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LOL: The worst champions in each position that you should not play after the middle of the season

League of Legends He addresses one of the biggest changes that players have never seen. Riot Games has decided to listen to the constant complaints of the community about excessive damage and prepare a great patch in which the survival of all the champions of the game will increase. An unprecedented change that will change the most powerful characters from one day to another. Any tender list that we have attended until that moment will serve. Although the gameplay will not change so much, this will blur and new account when determining the power of the characters.

The 10 WORST CHAMPIONS You SHOULDN'T PLAY for Season END! - League of Legends

The worst champions after the big change of League of Legends

Although there was never such uncertainty regarding the future of League of Legends, the new game board is clear. The effective damage will be reduced between 10 and 20% depending on the time of the game or the chosen character. This situation will make the fights longer, the most valuable cures and have opportunities to counteract the enemy proposals. The big losers in general terms will be the characters of explosive damage, which in many cases will have to hit more skills to end their enemies. In this way, they will have to be very skilled and expose themselves much more.

It is impossible to determine what will be the exact power of each and every one of the League of Legends champions, We will focus on extreme cases . These are the ones that star in the characters whose performance promises to fall into dive. Heroes with characteristics that are especially punished by the adjustments announced by Riot Games and in which the differences between the old situation and the new one is too large. There are very clear examples, such as Talon’s, which with the new characteristics will not be able to end his rivals in the MID lane of a single combo.

It should be noted that The concept of worst champions only affects the average player . We will calculate it taking into account the most populated qualifying ranges, the current statistics of the characters and the information shared by Riot Games. However, this does not mean yes or if you have to stop playing with your favorite character. In the end, the new League of Legends will be very similar to what we already know and be very good with a certain champion can be enough to overcome any handicap. However, if we recommend avoiding the characters that we will mention if you have love to your MMR.


Free and offer games this weekend (May 13

One more week, here we are to test your self -control. We will review the greatest temptations for your portfolio for the next few days. It doesn’t matter where you play. PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series X | S, Nintendo Switch, PC… there is of everything and for all tGames Storetes and budgets . Offers, discounts, bargains, sales. Even completely free games. Everything you will find will be available between May 13 and 15, 2022 (the latter inclusive). Without further delay:

The big sales of Digital Returns

If we talk about the indie market, you have to talk about returning digital. The seal of the distributor hGames Store become a guarantee of quality and a under its clGames Storesroom a set of very personal proposals and Old School flavor. This week, Most of its catalog is of sales . From recent releGames Storees Games Store Trek to yomi or Weird West, to some of the Sleepers of the year lGames Storet Games Store inscryption or death’s door, through ClGames Storesicazos Games Store Hotline Miami or Red Strings Club. Here we leave the best of that selection:

  • The ten essential offers to return digital

Prey, a free jewel at Epic Games Store

This week the Epic Games Store returns to the streets and gives us two free games that can be redeemed for the mere fact of being registered on the platform. In addition, among them highlights the name of prey , for many the bioshock of this generation. A game with the firm of Arkane Studios (creators of Dishonored) that turned 5 years this week and who wanted to celebrate it offering for free to those who have not yet given a chance. The excuses are over .

  • Free Prey Download at Epic Games Store
  • Download Jotum: Valhalla Edition Free in Epic Games Store

Games under subscriptions

Days of free games at Xbox (Xbox Live Gold is required)

The following games can be completely enjoyed throughout the weekend, without any cut function, but once the weekend ends they will be paid again. Something like a premium demo of the titles in question.

  • Tom Clancy’s The Division 2
  • WRC 10 FIA World Rally Championship
  • Lawn Mowing Simulator


This Week in Free Gaming | 13 MAY 2022


  • Marvel’s Spider-Man (game edition of the year) for 19.99 euros (60% discount)
  • MGames Stores Effect Legendary Edition for 27.99 euros (60% discount)
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Nintendo Switch

  • Unravel Two for 5.09 euros (before 29.99)
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  • Hitman 3 for 26.99 euros (55% discount)
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  • BlGames Storephemous for 6.24 euros (75% discount)
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LOL: The worst patch of history? Riot loses the course and fails big with two champions

The last patch of League of Legends has complied with the worst forecasts of the community. The changes announced by the developer pointed out that two characters would almost be impossible to play after the update, and thus have once been the Nerfs. Ryze and Zeri have become the two worst characters of the game. However, this negative situation is not truly striking. With a day since the arrival of the adjustments, they are also two of the most inefficient heroes in the history of the game .

The two worst champions of the story of League of Legends

How Riot's Juggernaut Patch Turned Worlds 2015 Upside Down

The 12.7 patch was marked by putting the bases for the next MSI 2022. A version centered on the competitive that tries to increase the range of viable champions for professionals and attacked some of its most used characters. Among them were Ryze and Zeri. Neither of them passed for a great time in qualifying games. However, Riot Games decided to carry out a reduction of superacity power in which both champions have become mere cartoons incapable of overcoming 44% victory rate .

If we talk about that this could be the worst patch of history is not only because of the fact that both champions have stayed in such a unfortunate situation, if not because there were no great reasons to load against them so hard . The great argument for both nerfs was the competitive presence of both characters. However, the error has been shown resounding. Although in the case of Zeri if a reduction of power was justified, Ryze’s statistics had naturally reduced as the teams realized that he was not a great champion.

