ELDEN RING legendary vase, finally to officially recognized … Former swords and thanks to the official -Defeat more than 2,000 powerful latter half bosses

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Elden Ring Klein TSUBOI, a player who has been talking about in the overseas community, reports that the promotional goods of this work arrived from Bandai Namco in the United States. did.

On April 13, local time, a guest who claims to be Let Me Solo Her is summoned by Mr. Sazed813, who was struggling with a boss who could fight in the latter half of the ELDEN RING game. A report was written to the overseas community.

According to the report, It was a character equipped with two swords that did not wear anything other than the pot above the head. The community is a big topic in terms of almost no damage. Mr. Sazed813 said, I may not see this message, but I am grateful for your kindness, but on the same day, Klein TSUBOI plays himself as Let Me Solo Her in the community. It was revealed that the uploaded video was confirmed to be the person.

Due to its impact, Let Me Solo Her became a case in the community, and on July 4th, while the users who create their parody activities and fan art appeared, more than 2,000 people were the same. It is reported that you have defeated the boss.

LET ME SOLO HER is still attracting attention, but on July 7, Klein TSUBOI showed a promotional goods on Twitter that only distributed by some industry officials received from Bandai Namco in the United States. 。 The tweet has a message with illustrations from BANDAI NAMCO, spelling appreciation for the episodes and communities that seemed to break in Dark Souls III.

3 charming NPCs in Elden Ring, which damages her life with your aid

In 3 diplomatic immunities, nevertheless, assistance does not bring about the wanted result, your support makes every little thing a lot even worse. We reveal you which personalities that problem this. You will certainly also find our guide right here with all questlines if you are looking for a basic overview and remedies to the pursuits.

Elden Ring not only has a confusing game globe, her homeowners are additionally rather unusual. At the beginning of the game, for instance, Varré invites you, a sloping bird with a white mask that buffoons you for your virginlessness and anticipates a very early death.

While many of them are extra creepy or also evil, there are also some friendly faces. Some of the pursuits additionally have an evil twist – you desire to assist, but just leads to the downfall of these NPCs.

It is all the better when you struck a friendly character. They are rare, however they exist as well as frequently they require your aid.

Warning: This is looters. You should not review a lot more if you want to be surprised at what these pursuits bring with you.

boc der closer – trying to find rebirth

It quickly ends up that the crash raven went with a lot which he wants a fresh begin. He would love to be born-again as an individual.

The bad weight informs you that his entire had lost in the close-by coastal cavity. He was struck there by his poaching “fellow varieties”.

If you return again, you will find the body of his brand-new, body. Although you just want to assist, this brought about his heartbreaking end. You can conserve him life with a simple praise.

What sort of NPC is that? Boc is probably the safe and also friendly personality that you can satisfy in the entire game.

He ends up being a male, yet something went wrong with his makeover. You fulfill his human form, identifiable by his hat, yet the sympathetic heart has become an empty container.

** Just how can you turn your awful end? If you utilize this, Boc reviews a much better one, learns with his pet shape as well as realizes that it does not need to be born again.

The unusual mix of people as well as monsters is not only friendly and timid, however likewise apparently followed by misfortune.

So beware, because your actions likewise have effects in Elden Ring. We have listed the specific steps for Bocs Mission in our corresponding overview if you do not recognize precisely what you need to do.

Since he was bewitched and also is damn to stand around as a bushes in the landscape, it is simple to overlook. You can redeem it from this curse.

You can provide him this rejuvenation in his pursuit. Yet the result is not what BOC computed.

He provides you his last home, sad 10 mushrooms. You can obtain his embroidery from the cave as well as from now on is Boc your personal tailor, which can optically transform certain armor components.

Warrior vessel Alexander – Seeking toughness

From then on you can satisfy it in various components of the video game world and also call for help in the impressive employer fight against Radahn. Alexander struggles that he is not solid enough as well as is continuously seeking his highest toughness.

The discussions with him show that he has not a problem with the respectable war death. So it may not be so unfortunate. We discovered it really sad that one of the couple of great hearts in Elden Ring leaves so willingly, simply since of honor and satisfaction.

If you finish all the steps of his quest, you can lastly find Alexander in the long run game area, the collapsed Farum Azula. Right here the likeable giant mug calls you a fight to check its toughness. But in the in fact pleasant duel, Alexander seems to cross his borders if you are successful.

