remove 2 parts of information about the black mouse from Rohan oil.
  4. Intel executed
    • Activate five BPA towers
    • Kill 20 enemies marked by the towers of the UAV.
  5. Salvation of hostages
    • Complete the contract for the rescue of hostages.


  • Email with the evacuation of hosts Held
  • hit-and-run
    • Move 16 enemies by car
    • Completely refuel and repair the car at gas stations

How to get a skin to neutralize winter in a demilitarized zone

After you perform five basic levels of level 2 for the White Lotus faction, the last mission of Two Birds will be unlocked. This mission consists of three tasks that you need to complete to get a neutralization skin:

  1. A trip to the Al-Aqsa quarry: this POI is located in the North-West District of Asmara, as shown on the map above.
  2. Kill 18 enemies in your career: As soon as you get to the Al-Aqsa career, commit 18 A soldiers in this region. There will be many bots in this area, and you can easily note them by activating the nearest UAV tower.
  3. Destroy the two helicopters of reinforcements in the career of Al-Aqsa.: The third and last task requires you to destroy two helicopters that will deliver A soldiers to the region. These birds arrive at equal intervals of time, but you may have to wait awhile to notice them. Helicopters are not so easy to shoot down from weapons. We recommend buying LTV at the nearest purchase for $18,000 and use its turret to destroy the helicopter. As an alternative, you can use role-playing games to be bots.

Follow all three tasks to unlock the neutralization skin for the Zero operator. The skin is very similar to the skin of the base character. You can equip it in the operator selection menu in DMZ, War zone 2 or MW2.

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