Assembly manual Lol Wild Rift Fiora – the best runes, skills, combo and objects

Fiora is known as the queen of duelists in League of Legends. Her unique abilities make her a formidable opponent in situations 1 to 1. although Fiora is not so strong at the beginning of the game, she can devastate opponents in the middle and end of the game. As a result, it is one of the most preferred players in matches with a high rating.

Fiora is a high skill curve for new players. Since she is weak at the beginning of the game, it is best to put turrets at the leining stage to earn gold and buy items. Nevertheless, even with the best objects of Fior, it may remain aloof if its abilities are not designed for perfection. Therefore, it is important to know every part of its kit.

FIOOR skills

Passive: Duel dance

Fiora shows vital organs on her enemies. They are indicated in the enemy champion with a gold glow. Hitting into the enemy from the side of Vital inflicts a percentage of the maximum health of the enemy in the form of True damage , hearates Fior and increases its movement speed by a few seconds. To maximize damage, always follow the vital indicators of the enemy and always try to hit them!

ability 1: Lunge

Fiora attacks and damages the closest enemy. Lugs vital organs and he will kill the enemies. A blow to the enemy will return the money 60% of its reloading, so always try to hit the enemy champion, minion or monster to get a quick recovery time.

Ability 2: Responsible Bike

Fiora rattles all incoming damage and negative effects a little less than a second, and then strikes in the indicated direction. Magic damage which slows down the speed of enemy movement and attack speed by 50% by 1.5 seconds. If the parked attack was immobilizing, it stun enemy instead of slowing it down. Always follow the enemy’s ability to parry the blow in time to stun him.

Wild Rift FIORA Pro Tips & Tricks | ALL Combos | Complete Guides & Build | Wild Rift PRO TIPS

Ability 3: Working with a blade

Fiora strengthens its next two basic attacks using bonus to the speed of attack . The first blow will slow the enemies, and the second always deliver a critical blow for more damage. She can also apply critical shots on the towers to inflict more damage.

Ultimate: Big Call

Fiora will challenge the enemy champion, revealing all four vital organs for a few seconds and receive additional speed of movement while next to them. A blow to all four vital elements in a few seconds or the murder of the enemy will cause a field around the goal, which heals Fiora and its allies. The duration of this area of the field will last longer, depending on how many vital organs you have touched.

The best combination of Fiora skills

ability 1 (lunge)> ability 3 (work with a blade)> ability 2 (response)

This combination works in almost any situation. Always try to get into vital organs. Change the position quickly with the help of a lunge, then use the “work with a blade” to twice to hit the enemy in a short period of time. Use a response blow to block any enemy attacks and, therefore, slow down or stun them.

The best assembly of Fiora items

Start the match by bought a long sword basic element. The basic assembly for Fiora will consist of Trinity strength , blade of a deceased relative g, and halbrailer . After the main items, build Death Dance for greater stability and gage of the stratum for additional health. As for the boots, the construction Steel caps with a coating and then buy ionic protopoies to enchant for an additional jerk.

The best runes for Fiora

The best spells for Fiora

Flash: * Mandatory spell for Fiora, since it can be combined with its ability 1 (attack) to get a powerful jerk in motion.
Barrier: Since Fiora is not so strong in the early game, the barrier can potentially save life at the beginning of the game. If your style is aggression, change the barrier to light * spell.

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Brawl Stars – This is Bonnie: Skills, Date and how to get the new Changiaformas character

The developers of Brawl Stars have not been formed by presenting a single new character in the last BRAWL TALK . At the incorporation of Janet in the form of a chromatic Brawler you have to immediately add the future arrival of Bonnie . Supercell has wanted to play double or anything with a new heroine from the world of the show capable of changing so that she has one of the most interesting skill kits we have seen in recent times.

Bonnie skills, the most surprising brawler of season 12

At this point, we are more than tanned in the launch format of Brawl Stars characters. Supercell has revived the tradition and has not wanted to present many details about Bonnie, but what was seen in Brawl Talk is more than enough to draw conclusions. The new character will take the role of changes giving continuity to the trend initiated by MEG, although with a more spectacular gameplay that promises to become one of the great favorites of the community.

