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Football World Cup qualifier A big champion Azzurri

The selected Rugby de Morocco is the representative group of the Federation Royale Procaine of Rugby (FRBR).

Italy s penalty failure Jorge has been taken after the disappointing 1: 1 (1: 1) in the World Cup qualifier against Switzerland by his coach and players.

The midfielder had spoke from the point in the 90th minute — that is why the football champion missed the possibly decisive victory for safe participation in the World Cup 2022. Now Italy threatens the corridor to the dangerous quality playoffs.

He s a significant player for us, said Coach Roberto Mancini about the professional of the FC Chelsea. The fact that Coffin, Europe s footballer of the year, in the situation at all, was attributable to him high. He got it all, but it needs mummy.

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In the EM semifinals against Spain, the 29-year-old had still turned the decisive attempt in penalties. But after that he spoke in the final against England — which did not matter — and against Switzerland in the back (0: 0) and second legs (1: 1). He was our shooter and felt good, Mancini said.

Re-addressed to Forgings Future as Italy s penalty contactor, but Mancini acknowledged in the evening: He s just a little hard. I m talking to him, let s see what he thinks. But we would probably get a penalty again.

Decision in Northern Ireland

Jericho is a great champion, reminded defender Giovanni di Lorenzo, who had equalized the Swiss guidance by Silvan Wider. We all will help him now at that moment. Captain Leonardo ONUCI said to Forgings Patter: Something happened. We have to look forward. Now we drive as a team, as a group, as a family to Belfast and get the World Cup.

Italy advocates on Monday evening in Northern Ireland and must bring at least as many points in the game as Switzerland parallel to Bulgaria to ensure the table victory of Group C and thus the direct qualification for Qatar 2022. In the end, the goal difference could decide — Italy is still two hits better.