So you can additionally find him in a lava circulation, so he tries to solidify. Throughout your conversations it comes to be clear: He sees you as rivals in his search. He treats you with the highest possible respect and also is very friendly.

7 Elden Ring NPCs Whose Lives You Ruined by 'Helping'
There is no means right here to reach an additional end of the mission. Nevertheless, his heir can be continued by one more quest that results in the home of the vessels.

You do not find numerous allies in the intermediate nation and it harms when you are “responsible” for the fatality of a friend.

It is a really unfortunate end for one of the friendliest NPCs in the video game, which, with its kind, is strongly reminiscent of the popular Dark-Souls character Siegmeyer by Catarina.

At your first experience, you have to release the portion from a hole in the earth where he was in some way stuck. Alexander then informs you that he desires to end up being the greatest warrior in the intermediate.

What sort of NPC is that? Alexander comes from individuals of living vessels that can be discovered all over in the intermediate. In comparison to most, quiet samplings, Alexander is a extremely talkative as well as good warrior.

At the end of the fight, according to his last words, the poor warrior vessel and its remains, a terrific fragment and the innards, damage down in the form of a magnificent amulet. You can at the very least put on a piece of him with you.

Thops – Looking for the key to returning to his residence

Certainly there is also another key to find and also you can hand over Thops. If you go to the academy later, it swiftly becomes clear: it would certainly have been far better if the wizard had actually never returned.

If you chat to him, he uses to teach you some spells. Besides the typical runes, he anticipates no consideration. In addition, the friendly magician from the academy informs you and that he wish to return there to continue his researches.

** What kind of NPC is that? You have to go there to begin your pursuit series.

He could simply accept and also might return to his beloved teaching center, your pursuit is much more important to him than his homesickness. Also though you do not really understand each other.

There are various other NPCs in Elden Ring, the destiny of which ends tragically through your aid. Outside Xtra presented which it can still satisfy far from these 3 personalities offered in his considerable YouTube video clip.

Due to the fact that there you will finally find him, resting at a workdesk – dead. The go back to his academy expense Thops life and he would have liked to remain in the church.

Considering that this is secured as well as can only be opened by unique glimmer stone connections, a return house is not possible for him.

On your travels you have to find right there and also therefore find among these keys on your own. You can likewise offer these Thops if you have really found it. The excellent denies because it does not desire to take the only key to you with which you can make use of the academy for your primary pursuit.

_ Wenn yourself various other stories concerning Elden Ring, you can like this video clip about an area tale: _

The likeable NPCs particularly keep such a location in the hearts of followers, such as the in fact charming half -wolf Blaidd, who gets crazy out of love for his mistress Ranni.

Such quests reveal: Elden Ring is not only fairly complicated when it pertains to gameplay and also level of difficulty. His story and also side tales can likewise go deeper and bring unpredicted repercussions.

If you desire additional information regarding the main story of Elden Ring, we recommend our recap of the background, which has to do with gods, demigods, betrayal, weird family members conditions, fatality and also regeneration:

Elden Ring Lore: The complex story briefly discussed

If you complete all the steps of his mission, you can finally find Alexander in the end game location, the fallen apart Farum Azula. You have to go there to start your quest series.

Some of the pursuits also have a bad spin – you desire to aid, yet just leads to the failure of these NPCs. If you are looking for a basic review and also solutions to the missions, you will likewise find our overview here with all questlines.

The good rejects due to the fact that it does not desire to take the only key to you with which you can utilize the academy for your main pursuit.

Elden ring in VR: First gameplay

Since the release of Elden Ring in March, we enthusiastically trudged through the intermediate country, explore every millimeter, search for secrets and enjoy great views. But how would that only be if the immersion is raised to a whole new level because we get the feeling that we are traveling even in the mysterious world? A well -known modder wants to make this possible.

VR-Mod presents itself in the video

That’s what it’s about: As far as Elden Ring is concerned, we have already seen a lot: crazy challenges like the Popo-Pflatscher-Run, painted content, unveiled secrets. The VR-Mod, on which Lukeross works, is something completely different. The modder is known for such projects and has already developed VR implementations for Red Dead Redemption 2 or GTA 5.