To talk about the first details of the skills, we need to separate the shape of her cannon from her from the disassembly of her.

Bonnie fit cannon

This form is characterized by having a reduced speed of movement, less damage and speed of attack. In return, it has much more health and scope.

  • Life: 7,800
  • Basic Attack : launches a long-range projectile that inflicts 1,650 damage to the enemies reached.
  • Super : Bonnie is thrown out of the canyon to release the disassembly form of it, inflicting an indeterminate amount of damage in the fall.

Janet & Bonnie Breakdown! | Update Info!

Bonnie disassembled

This form is characterized by having less health points and scope. In return, it increases the damage, the speed of movement and the speed of attack.

  • Life : 4,500
  • Basic Attack : Throw three cannon balls at a short distance. Each of them inflicts 1,000 points of damage.
  • Super : Bonnie returns to mounted on the canyon, restoring health points.

When will Bonnie be available and how do you get?

Unfortunately, Among the details you have not wanted to share Supercell are those related to the launch of Bonnie. Although we know that the new Brawler will be available throughout season 12, the concrete launch date or the method of obtaining has not been revealed. It is expected to be activated halfway.


How to defeat Lich, Earth Demon, in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

I have not been able to protect your friends, the incessious regret of one stranger turned it into the Monster of the Earth, Lich. Settling in the cave of the Earth, he began to save the power of the crystal of the earth, angrily attacking anyone who was stupid enough to invade the halls of his earthy castle. To defeat this nightmarish devil, you will need all your courage, but do not worry – we made a combat plan that will help you. Here how to defeat Lich, the villain of the Earth in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin .

Table of contents

Martial lich, earth monster

Preparation for the battle with the LIC

Attacks and lich’s abilities

STRANGER OF PARADISE Final Fantasy Origin Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 [4K 60FPS PS5] No Commentary

How to defeat Lich

combat lich, earth monster

Preparation for the battle with Little

Before fighting with Lich, you should be ready to use its weakness – Wind . By installing a black mage or sage as one of their professions, you will get access to the powerful wind magic. The choice of secondary work, which uses axis will allow you to also use the weaknesses of any dark skeletons, which a lich causes during the battle.

Mission levels range from from 50 to 84 as for Main and Additional Mission Battle Versions with Lock, Therefore, equip Equipment at least the same level before you go face to face. In addition, if you unlocked the ability Change special effects Through Forge Be sure to give your weapons and armor at least a few of the following Equipment effects before going to battle:

  • Filling wind
  • Inflicted wind damage
  • Caused by wind damage
  • Applied magic damage
  • Applied magic damage
  • Caused by the enemy damage from weakness
  • Caused damage from the enemy weakness
  • Physical damage
  • Magic resistance
  • Status resistance to disease
  • MP recovery rate with ordinary attacks
  • Action Ability Cost MP

After you have decided on the affairs and equipment of your group, go to Earth Cave area on the world map to resist the Earth’s Monster.

attacks and abilities

A personal relies on his magical skill to reject a flurry of spontaneous spells on its enemies, preferring to attack from a safe distance during the battle. Because of this, a lich can crush your group if you won’t be careful – such spells, like Gnile flame And also Ice dust Usually apply simultaneously, causing damage to players right in front of it **** _ as well Players away. Attacks that the lich will use during the battle, the following:

