New Sony idea Will the PlayStation come to your phone soon

Sony jumps up soon on the mobile train? A new patent shows that the Group seems to be working on a special controller for smartphones. Under certain circumstances, Sony is based on Microsoft and tries to provide its own cloud gaming service for mobile phones.

New PlayStation Controller for mobile phones: Sony secures patent

Sony seems to be in patent fever. Recently, we reported that the company has submitted a patent for its own PS5-faceplates, now the next request appeared on the net. To see the concept drawings of the new patent: A PlayStation Controller, where a transverse smartphone is located. So Sony seems to work on a PlayStation Controller for mobile devices.

What also shows from the official document: Sony filed the patent already in mid-2020, but the application was recently published (Source: patent

Interestingly, the controller pictured on the images does not seem to be similar to the current danseuse model, which is used for the PS5. Instead, Sony has set the design of the PS4 controller when drafting the patent. The controller seems to have a USB-C or Lightning connector that can be connected directly to the smartphone.


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Daniel Carat

Between the two controller halves, a kind of holder should be located for the smartphone. Whether this can be adjusted depending on the size of the terminal, does not emerge from the drawings.

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Competition for the Xbox Game Pass: Does Sony PS Now continue to build?

But why did Sony have filed a corresponding patent application so late? For years there are third-party controllers designed specifically for mobile phones. In addition, the normal PS4 controller can also be connected and used via cable directly with the smartphone.

A possible explanation: Sony plans to offer its Xbox Game Pass Alternative PlayStation NOW in the future for mobile devices. So far, the service is only available for PS4, PS5 and Windows PCs. A corresponding controller that transforms the smartphone almost to a novel PlayStation Portable would come exactly. Whether Sony really prevails such ambitions can not be confirmed so far.

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It also remains questionable, Whether the new PlayStation Controller for smartphones is ever becoming reality. Sony and many other companies regularly secure patents for equipment and concepts that will never be used in the end. We are definitely curious how the story develops.


Halo Infinite Best Controller Setups Xbox One Xbox Series X S PC

Whether you get on last-gen, current-gen, and even PC equipment, here are the most effective controller settings for Halo Infinite..

The day is lastly here and also Halo Infinite s Free-to-Play Multiplayer is available to download early. The reports were real as well as you can now play the video game completely with to its December 8 launch date.

But if you re going down into the 1,000-pound shoes of your Halo Infinite spartan, you ll need to know a couple of things.

First, ensure you re Cunningham Infinite on its best settings for FPS as well as performance..

Next, it s time to modify those controller settings till their perfect.

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Halo Infinite Finest Controller Settings.

If you re looking for the most effective controller setups in Halo Infinite, look no even more..

Sensitivity & Velocity.

Look Velocity– 4.
Look Sensitivity (Horizontal)– 5.5.
Look Sensitivity (Upright)– 5.5.

With these 3 setups, it s really about personal choice. As ever in FPS video games, a higher level of sensitivity will certainly mean you re able to aim as well as fire more promptly.

Nonetheless, there s no point putting your level of sensitivity too expensive as it comes to be hard to handle.

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Move Thumb stick.

Facility Dead zone– 5 (Or As Reduced As Possible).
Optimum Input Threshold– 10.
Axial Dead zone– 5 (Or As Low As Feasible).

For the Center and Axial Dead zones, you wish to establish these options as reduced as you can before you start to see activity wandering in-game.

Look Thumb stick.

Center Dead zone– 5 (Or As Reduced As Possible).
Optimum Input Limit– 14.5.
Axial Dead zone– 5 (Or As Reduced As Possible).

Finally, if you re using a controller with back switches, it aids to bind dive and also crouch to these options. Doing so will certainly give you a remarkable benefit in-game, allowing you out-maneuver your challengers.

Best Controller Settings for Halo Infinite ????

Many thanks to Game sager for sharing the very best Halo Infinite controller settings with us. You can see their full video clip on the subject listed below.

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However, Halo followers dislike Infinite s sluggish progression, regardless of the video game being an amazing FPS experience!

At the same time, the rumors of a Halo Infinite Fight Royale coming quickly are taking off once more, this moment with evidence!.