If Elden Ring was a VR GAME
This can be seen in the video: In a first two-minute video we get a little impression of what it could be like to experience the action RPG in virtual reality. We see the path from the point where we wake up, to the chapel of the expectation, where we are attacked by the transplanted sprout. The fight is over pretty quickly. Some of you should be familiar.

Here you can see it yourself:

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Link to the YouTube content

It looks great: The video gives me an idea of how cool it could be to explore the intermediate land in VR. This becomes clear when the first item is collected and it is possible to take a closer look at the body of the finger cub we find. I could imagine that in some places of the game it could even be a little scary to explore everything so immediately.

I am just imagining how I will bend around a corner in a dark walk in Villa Vulkan and suddenly attacked by a nasty screaming opponent, which I look directly into his burric face.

the big question mark

I imagine exploring that, but when it comes to fighting, I have so many questions. What about the alternative role that – in the truest sense of the word – plays such an important role? Do I have to hand over?

But even if a different solution is found, in which I don’t get the feeling of rolling over, it is clear: the fights in Elden Ring require super fast reactions, movements and overview. It depends on precision. The short combat intermezzo in the video is not enough to judge how well or bad it works. However, I notice that I can hardly see “my own” weapon.

It remains exciting: I am very excited to see how Lukeross will implement the fights in his mod and how playable they will be. At the moment I still have the impression that we could need a spit bucket and chocolate against the frustration, but I am excited to see what the modder is delivering, because a VR trip to the intermediate country would be pretty cool.

Now you are asked: Do you find a VR version of Elden Ring conceivable and what do you think the fights would have to be implemented to work?

Tunic analysis – an adventure that is transformed through the secrets

TUNIC takes advantage of the structure of Zelda style adventures to introduce us in a dense world in secrets.

Of all the artificial controversies generated around Elden Ring, I think that the most bothered me was when some people launched on top of Jason Schreier’s journalist for suggesting that it was a good idea to play it with a notebook next door. I have some weakness for the games invite you to pass ideas to paper, either by drawing maps or connecting large-scale tracks; During a time I was taking puzzles from The Witness drawn in a notebook to solve them in the subway. It is not something that serves for all the titles, but in good hands it allows us to expand its dimensions beyond the screen itself and leave not only a unique poso, but a tangible testimony of how the process of discovery of the game was developed.


Basic information

  • Developer: Andrew Shouldice
  • Editor: Finji
  • Platforms: X / S Series, One, PC
  • Proven version: PC
  • Availability: 03/16/2022

TUNIC begins when a fox dressed in a green suit reminiscent to Link wakes up on a beach. Without weapons or directions, we will soon find an imposing golden door that will take us to a place in another plane where someone asks for help, trapped in a polyhedral jail. When we return to our world we will find that the door is “closed forever” and it will be our task to find a solution to open it.

In the first compasses it is easy to trace the connections with Zelda, from the most evident as the protagonist’s clothing until the man’s dungeons are deployed around the discovery of new tools. Using this language as common and assimilated by most players allows you to conduct us for your first measures in a subtle way, with few indications. Although the game is almost completely expressed in an own language formed by glyphs, you can perfectly understand what you want from us with just a couple of notes.

It also presents some contributions from the Formula Souls in the form of bonfires, resistance bar and mechanics such as repairition. Perhaps where more is allowed experiment is in the estamine, which is not necessary to attack (down to rolling or by receiving blows with the shield), but that when it is empty it will impose us a penalty of doss received, multiplying by 1.5 effects of enemy attacks. The fighting against chiefs are especially debtors of this style, with attention to detail as the slight adjustments in the timing of the heaviest attacks to punish the little precise dodges and great care by the catalog of rival movements. While it is a demanding game, neither does it intend to tighten too much. For example, the system equivalent to souls only makes us lose a limited amount of money we carry over, not the total. Also, when we interact with that spirit we will not cast all the nearby rivals, so with a bit of skill we can use our previous death to win a slight advantage when it is the moment of rematch.

For approximately a dozen Tunic Hours develop as a fairly traditional adventure, very polished in all its sections: the pleasant Lo-Fi music invites us to take our time in each scenario, the colorful style low-poly gets not even an ambush of spiders, it is entirely unpleasant, the variety of enemies and tools with which to face… with all this would be enough to be a recommended adventure, but at a certain point it gives a turn to the whole to be something different and memorable.