  • normal attack combination
    • A lich puts out from two to four blows to any player directly in front of him. This attack can be blocked in the usual way or evincible from it.
  • bone nails
    • Lich pulls five fingers to the ground, trying to pierce any player right in front of him. This attack can be blocked or evincible from it.
  • Call of the underworld
    • A lich causes two skeletons from the underworld so that they fought with him.
  • Earthquake
    • A personal causes the earth to erupt under all the players, causing damage from the Earth. This attack can be partially blocking or avoiding it. Attack is usually used after Call of The Underworld.
  • rotten flame
    • Lich creates five explosive spheres in the horizontal line right in front of them, inflicting fire damage. This attack can be partially blocking or avoiding it.
  • Ice dust
    • A lich creates five ice copies that are aimed at the player, inflicting ice damage. This attack can be partially blocking or avoiding it.
  • judgment
    • A lich calls on a zipper that is striking the player, causing damage in the area of ​​lightning. This attack can be partially blocking or avoiding it.
  • Flash
    • A lich creates a powerful explosion using the souls of the defeated skeletons, causing a massive damage along an area that is not associated with the elements. From this attack you can evaporate, avoiding or turning against the leaching with the help of the shield of the soul.
  • Curse
    • A lich produces three essential skulls, which are aimed at the player, causing a small damage and overlapping the status of a curse. From this attack you can evaporate or turn against the leaching with the help of the shield of the soul.
  • Bindga
    • A lich produces a small projectile that captures any affected player and causes a huge damage not related to the elements. This attack cannot be blocked, and it should be shy away from it.
  • rotten land
    • Lich temporarily makes the Earth around himself a poisonous, imposing poison and curse on all players who came to his radius. From this attack you can evaporate.
  • Offer Dead
    • A lich wildly waving wings-brazes when he rushes over the field, inflicting a huge physical damage. This attack can be partially blocking or avoiding it.
  • horrific embraces
    • A lich rushes to the player with his wings-braids, grabbing and hitting him a more deadly version of the curse. This attack cannot be blocked, and it should be shy away from it.

how to defeat lich

The key to combating the fifty is the use of wind magic to contain the crowd, and then jerk for applying physical attacks. To start a battle, switch to the profession of a black mage or sage and hit the leachy aeroga until MP will end. From there, initiate both of your ally resonance states forcing them to act as distraction, using your abilities against lyric more aggressively.

While the lich is busy attack your teammates, hit it Ordinary attacks to restore MP , then distance themselves again from leaching before playing the aerogium. In addition, if your weapon has filling the wind Effect of equipment, each ordinary attack will be to use the weakness of Lich to wind and lower its gap sensor.

Just continue this Aeroga playback cycle using resonances and rushing to the attack, and then retreating to play Aeroga again. If you have little mana, use attacks of the ax or wind magic will use the weakness of nearby dark skeletons and lower their rupture limit. After that, you can use SOUL BURST to apply the final blow by raising the maximum amount of MP.

The battle will go to the second phase when the health of Lich will fall to half, after which it loses the ability to pronounce natural spells and will focus on Using physical attacks or applying status ailments . However, other attacks of Lich will remain the same before the end of the battle, so continue to use the magic aerials and reinforced by the wind ordinary attacks to break its break scale. Just do not forget to stay on your feet, and you will definitely cope with this earthy demon in the shortest possible time!

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Lost Ark today brings new patch with thick nerfs as well as 6 hours server down

InLost Ark shows up today, on March 3, the following update. As introduced, there is a Nerf for some void dungeons and guardian raids. The maintenance last remarkably long.

What are? The focus of the patch, the nerfs are several dungeons and also raids from the Rate 1 and also Tier 2. The designers describe the nerfs to make sure that other areas originally rejected access to the Tier 3 were the highlights of the upgrade and for that reason, more time had to discover the mechanics.

Furthermore, there are a variety of basic changes as well as bug fixes, consisting of:

We’ll keep you in this information approximately date, if there ought to be an expansion or an earlier web server start-up.

For how long the server down about? Upkeep work starting at 7:00 pm on German time and take all of six hrs. The web server will therefore expected at 13:00 back online.


  • Numerous display errors in combat results, or the in-game clock
  • Bug solutions associated with the matchmaking
  • Took care of a concern where the void supplier Rothun missing out on

Shed Ark patch notes of 4 March

Void Dungeon

The Old Elveria

Origin of the Necromancers

  • The remission of the player during the sphere area has been boosted as he attempts to defeat Sigmund in phase 2 of the beginning of the Necromancer.
  • The graphic effects of shade from Sigmund shock wave have actually been boosted to make it clearer for the gamer.

