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Pokemon Go: “Wilder Fang” for 1 EUR – All rewards in Velursi Ticket

What’s around? Today, on April 23, the community day runs with Velursi from 14:00 to 17:00.

Where delights? Opens Pokémon Go and goes to the store there. At the top, over the boxes, you will locate the classification “Worldwide Events”. Below you will certainly discover the ticket “Wilder Fang”.

Inpokémon Go runs today the community day with Velursi and brings special research study “Wilder Fang” for 1 EUR. We show you all the jobs and also rewards in the ticket.

Ticket for Community Day with Velursi – Study

Where are the information? Due to the time distinction, the community day with Velursi is currently active in some areas.

Velursi research “Wilder Fang” 1/4

Level Award: You fix all three tasks and picks up the corresponding incentives for this, after that you expect furthermore 2,000 star dirt, an encounter with Velursi and a stellar.

Velursi research “Wilder Fang” 2/4

Idea: The pictures in the wild makes you right after you entered a wild Velursi. Then use the camera button on the display and presses three times on the shutter switch. You can do the 3 snapshots at the same Pokémon.

Action Reward: Do you fix all three jobs and picks up the particular incentives for this, after that you anticipate additionally 1,500 experience factors, an experience with Velursi and also a happiness.

Velursi research “Wilder Fang” 3/4

Here's All The Rare Rewards For Referring Trainers in Pokémon GO!
Degree Compensate: Do you fix all three jobs and also grabs the respective rewards for this, after that expect additionally 2,500 experience points, a Rocket Radar and also 15 Hyperballs.

Velursi research “Wilder Fang” 4/4

Degree Reward: You fix all 3 jobs and also picks up the corresponding benefits for this, then anticipate an additional 3,000 star dust, an encounter with Kayroso and also 100 Velursi desserts.

Worth the purchase of the ticket?

You need to pay focus: The pure matching of things that you survive the rewards goes beyond the purchase price of 1 EUR

Inpokémon Go runs today the community day with Velursi as well as brings unique research study “Wilder Fang” for 1 EUR. Today, on April 23, the community day runs with Velursi from 14:00 to 17:00. Where is the ticket? Due to the time distinction, the community day with Velursi is already active in some regions. Idea: The photos in the wilderness makes you right after you entered a wild Velursi.

  • A ROCKET radar prices regular 200 coins, concerning 2 EUR
  • A solitary starch is 100 coins, so concerning 1 EUR.
  • Include to this Star dust, rounds, berries as well as EP

If you wish to get these products anyway, then you get them cheaper through the ticket in mix with light-weight jobs. For you worth the purchase. There are additionally sugary foods and also encounters with Velursi.

If these items and the sugary foods are not thinking about Velursi, the purchase is not worthwhile for you.

Exactly how do you like the ticket for the community day this time? Is that something you desire to get, or do you play the event free of charge? Compose us your opinion right here in the discuss Meinmmo and exchanges you with various other coaches. With an added cost-free box, the C-Day was improved with Velursi with the aid of players.


Pokemon Go: To Velursi come the community day

The Pokémon Go Community Day on April 23, 2022 with Velursi approaches and Niantic has decided to continue the “Community Day Meetups” event and bring the Pokémon Go players back together in reality. At the Community Day with Velursi, there will be photo points again in selected cities, where coaches come together and who wants to get to know other players. Of course, the community day takes place everywhere worldwide. So if you do not live in the photo point cities or the trace is too far: do not worry, you can still catch a lot of Velursi!

9 German cities zum Community Day Meetup

In the following cities will be hit on April 23 between 14:00 and 17:00:

  • Berlin, DE: Spandau Arcaden
  • Hamburg, DE: Oversenseevard
  • Hannover, DE: Space of the World’s Fair
  • Dortmund, DE: Westfalenpark
  • Oberhausen, DE: Westfield Centro
  • Dusseldorf, DE: Dusseldorf Arcaden
  • Leipzig, DE: Augustusplatz
  • Stuttgart, DE: Marienplatz
  • Munich, DE: Pasing Arcaden

Below all other participating cities, you should be traveling in other European countries:

  • Linz, At: City Park
  • Vienna, at: Westfield Shopping City South
  • Warsaw, Pl: Elektrownia Powiśle Shopping Mall

  • Satander, SP: Plaza de las 3 Estaciones
  • Valencia, SP: Estació del Nord – Outside Railway Station
  • Barcelona, SP: Esplanada anterior

Encounter Stufful during Pokémon GO Community Day!
* Malaga, SP: Muelle Uno Shopping Center
* Madrid, SP: Puerta de Atocha – Outside Railway Station
* London, UK: Southbank – Riverside Slice
* Bristol, UK: Cabot Circus
* Cardiff, UK: Churchill Way
* Edinburgh, UK: Castle Street
* Liverpool, UK: Paradise Place
* Prague, CZ: Centrum Černý Most
* Barcelona, SP: Westfield La Maquinista
* Vélizy-Villecoublay, Fri: Westfield Vélizy 2
* Lieusaint, Fri: Westfield Carré Sénart
* Cagnes-sur-Mer, FR: Polygone Riviera
* Wrocław, Pl: WrocoLavia
* Stockholm, Se: Westfield Mall of Scandinavia
* London, UK: Westfield London Shopping Mall
* London, UK: Westfield Stratford City Shopping Mall
* Leidschendam, NL: Westfield Mall of the Netherlands
* Bologna, It: Via Indipendenza – Shopping Center
* Bari, It: Via Sparano – Town Square

In addition, there will be more rewards for trainers in addition to the following Pokéstops.

  • Basel, Ch: Old Town Grossbasel
  • Berlin, DE: Spekkektepark and Stabholzgarten
  • Bonn, DE: Bonn center
  • Dortmund, DE: Westfalenpark Dortmund
  • Hamburg, DE: Hamburg downtown
  • Hannover, DE: Steintorplatz
  • Karlsruhe, DE: Schlossplatz
  • Stuttgart, DE: upper castle garden
  • Leipzig, DE: Höfe am Brühl

Niantic and sustainability

The developers of Pokémon Go want to set a sign for more sustainability. Together with a nonprofit partner organization (ie an organization that is not focused on profit), Niantic wants to plant a tree for every coach running at the Community Day with Velursi as a partner Pokémon, a tree. The upper cost limit of the developers is $ 100,000. So, attract good shoes and start it!

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