Like other recent titles such as Death’s Door, throughout the adventure Tunic takes advantage of the particularities of the isometric perspective system to hide all kinds of secrets: passages, shortcuts, hidden chests… It is difficult to give more than two steps without finding a rececco Hidden that will hide a little money or, hopefully, some of the objects that allows us to improve our base statistics as attack, defense or magic. TUNIC employs this mechanics not only to hide any other element, but to plant the idea that this world is full of mysteries beyond what can be seen at the naked eye. At first in a more literal way, but as it takes momentum introduces mechanics that vary our relationship with the environment. Without going into detail not to spoil surprises, the smartest thing that TUNIC does is the way it completely changes the space’s vision without modifying it, adding layers and layers of secrets as our knowledge of the world grows.

Tunic Review (Spoiler Free) - Tunic PC Gameplay

The main tool for this is one of the TUNIC collectibles: the pages of the manual of the game itself. At first we will give us basic information such as the controls (it has a great explanation of the Frames of Invention, for example) but little by little, our perception will be opened. Although the keywords we must understand are in a comprehensible language, much is a galimaties in an own language with which the vast majority of the game is expressed. Many of the posters and screens of the interface are shown in this pictorial language. By the time we want to realize, TUNIC has been transformed into a puzzle game that has almost more treasure hunting than an adventure of action. When I talk about these secrets, I do not mean exactly what one would expect from a Zelda; They would be better fez or The Witness to understand the type of challenge we are facing.

As in those two cases, part of the analysis process consisted of filling out several pages of a notebook with all kinds of notes, diagrams and drawings. I started with indications of places with mysteries that had not managed to unravel (interestingly, on the same page where I had some notes about the Lore of Elden Ring) and suddenly had several pages full of notes, boxes and arrows connecting thoughts. After leaving the game three days by one of the great challenges post-game, I returned at full speed to the notebook when I appeared the solution in the shower and managed to join at last understanding it.

However, I stayed in a single piece of puzzle to get it al1. A few days later we told us the existence of an official discovery where other classmates could talk about the game and I finally got what I needed: a clue. I did not even go for the solution, I just needed a little note to turn on the wick and continue on my own. TUNIC, they told us their developers, is a game designed to resolve in community. In fact, although I have reached the point where I feel comfortable analyzing the game, I have not been able to solve all the secrets that has behind and that sure will have a few days entertaining the fans of the puzzles. If you can play it in parallel to another person I think you will have a special experience.

TUNIC opens slowly but safely, leaning on the action adventure structure that openly drink the mystery to be transformed into a different game only in appearance. Display your resources with confidence in the player’s aptitudes, but at the same time it is aware that the challenge you have raised requires communication to share information and be able to reach beyond. It is possible that the text has remained a bit abstract of more, but I believe that a large part of the Tunic virtues reside in the success with which he knows how to handle secrecy without being too cryptic, sticking our curiosity from several fronts. And yes, you should play it with a notebook next door.

Call of duty

Elden Ring sold 12 million copies in the world since his launch

Bandai Namco and FromSoftware announced the sales numbers so far for Elden Ring, and we can probably now formally call it a success. The open world action RPG has sold more than 12 million copies in the world since its launch, as of March 14.

Turnover is made public in a new press release. The document also indicates that one million these sales were carried out in Japan, the only region where the Developer fromSoftware has self-published the game. It should also be noted that the figure includes both physical and digital sales, but We do not tell us what the distribution is. Anyway, although it is not officially mentioned, we can assume that this is the most sold game and certainly the fastest of society so far.

“It’s amazing how many people played in Elden Ring,” says Hidetaka Miyazaki. “We hope players will benefit from a high level of freedom when they venture into his vast world, will explore his many secrets and face his many threats. Thank you for your continued support. »

Elden Ring Has Been SMASHING Steam Numbers! Estimated Over 10 Million Copies Sold?

Bandai Namco, who published the game everywhere except Japan, is also satisfied with this news. The President and Chief Executive Officer, Yasuo Miyakawa, wants to “express my thanks to all our fans who brought [Elden Ring] in their life life,” said he is “very proud” of being involved.

In addition to impressive sales, the press release mentions a desire to extend the world of the game beyond, well, of the game. It seems that we will see more from Elden Ring, and we could see that manifest in other media, which is quite exciting. A Romanization of George Rr Martin, maybe?