Royal residence of the phantom

Hall of twisted warlord

  • The damage to the swash-portion is needed if Ephernia appear in phase 3 of the Hildebrandt Palace, has been reduced.
  • The variety of the impact of the phantom energy of Meteor device in phase 3 has been boosted.
  • The attack form of the 2nd Meteor mechanism was transformed throughout Phase 3 of a circle in a frontal attack.

Hildebrandt Palace

  • The attack patterns of Phantom Legion King as well as debuffs “phantom standard”, which is put on the character were altered.
  • The attack patterns of the summoning of the sword illusion of Phantom Legion King has actually been updated.
  • The swords follow the gamers; if a gamer is dealt two heaps, he takes damage, as well as when it reaches 3 heaps, he passes away.

gateway to paradise

Sea of inertia


Lava Chromanium

  • The invocation pattern of guard Achates was altered so that more as well as 4 guardian sculptures are mobilized.
  • The damage is required to weakness on Achates use was reduced.
  • This Achates stays a difficulty in the Guardian Raid tests, it will certainly not post those changes there – much more on that in a future update!

  • The Stun weakening that was used when gamers were struck by the tail move attack, has actually been eliminated.

  • The damage of a number of strikes has been reduced.
  • Embark on the ice
  • Athletes gush and also break Eisfeuer


  • The period of the flame-ground attack from Feuerfuchs Yoho was shortened.
  • LP’s fire fox Yoho were reduced.
  • Result of the ability “Burning Spirit” has actually been reduced.
  • The damage of a number of strikes has been reduced.
  • Foxfire throw
  • Skip ahead and also mouth attack
  • Jump and claw attack

  • The damage is required to weak point on Levanos apply was decreased.

    • Powerlessness is a system in which the gamer (eg. As guards, shield, wings, and so on) a part of the opponent ruin or aim a particular area with skills and fighting items that with the search phrase “destruction” are significant.


Guardian Raids


  • The damage of the attack “lava eruption” of lava Chromanium was reduced when he goes crazy.


  • The damage of numerous attacks has been reduced.
  • Tail attack, after striking its tail on the ground
  • Out capturing from the floor
  • Flash bullets


Feuerfuchs Yoho

  • The duration of Tytalos’ attack circle of crumbling rock was reduced.
  • Tytalos’ attack, the sand energy builds up and also explodes from one termination device was altered to an attack with high damage.
  • The damage of numerous strikes has actually been reduced.
  • Erdexplosionen

  • The caution time for Prophecy attack in Phase 2 of the sea of inertia has actually been prolonged.

  • The inertia attack by guards Akam was changed in phase 2 of the sea of inertia of a termination device to attack with high damage.

  • The advantageous effect of Alberhastic, which was provided in getting the heat ball has been reduced.

  • The extinction mechanism was transformed to an attack with high damage.

General brand-new functions as well as insect repairs

  • An issue has actually been solved, which caused the setting “Display of the battle effects – refers to build-up impacts of group members a” Some compromising magic, which associate with team participants, not suggested.
  • An issue has been fixed whereby the clock at the top left in the game because of the summer time suggested the incorrect time area.
  • An upgrade has actually been included in prevent players from being thrown from the web server throughout login. We will certainly continue to keep track of data, comments and also reports to make certain that this problem is solved.
  • There was a bugfix to resolve issues with the match search. We will proceed to keep track of data, responses as well as reports to guarantee that this problem is fixed.
  • A problem has actually been repaired, stopped that an item might be connected throughout the relationship quest series “Niniveh’s mood of the turmoil”.
  • A problem has been dealt with where the abyss supplier lacked in Rothun.
  • Repaired a trouble that stated that the regular battling item bundle can be made use of 10 times. This was remedied on the top acquisition of as soon as a week.

What do you state concerning the brand-new spot? Are you chatting to the modifications?

