The development of the PS version of Children Spinning Sky Stars is reported. SKY on the big screen, preparing for release with crossplay

Thatgamecompany announced on August 16 that it is preparing for the PlayStation version of Children Spinning Sky Stars. Although the details have not been disclosed, it seems that the PS version is being developed.

Children who spin Sky Stars (hereinafter, SKY) are social adventure games designed by THATGAMECOMPANY, the development of Kaze no Tabi Vito and Flowery. In the world of this work, the empty kingdom was once proud. One day, the darkness of the darkness loses its brightness and moved to the clouds. The player of this work is a child who spins the stars that have descended from the sky. The player departs on a journey to deliver the stars to the constellation to regain hope again in the destruction. It is compatible with multiplayer with up to eight players, depicting warm experiences and connections with others through adventures.

SKY was distributed in the iOS version in 2019, and the Android version was released in 2020. For console game consoles, the Nintendo Switch version was distributed in 2021. And this time, it has been reported that the development of the PS version is progressing.


Originally, SKY was announced that it will be deployed for PC and console after the mobile version of launch. However, the console launch gradually developed due to the development scale problem. Until now, it has been deployed on mobile and Nintendo Switch, which is strong in portable function, but it seems to be adjusted to move even in high-end hardware.

Regarding the PS version, it is said that the preparation is still piled up, but it has been stated that it corresponds to cross-platform play (hereinafter, cross-play) with other platforms. The Nintendo Switch version and the mobile version can cross-play, so the PS and Mobile version/Nintendo Switch players will be able to enjoy adventure together. SKY is a beautiful game, so I’m looking forward to drawing more high-definition.

SKY is being distributed for free for iOS/Android/Nintendo Switch. As a recent movement, a collaboration event with Norwegian singer-songwriter Aurora has been announced.