Anyway, did you appreciate Elden Ring? Are you surprised at its success? Leave a message in the comments section below.

Elden Ring: The coolest optional endpoints – my 5 favorites under the secretibas

Whether in the substrate, in dungeons or on the open field – in Elden Ring we meet tons of optional bosses. Not a few we even fight several times in different variants. Some of these miniboses were more likely to feel like some bigger “normal” opponents, while other struggles represented real epic highlights.

Here I tell you, which of the optional endpoints I liked the best and where you can find them. But beware: especially a certain lady has it!

Spoiler warning! The article contains spoilers to secret areas, boss fights, NPC quest lines and the background history of the end opponents.

5. Light dragon fortissax

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The Ragnarök DLC for Assassins’s Creed
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Area: Depths of deep vein, throne of the death prince

The boss: On dragons, ELDEN RING NOT NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT, BUTTING BEST ME FORTISSAX I liked the fight against Lichdrachen. He takes place in a great designed Boss Arena. With the sky that looks like a psychedelic painting and the black dragon, which hens, among other things red and yellow lightning, the whole thing works like a fever dream.

Directions: In fact, it is a dream that you can only enter when your NPC quest completes. First, you have to follow rannis questline until you receive the death curve . Then you have to go into the depths of deep root – a secret area that you reach you when you put in a coffin after the double gargoyle boss fight in nokron .

On the Throne of the Death Prince you meet with a certain story progress FIA , who can give her the death curve. Before you can talk to her, however, you have to defeat your followers. Selects in dialogue to keep you back from her.

After reading the dialogue through and the area, you can enter the dream at FIA, in which you will give you the dragon.

4. Dragon blood soldier of Nokstella


The Boss Map Arena Map Liurnia


Area: Ainsel, Dragonblood Arena

The BOSS: Nokstell’s dragon blood studded has optically reminiscent of the big sharks in Bloodborne, even if he nurse around a lot. The giant monster is waiting for the first meeting in Ainsel also in a really cool arena with a mighty giant oak on a throne and a waterfall on you.

Boss fight: The monster soldier can be mastered well in melee, but you should always bring distance between you and the boss. Fies are mainly the lightning attacks with area damage.

Directions: To reach the optional boss, you have to take the lift in the fountain of Liurnia , beat you through tunnels with ants, use a lift even further down and follow the river around a ruin.

Samara Summer
@Also in the winter

The first Souls game, to which Samara has ran, was Dark Souls 3. Actually, she just wanted to try the first boss, but hardly he had defeated, it had happened for her. Then the author also made other from titles. Your favorites have been Demon’s Souls and Bloodborne so far. Elden ring could even beat the two titles in their personal top list. The reason for this are the many secrets, AHA experiences, small stories on the way and the complex, versatile combat system.

3. Ancestral spirit




Area: Siofra, Heilighornland

The boss: The ancestral spirit meet you in the form of a highly graceful skeletal. Together with the atmospheric music, Sekiro Feeling came up for me. I just found the whole thing beautiful. Compared with the many gruesome opponents that meet us in the game, a variety that I enjoyed very enjoyed.

Boss fight: The fight is not difficult. You only have to take care of the large frost attacks and the charges of the ancestorist. In addition, you should learn the delayed timing of the attack, in which he falls down from the air for you.

Directions: The first fighting arena in which you meet him, you can enter over the Heilighornland in Siofra , the part of the underground area, which you already have through the fountain in Limgrave achieved. In a kind of temple you will find the cadaver of a moose.

Before you touch this, however, however, you can bring the mind, you have to explain eight flames that you find at stelen everywhere in the surrounding area. Fits that you do not shoot the nasty “Viking Egysteister” in your back.

2. Mohg, prince of the blood


The Boss Map Arena


Area: Siofra, Mohgwyn Palace

The boss: MOHG is one of the darkest figures in Elden Ring. Not only the fight in his gloomy underground mausoleum, but also his story is fascinating. In order to create a new dynasty, the Bluefrush has kidnapped and murdered the noble Miquella. Now he tries to rewake this to use him as a puppet for his seizure of power.

Boss fight: The fight against Mohg has a demonic atmosphere. Particularly atmospheric, but also treacherous, is the transition to the second phase in which the end opponent screams three times “Nihil” and put us a lot of life. It is advisable to heal between the second and third exclamations as well as after the third party.