For March, the designers have actually additionally introduced the first major web content patch:

Lost Ark Announces First Web Content Update for the West – pledges completely brand-new RAID experience

The focus of the patch, the nerfs are a number of dungeons and also raids from the Rate 1 as well as Rate 2. Exactly how long the server down around? ** Upkeep job beginning at 7:00 pm on German time and take all of 6 hours.

InLost Ark appears today, on March 3, the next upgrade.


All the masters of Project Zomboid and how to deal with them

Mudls in Project ZomBoid are different status effects that players can receive for many reasons. These reasons are mostly rotating around the player. Current condition, emotions, physical condition and health.

However, in the assembly of 41 Project Zomboid there are about 19 wise, and each of them affects players in different ways. Each wise also has specific methods players can use to combat them. Here you will learn how to deal with all the wise in Project Zomboid.

How to Fix Heavy Load in Project Zomboid

To correct the Muddle of Heavy Load in Project Zomboid, players will need to remove objects from their inventory until their current level change. Portable weight decreases.

If players do not delete items, they will become slower and increase the speed, the speed of attack, the chance of a critical strike and the chance to climb through the fence.

Players will also start getting damage from loss of endurance as the severity of the wise rises to the maximum. extremely overloaded.

How to fix Hyperthermia in Project Zomboid

To fix the hyperthermia in Project Zomboid, players need to cool and enter the room. Wearing easier clothes and loss of layers will also help cool the players.

In addition, you will also want to drink a lot of water To avoid dehydration and combat hyperthermia.

If players do not take steps to fight hyperthermia in Project Zomboid, they will get more harmful debuff and r reduce attack speed.

The worst that players can get – this is a 90 percent reduction in the speed of attack and the chance to die from Hyperthermia.

How to fix hypoints in Project Zomboid

To fix hypothermia in Project Zomboid, players need to be warm and go to the room. Wearing more layers of clothing will also help players to warm up.

But if players are outside, it is recommended to build bonfire And if they are inside the car, they will need to include heater.

The longer the players are in the state of hypothermia, the higher the probability of cold and flu. Players will also continue to obtain adverse effects of status that deteriorate as they the condition worsen.

As players become worse, they also receive a decrease in the speed of attack, the spatial perception deteriorates, and their health will fall by 1 percent to death.

How to dry and remove WET in Project Zomboid

To remove moisture in Project Zomboid, players need to dry clothes towel or change it. Standing Heat source such as fire or heater will also help to dry players in the game.

In general, humidity is a soft negative mud in the game, but the player should not ignore it. If the player allows the worsening of the mood “Humidity”, it can potentially undergo risk . Chatting.

How to deal with Windchill in Project Zomboid

To remove Windchill wise in Project ZOMBOID, players just need to go to the room or in the vehicle with windows up . If players do not seek asylum, they risk cold or frozen.

How to get rid of the cold in Project Zomboid

To get rid of the cold in Project Zomboid, players will need be warm and full. The players with a cold will be a chance to sneeze that Zombie alarmed. Fortunately, players can fight sneezing with toilet paper or napkins.

Players with worsening colds will also test reduced speed and healing speed . Because of this, it is better to find shelter for several days and allow a cold and well-being to improve.

How to improve hunger in Project Zomboid

To improve hunger in Project Zomboid, the players will need to find food and Eat it until the womb will disappear. But if players do not find something to eat, their portable weight will decrease, and their health will fall, starting with 1 points. In the end, players will be starved until their health is completely depleted, and they die.

How to Fix Injuries in Project Zomboid

It is impossible to fix the “injury” wise in Project Zomboid. Instead, you will need to wait until the “injury” wisely disappears by itself.

Improving pain and other moods, such as bleeding and illness can help speed up the process, as injury is often caused by another wise.

When players have injury, they get a decrease in strength and speeds that deteriorate as the gravity of Moodle increases.

How to stop missing in Project Zomboid

To stop bored in Project Zomboid, players need to look for entertainment, such as books, magazines or murder zombies and watch TV. As the wise of “boredom” worsens, they risk getting wisely “unfortunate”, which has its own side effects.

