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Dilemma Core: Last Dream VII Reunion: Release

Additionally, the high-quality activity figure from Zack, which is otherwise only component of the Japanese Enthusiast’s Version, is readily available specifically from the Square Enix Store. The Play Arts Kai activity figure-Zack Fair Rang-2 soldier-Crisis Core Fantasy VII reunion can be pre-ordered here.


With a brand-new trailer, Square Enix revealed the day for the release of Situation Core: Last Fantasy VII Reunion. The role-playing remaster will certainly show up on December 13, 2022, for Xbox Collection X | s, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Computer.

The tale begins 7 years prior to the events of Final Dream VII as well as follows Zack Fair, a young Shira soldier. During the journey, he picks up from the awful experiments that Shira brings in secret and the monsters they developed.

The title offers a fully changed HD graphic, a freshly set up soundtrack as well as an updated battle system.

In the Microsoft Store, the game in the Criterion Version can be pre-ordered at a cost of 59.99 euros. Pre-orders obtain the Material set from soldier as a perk, to which players can do three worldly assaults at a beginning.

Battle Royal Action Games for Smart Device FINAL FANTASY VII THE First Soldier pre registration 1 million achieved Auto Shira skin distribution decision Emorted quote of cactuser in official SNS held for 9 consecutive

A team entertainment, Inc., a group company, Inc. and Square Enix Co., Ltd. is jointly developed in Jointly Development of November 17, 2021 (Wednesday). First Soldier (Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier) has notified that the number of pre-registrants exceeded 1 million, and after the service started to present Auto Shira skin to everyone. In addition, from November 9 (Tuesday), official SNS was informed of holding the emoted quiz by cactus er.

Pre-registration 1 million achieved! Continue to register and accept!

This work started prior registration on October 27 (Wednesday), and topped 1 million. Delivery start is scheduled for Wednesday, November 17, 2021.

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Automotive Shira skin, distribution decision

Gorgeous reward present according to the number of pre-registrants

Depending on the number of pre-registrants, after the service is started, all the items in the following games are presented to all users.

Who is this? Apply the motors of cactus er! Quiz by official SNS

The FINAL FANTASY series appears in this work. Various skin and motors appear.
FF7FS Official Twitter (AFFAIR FS JP) holds an emote quiz by cactus er. A total of 9 questions once every day, and make a regular announcement daily.
Place your expected Character name and hashtag FF7FS Emote and retweet the target tweets. From the correct answer, we will present the official goods Shira BOX daily by lottery.
Delivery starts will be published daily until November 16 (Tuesday) before the day before. Looking forward to!

TCM Battle 篇, during the pre-publishing on YouTube

The TCM Battle to convey the attraction of the battle in this work is being published on YouTube.

Opening movie is released

30 years ago from FINAL FANTASY VII, 30 years ago,
Shira Company has established a Soldier Planning and Project 0 to train elite soldiers.
Candidates gathered from each place were trying to get harsh training aiming at the top of the solder.
However, it has long been a long year without making an ideal soldier after a lot of sacrifices-
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About the future

The latest information in this work will be announced on the official site, SNS, and Discord server.

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About Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier

Join the First Soldier formatting
This work is a battle royal game of the World of Final Fantasy VII. The player will be a soldier candidate and fight from up to 75 players. The stage is Midgal before FINAL FANTASY VII. Various tactics with guns, swords and magic, and a level up system for experience with monster defeat creates a game experience that exceeds the previous Patrols frame. Many magic and summoned beasts unique to the FINAL FANTASY series appear. It is a legitimate compilation work of FINAL FANTASY VII.
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Title: FINAL FANTASY VII THE FIRST SOLDIER / Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier Delivery time: November 17th, 2021 Genre: Battle Royal Platform: IOS and Android Prompt: Item Charge Type (Basic Play Free) Delivery Area: All World (Excluding mainland of China) Supported Lang Mature: English / English / English / German / French / Spanish / Chinese (Traditional) / Korean Right notation: © 1997, 2021 square Unix co., Ltd. All rights reserved. Powered by Team Entertainment Inc. Character Design: Betsy Nora


It is released in 1997, attractive characters, attractive characters, and attractive characters, and the image full of state-of-the-art technology attracted many people, and so far sales of ¥13.3 million ( ) I have recorded the number.

About Final Fantasy series

Since its first edition of the 1987, the FINAL FANTASY series has been highly evaluated from customers around the world, with state-of-the-art imaging technology and unique world view, rich story time, and high rating from customers around the world. It is a game. We are actively developing in the Western market, and we have achieved a total of 164 million ( ) shipment and download sales in the whole world.
※ Total package software shipments and total number of download sales