Portal Map Portal Varre Map Rosenkirche


Directions: Mohgs Domizil is one of Siofra, but there are only two well-hidden opportunities to reach it. Either you completed the questline of the NPCS VARR , which from a certain game progress at the rosenkirche in Liurnia is to be found, or you enter the area via a bloody portal in the region salvaged snowfield .


Secret Deather Use Map Elevator


This area is only achieved if you find the two parts of the secret Haligbaillemedaillon and uses with a trick on the large elevator of Rold . You can switch to “Lifting Medallion” while interacting “Lifting”. One half of the medallion will receive her in the village of the Albinaurics in Liurnia from a NPC, the other half can be found in Sol Castle on the mountain peak of the giant .

1. Malenia

Elden Ring - The Best Legendary Weapons & Armor You Can Get Early - Get OP In Elden Ring



Area: Miquellas Haligbaum, Haligbaum – Roots

The boss: Malenia is with her helmet, the fire-red hair and the golden shiny prostheses possibly the most iconic opponent from Elden Ring. Although your statue is included in the Collector’s Edition, it is a hidden optional boss. Incidentally, it is the twin sister of Prince Miquella and bitter adversary of Radahn. Your cutscenes are dramatically staged.

Boss fight: This fragment carrier was the most difficult boss all over the game for me, because whoever is hit by Malenia, receives a double penalty: it not only causes great damage, but receives life points back.

The fight can be extremely frustrating, also because Malenia has heavily evasive, long-lasting attacks. In addition, a second phase in which she receives 80 percent of its LP and spreading scarlet stops. Only helps to play really focused. To a lot easier, however, the fight will be if your bleeding or frost damage can cause.

Directions: To reach Malenia at the roots of Miquellas Haligbaum , you must first reach the consecrated snowfield (see: Directions to Mohg) and then in * Ordina, city of Liturgen * Loosen the puzzle by making the night condition on the seal and ignited four lights.

After that you can use a portal to get into the area. There you have to fight over the branches of the tree and through the associated city.

Which optional endpers have liked you the best? Is there any other? And have you all found, which are listed here in the list?

Gran Turismo 7: Here is the 25th Anniversary Edition for PS5 still appointable

Only Horizon Forbidden West, then Elden Ring and on March 4 Gran Turismo 7. Who owns a Playstation 5 or think about buying a PS5, currently receives a top release for the Sony console every week. The upcoming racing simulation of developer studio Polyphony Digital should ensure new standards on the PS5 with raytracing, foforealistic graphics and 60fps. If you want to face the chic Gran Turismo 7 25th Annniversary with SteelBook and many bonus content in the shelf, you can still order this at Saturn. All buy the GT7 25th Anniversary, get 1.1 million credits and bonus cars like the Porsche 917K Living Legend with up to 1,000 hp.

Table of contents

  1. What makes Gran Turismo 7 on the PS5 to the Must-Have game?

  2. What does the GT7 25th Anniversary Edition PS5 / PS4 involves?

  3. GT7 offers at Saturn (Release: March 4th)

  4. Gran Turismo 7: Race in rain should be extremely impressive

  5. Gran Turismo 7 in the preview video: with full throttle in new era

What makes Gran Turismo 7 on the PS5 to the Must-Have game?

Gran Turismo 7 25th Anniversary Edition (PS4, PS5)
The GT7 25th Anniversary Edition contains a chic Steelbook and many bonus content. Source: Saturn

Our colleagues of PC Games could already take a look at Gran Turismo 7 a month before release and showed themselves enthusiastically. Above all, the return of campaign mode, the huge fleet and the dynamic daytime and weather system with phenomenal rain and snow effects are promised. The developers again had many new ideas such as the GT Cafe or the music rally. On the PlayStation 5 GT7 offers performance mode with buttery 60fps and a raytracing mode for beautiful repetitions and photographs in photom mode. A game like Gran Turismo 7 earns a Special Edition. The GT7 25th Anniversary Edition also contains numerous bonus content next to SteelBook and the Pysisch PS5 and the digital PS4 version. At Saturn, the Gran Turismo 7 25th Anniversary Edition can be pre-ordered for 99.99 euros.

Gran Turismo 7 25th Anniversary Edition PS4 / PS5 at Saturn for 99.99 euros

What does the GT7 25th Anniversary Edition PS5 / PS4 involves?