How to fix Bleeding in Project Zomboid

To fix the “bleeding” wise in Project Zomboid, the players will need to tie the wound through the Health tab or risk die, bleed. Strength and speed will also decrease as the mood deteriorates “Bleeding”

How to fix Pain in Project Zomboid

To correct the pain in Project Zomboid, players need to take painkillers and relax until the wise pain disappears. If the players do not improve painful mood, they will receive the following reductions and status effects that will deteriorate over time.

  • reducing accuracy
  • reduced speed of movement
  • With difficulty hoping and climbing the fences
  • reduced attack speed
  • Damage Damage in Middle Battle
  • chance to go

How To Deal With Hordes In Project Zomboid Easily Build 41

How to get rid of fatigue in Project zomboid

To correct the wise of “fatigue” in Project Zomboid, the players will need to sleep in bed or on Earth. If players do not sleep, they will be tired, and it will be harder to fight with a reduced damage in the near battle.

How to Stop Panic in Project Zomboid

To stop panic in Project Zomboid, players will need to take beta blockers and leave zombies. If not treated, players will receive the following status effects from panic.

  • reducing accuracy
  • Damage Damage in Middle Battle
  • Reduced critical chance.

How to fix the disease in Project Zomboid

To get rid of the disease in Project Zomboid, players need to eat well and sleep so as not to get tired. However, if the players have a zombie virus, it cannot be cured. While players are sick, their health will also decrease until they feed and do not sleep.

How to Improve Stress in Project Zomboid

To improve stress in Project Zomboid, players will need to smoke cigarettes or read books and rest. Leaving from Haling Zombies, players will also reduce the speed of obtaining the “Stress” mood.

If players remain in a stress state for a long time, they will receive the following adverse status effects from Stress Moodle.

  • Reduced Damage in Middle Battle
  • Increase the speed to get wise misfortunes

How to cure depression in Project ZomBoid

To cure depression and get rid of misfortunes, players need to relax and have products that increase happiness. Such food products included prepared food, chocolate, ice cream and alcohol. But if you do not cure mudlutes of misfortune, the speed required to fulfill many actions in the game will increase.

How to fix endurance and load loss in Project Zomboid

To correct the loss of endurance and voltage wise in Project Zomboid, players need to sit down and relax. Rest on sofas or beds can also help get rid of wise faster.

The failure to combat voltage measures will lead to adverse effects listed below, whose severity will increase.

  • Damage Damage in Middle Battle
  • reduced attack speed
  • High chance to stumble upon climbing for fences and running
  • Speed ​​Reduction

To get more Project ZomBoid Guides, we will provide you with a constantly expanding guide list!


Lost Ark: Pistolenlanzer – Level Tips on the Tank

The Pistolenslanzer is one of the melee damage classes in the Action MMO and very popular in end-game content such as RAIDs. They stand in the first line of defense and take the force of attacks with their defense and the battlefield sign to protect the rest of their troop. The Pistolenslanzer has a large clear speed with strong surface damage skills (area ofeffect, AOE) such as scharfe rifle lance and _ flashplace of the wächter_. This makes the leveling process easy and pleasant despite its slow movement speed.

Pistolenslanzer have a “shield meter” as a display for their identity capacity . Your shield ad is automatically regenerated when you are outside the _ Defense Capture _ and if your enemies meet. If you capitalize the defense, you move a lot of slower, but then every incoming damage reduces your shield display instead of your health. It also receives impact immunity, which allows you to ignore most interruptions. Alternatively, you can choose the _ battlefield shield _ , which consumes the entire sign display immediately to protect your team members using a massive shield.

Note that the Pistolenslanzer is the only class that is moved backwards when pressing the space bar . But after a few days of playing you get used to it. Overall, the Pistolenslanzer is a highly efficient class that does not require many resources or gold.

