Blade and soul

Announced the tower defense Inugami Defenders with the dog. Both Wan Tactical Defense Self -Defense

Indie Studio Libragames announced Inugami Defenders on August 26. The compatible platform will be released in 2023 on PC (Steam). It is said that this work is a tower defense game featuring simplicity and replayability.

Inugami Defenders is a tower defense game that uses one dog god and unit to defeat the attacking enemies. The six units arranged here intercept the enemies that attack from the left side of the screen. The destroyed enemy can be converted into a soul and can use the dog god to collect it. The goal is to strengthen the army with the recovered soul and protect 30wave.

It seems that the leaders, Inugami, and units are involved in this work. The leader is located at the end of his army, and will be damaged when the enemy reaches that. If the life at the top right of the screen is gone, the game will probably end. As mentioned earlier, the Inugami plays a role in picking up the soul that the defeated enemy drops, but it will be defenseless while picking up the soul. Whether you should pick it up or wait for the machine, the decision is likely to be divided into subsequent developments.

And there are classes in the six units that fight the enemy in the forefront, and you can see those with melee weapons such as swords and axes, and those with long-range weapons such as bow and guns. As one of the characteristic systems of this work, each six units have an attack and training mode. If you select an attack automatically, you can automatically attack and practice to gradually accumulate your experience, and you can level up. With this mode switching, one of the tactics is to prepare for enemies with resurrection with minimal force and to prepare a unit that has been leveled up to strong enemies. It seems that simple but efficient play is required.

We will combine these elements and confront the rushing enemy troops. Leaders have characteristics, and their classes seem to have characteristics, and their compositions are likely to create various strategies. Even if you find the correct answer, the bonus when you gather your soul is random, so there are some parts that do not expect. However, it is likely to repeat the simple operability and repeat again.

Libragames, which works on this work, is a domestic game studio. In the past work, Reverse Defenders was produced as a tower defense game like this work. Defense plays with different tastes from the previous work will be unfolded. By the way, this work is the title Inugami Defenders, but it is not known that the role of the dog god is picking up the soul. Whether there is any other role, whether the dog god will come out other than the cute Shiba Inu that can be confirmed at this stage, it is a matter of concern for the dog. Libragames’s personal creator NES is a dog lover, and I hope that further dog gods will appear.

The Inugami Defenders will be released in 2023 for PC (Steam).