Who buys the Gran Turismo 7 25th Anniversary Edition receives a chic SteelBook in which the Disc version of GT7 is for PS5. But the PS4 version of GT7 is also included as a digital version. Pre-orderers receive 1 million credits and buyers of the 25th Anniversary still get 100,000 credits on top until the release on March 4th. There are also three bonus vehicles, such as the 1,000 hp bolide Porsche 917K Living Legend or the Madza RX Vision GT3 Concept Stealth Model. Moreover, buyers of the anniversary edition for the 25th birthday of Gran Turismo still get 30 PSN avatars of car manufacturers and partners as well as the official soundtrack of the Sony racing game of Developer Polyphony Digital. The Gran Turismo 25th Anniversary Edition for PlayStation 5 and PS4 is currently pre-ordered at Saturn, even free shipping.

GT7 offers at Saturn (Release: March 4th)

  • Gran Turismo 7 25th Anniversary Edition PS5 / PS4 for 99.99 euros
  • Gran Turismo 7 PlayStation 5 for 79.99 euros
  • Gran Turismo 7 PlayStation 4 for 69.99 euros

Gran Turismo 7: All offers at Saturn

Gran Turismo 7: Race in rain should be extremely impressive

On selected routes – approximately in Spa, Le Mans or the Nürburgring Nordschleife – can have different points different weather effects in Gran Turismo. So part of the course can be sunny while it rains on another passage. In general, rain races in GT7 should be an impressive experience according to developer Polyphony Digital. In addition to the optics, the rainfall also influences the line surface, so that there are more, sometimes less damp spots. On PlayStation 5 you can even feel different grip ratios thanks to the dualSense Controller. In addition to the dynamic weather effects, the dynamic day-night change is only available on certain racetracks, such as in Le Mans or Daytona. The racing game that appears on March 4 will also offer raytracing effects, but only in photom mode and repetitions and not while driving, such as statements of serial creator Kazunori Yamuchi clarify. Finally, he speaks only from RayTracing in Scapes mode, where you can put his mobile pedestal in scene and shoot a photo. Photo locations are available in 43 different countries. In conjunction with an HDR screen, you can even activate the advanced color space HDR for the photos. If you want to buy Gran Turismo 7, the versions for PS4 and PS5 at Saturn at prices start at 69.99 euros.

Gran Turismo 7 in the preview video: with full throttle in new era

Gran Turismo 7 | Preview | Not just another racing simulation

Gran Turismo 7 will be released on March 4 for PlayStation 4 and PS5. At Saturn, the hot-waiting racing game of developer Polyphony Digital racing can be purchased from 69.99 euros., For the Gran Turismo 7 25th Anniversary Edition, 99.99 euros are due. Shipping costs are not incurred at the dealer. By Andreas Szedlak editor 02.03.2022 at 09:30

Elden Ring Arida A Dying Light 2 as a game more expected by Steam users

Little has actually lasted the joy to Dying Light 2. The zombie title delighted in being more desired by Heavy steam individuals for the next releases this year, something that Tech land commemorated on social networks, however it is He has transformed the tortilla. The one who was previously second is the one that now occupies the highest action of the platform: Elder Ring.

It does not stop handling even more interest, but it aids us to better understand the functioning of the market on computer, given that it is an official checklist of the Valve system where the games that have actually been have actually been gathered much more times included in the Listing of desired It was striking regarding Stay Human being due to the fact that the title of fromSoftware has constantly generated even more expectation, something that is currently confirmed.

Games like GOD OF WAR or SILKS ONG appear Other games that appear in the category leave us some surprise than an additional. For instance, at the time of writing these lines we discover in the third area to Party Animals, which leads the GOD OF WAR PC version that will certainly land on computers in just a couple of days. In fifth placement, another normal: Hollow Knight: Silk song, which does not even have an arranged release home window, however that does not prevent followers from anticipating it even more than several other games that do have actually a verified date.

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Remember that Elder Ring comes to computer, PS4, PS5, Xbox One as well as Xbox Series X’S The next February 25 , A few weeks after Dying Light, that will certainly do it on the day 4. The most recent work of Hideaway Miyazaki It has been affected by outside motivations such as publications or board games, although it has additionally been part of the creative procedure George RR Martin, who recently outlined his participation in the project.