Table of contents

  1. 1 advantages and disadvantages of the pistol lancet
  2. 2 equipment
  3. 3 distribution of skilled dots
    1. 3.1 factories from Level 50 and Awakening Quest
  4. 4Gameplay

Advantages and disadvantages of the pistol lancet

  • High Survivability
  • High Season Damage
  • Damage reduction and shield reinforcement

  • Backward Dodge

  • Low mobility
  • requires knowledge of boss capabilities


Pay attention during levels to always equip the equipment with the highest item level, where krit and specialize are prioritized for more damage and clear speed. Furthermore, you focus on the main story quests, as they provide most of the experience and rewards. The (yellow) side quests makes it only when you lie in the area of ​​the main quest and can be done quickly.

Distribution of skilled dots

LOST ARK: The Skills of the Pistolenslanzer on Level 50 Source: SmileGate / A core element of each Lost Ark builds are the so-called Tripods . Almost any non-awakening capability (more below) has a unique upgrade system called Tripods, with which player can unlock powerful bonuses for their skills that range from statistical improvements to basic optimizations of the performance of skill in combat.

Each skill has DREI TRIPOD stages, which are activated by investing skills in a certain skill. The skill points you will receive by increasing the level of your character in Lost Ark (now buying 19.99 €) and consumed skill potions – rare endgame items that can be found in the tower, adventure books and more. The three Tripod stages are unlocked at Skilllevel 4, 7 and 10.
It costs more skill points to improve a capability if you increase their rank. Therefore, you will not have enough points to unlock three levels of Tripods for all your skills, so they prioritize accordingly. You can inspect your Tripods at any time. LOST ARK: The Skills of the Pistolenslanzer on Level 50 – Arrangement on the Action Bar Source: SmileGate / Below is the character levels for the preservation of the most important skill tripods listed. Since you may initially use less maximum points per skill on the way to character level 50 depending on the respective stage, you can spend the remaining points in the meantime for secondary skills of your choice – preferably the low cooldown. But it ensures that you return these points if necessary and then assign the main capabilities. The fighting menu menu calls you to the K button.

Level Skill Points purpose
12 Sharp gun lance 4 Ferris wheel for damage with low cooldown
12 Fireball 4 Lucky charm for damage with low cooldown
15 Sharp gun lance 4
15 Fireball 1
15 Jump attack 1
15 Lightning of the waxes 7 ‘Humbling to damage’ and ‘Derber Straße’ for land damage
19 Sharp gun lance 4
19 Fireball 1
19 Jump attack 7 ‘Grand Mobility’ and ‘Electric field’ for area damage and mobility
19 Lightning of the waxes 7
19 Schildansturm 1 For damage and mobility
21 Sharp gun lance 4
21 Fireball 1
21 Jump attack 1
21 Lightning of the waxes 10 Spa line for more area damage
21 Schildansturm 1
25 Sharp gun lance 4
25 Fireball 1
25 Charged sting 1 For individual goal damage
25 Jump attack 1
25 Lightning of the waxes 10
25 Schildansturm 1
25 Call of Hasses 7 ‘Fast preparation’ and ‘law of the jungle’ for mockery and area damage
29 Sharp gun lance 4
29 Fireball 1
29 Charged sting 7 Weak punctuation and charge gain for more damage
29 Jump attack 1
29 Lightning of the waxes 10
29 Schildansturm 1
29 Call of Hasses 7
30 Sharp gun lance 4
30 Fireball 1
30 Charged sting 7
30 Jump attack 1

30 | Lightning of the waxes | 10 |
30 | Schildansturm | 1 |
30 | Call of Hasses | 7 |
30 | Shield shock | 4 | Armor destruction for land damage and debuff
| | |
35 | Sharp gun lance | 4 |
35 | Fireball | 4 | Restore the previous points
35 | Charged sting | 10 | ‘Last charging’ for more damage
35 | Jump attack | 1 |
35 | Lightning of the waxes | 10 |
35 | Schildansturm | 1 |
35 | Call of Hasses | 7 |
35 | Shield shock | 4 |
| | |
41 | Sharp gun lance | 7 | ‘Unexpected use’ to group MOB packs closely
41 | Fireball | 4 |
41 | Charged sting | 10 |
41 | Jump attack | 7 | Restore the previous points
41 | Lightning of the waxes | 10 |
41 | Schildansturm | 1 |
41 | Call of Hasses | 7 |
41 | Shield shock | 4 |
| | |
42 | Sharp gun lance | 10 | Swap for more damage
42 | Fireball | 4 |
42 | Charged sting | 10 |
42 | Jump attack | 4 |
42 | Lightning of the waxes | 10 |
42 | Schildansturm | 1 |
42 | Call of Hasses | 7 |
42 | Shield shock | 4 |
| | |
42 | Sharp gun lance | 10 | Swap for more damage
42 | Fireball | 4 |
42 | Charged sting | 10 |
42 | Jump attack | 4 |
42 | Lightning of the waxes | 10 |
42 | Schildansturm | 1 |
42 | Call of Hasses | 7 |
42 | Shield shock | 4 |
| | |
44 | Sharp gun lance | 10 |
44 | Fireball | 7 | Fire ball for more damage
44 | Charged sting | 10 |
44 | Jump attack | 4 |
44 | Lightning of the waxes | 10 |
44 | Schildansturm | 1 |
44 | Call of Hasses | 7 |
44 | Shield shock | 4 |
| | |
46 | Sharp gun lance | 10 |
46 | Fireball | 7 |
46 | Charged sting | 10 |
46 | Jump attack | 7 | Restore the previous points
46 | Lightning of the waxes | 10 |
46 | Schildansturm | 1 |
46 | Call of Hasses | 7 |
46 | Shield shock | 4 |
| | |
47 | Sharp gun lance | 10 |
47 | Fireball | 10 | Attack creation for more damage
47 | Charged sting | 10 |
47 | Jump attack | 4 |

Lost Ark Gunlancer Guide (2022) - How to Build a Gunlancer
47 | Lightning of the waxes | 10 |
47 | Schildansturm | 1 |
47 | Call of Hasses | 7 |
47 | Shield shock | 4 |
| | |
49 | Sharp gun lance | 10 |
49 | Fireball | 10 |
49 | Charged sting | 10 |
49 | Jump attack | 7 | Restore the previous points
49 | Lightning of the waxes | 10 |
49 | Schildansturm | 4 | ‘Fast preparation’ for more damage
49 | Call of Hasses | 7 |
49 | Shield shock | 4 |
| | |
50 | Sharp gun lance | 10 |
50 | Fireball | 4 |
50 | Charged sting | 10 |
50 | Cannon outbreak | 10 | Speechus, ‘precise barrier fire’ and ‘rotating bombardement’ for area damage and recoil effect
50 | Jump attack | 4 |
50 | Lightning of the waxes | 10 |
50 | Schildansturm | 4 |
50 | Call of Hasses | 10 | ‘Beated vulnerability’ for more damage
50 | Shield shock | 4 |

Skills from Level 50 and Awakening Quest

As soon as your level 50 orders, you get the opportunity to unlock two more “ultimate” skills, the so-called awakening skills (Awakening skills). For the first awakening skill, you must first play the main story quest to Vern (city). Here Beatrice tells you that you should visit you in Trixion. As soon as you receive this message, you will open up your notebooks / songs (F2 key). Play the Lied of Trixion and it will tell you exactly where your Beatrice can meet. If you have found you, you will send you to the awakening quest. After completing the tasks, Beatrice will give you the normal skill _ cannon outbreak _ and the awakening-skill _ Protection of the guard _. To do this you have to open your mailbox and consume the items contained therein to completely unlock these skills.

The fully developed skills on Character Level 50 see her above in the picture.


Uses your mobility capabilities to move you faster in areas where ribs are disabled. Groups your opponent with _ sharp gun lance _ and weakens it with _ shock shock . Complete your enemies with area damage skills such as _ jump attack , _ Lightning of the guard _ and _ Call of Hasses _. Uses the _ Defense Positive _ to get a shock immunity super armor if you can not dodge a precipitation attack of elite mobs and bosses. — (Source).

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