The presence of Ryze in competitive had dropped to the second lower number of season , with 47% of elections or bathing on patch 12.6. In this way, nor was it approaching the Riot Games rules to apply balance adjustments, having been a justified decision of the developer that leaves itself worse that was already the champion with less performance of the game to which it seems that can only be Save a REWORK. As if that were not enough, its victory rate of it in competitive is also ridiculous , staying only at 47.7%.

In the case of Zeri the situation if it was more serious, since he had appeared as an election or bannery in an average of 99.25% of the items played in the last four patches. However, everything indicates that Riot Games wanted to be aggressive. Although Statistical retouching could have been enough To reduce this champion data, developers also wanted to fix the situation of it in the qualifying items playing the bulk of the League of Legends community. The problem is that it was already being solved alone: Zeri’s bathing rate was reduced by more than 6% during patch 12.6.

The only reason why we have questions about whether this is the worst patch of the story of League of Legends is by the severity of other past failures of the company. The joint rework to the colossos on the eve of the 2015 Worlds is a rival themeable. However, we are sure of one thing: it is the worst update that has ever been introduced since the modernization of Riot Games and its change of philosophy as to champion balance.


“RDR2” Section Wins in British Game Photo Contest-Back and Beautiful Wilderness Beautiful Woodily

London Games Festival has been elected screenshots of “ red dead redemption 2 ” by Joe Mayzy, at fiscal 2022 Virtual Photography Challenge .

Virtual Photography Challenge is a screenshot contest for the game by the event London Games Festival, where various industry officials join from E Sports to Developers. This contest was held under NVIDIA Studio and The Fourth Focus Supported, and this year is “Abstract” and “Portrait” 3 categories of “LandScape”.

The screen shot of “Red Dead Redemption 2” entitled “Far Away”, which was chosen this time. It is a work that is broken in the Sunshirts and the Back of Arthur Morgan’s eagle and the beautiful wilderness illuminated by the sunset.

“Michael French” of the London Games Festival Director “I already have a more work level from last year,” said “the contest already next year” is fun. ” Also, the winner’s Maje’s is that a gaming laptop equipped with NVIDIA GeForce RTX3080TI is presented.

Other entry works where various titles such as “GHOSTWIRE: TOKYO” and “Cyberpunk 2077” are appearing from the Google Drive link shared by the E Sport Public Relations & Support Services SWIPE RIGHT PR.

New world

The Vice President of Funko Games, Deirdre Cross, analyzes the narrative approach of Jurassic World: The Legacy of Nublar Isla

Jurassic World: The Legacy of Island Nublar offers an incredibly rich and varied experience for franchise fanatics, as well as for the new games, and the good news is that the game is fully funded and has exceeded its initial goal of Kickstarter of $ 100,000. However, if you have been undecided, we have a conversation that could help you decide if the game is for you, since had the opportunity to talk to Funko Games’ vice president, Deirdre Cross, about the game., including the way it covers the famous franchise, which fans can expect from the game and what led Funko Games to jump to the genus Legacy.

First, I wanted to talk a little about the legacy aspect of the game and what led Funko Games to jump into the genre, and it is something that has been in the planning stages for quite some time. “I think that for us, we are all in Prospero Hall and Funko Games, great fans of Legacy Gaming, so we all play those games with our friends and our families and it is something we have been going around for a long time.”, “Cruz said.

“Why did he take so long? Well, as you know, the games take a long time to be created in general and a legacy game, we work on it for many years, but it is great to be part of funko, and I want to say, as you can see in this incredible store, it’s like, you want to do Something that really celebrates your hobby and what you love. Let’s go for it, let’s make this happen, and it was really a moment as a blur and new account, just see that, “Cross said.

Funko Games has a series of beloved franchises under his umbrella, which now includes Jurassic World, and in all those cases and proposals for future franchises, it is key to creating a story that fits into the world and capture what is so magical about that franchise.

“Well, as we were thinking about making a legacy game, you need a story that is really great. Because we really try to tell the story of any fandom that we are doing, either Panam, or if that is back to the future, or if it is Jurassic World, the whole universe of Jurassic World, is the scale of the thing because Jurassic World, in Reality covers decades of content, right? 30, 40 years, if you go to the beginning of Hammond Park, and thus have the depth to take us through huge 12 adventures, “Cross said.

Like the previous work of it at The Goonies Board Game, Jurassic World works on the original narration and the original characters in the mix, and it is an act of balance to find out how much new content should be included compared to closely recreated the property.

“Yes. I think it’s a dance we do with each property that we tried to find out how much it develops at the table while playing, “Cross said. “And how much there is a heartbeat for the movie or history. And that’s how I said, it’s a dance and it depends on the property. And what kind of other materials are there around that fandom too ».

Now, it can hope that the biggest challenge is something related to the development of Jurassic World’s gameplay or the creation of all the components, and although they certainly presented their own obstacles, just getting a game to reach the goal during the pandemic is a game victory. in itself.

“I would say that the biggest challenge was to have a pandemic in the midst of development. You could imagine that this is a small problem in which we are all like, here we go and we are starting with Universal and it is like, Womp, Womp, Womp, everyone goes home. It’s like, oh my God, and how to pivot all our development, our game tests, our manufacture. How do you do all this from that new environment? And I think for us, that was the biggest challenge, but overcome it, discover how to do things differently. Like so many others have had to do during this time. I could have done it even better for that, “Cross said.

You can check our complete review of Jurassic World: The Legacy of Island Cloud right here, and if you want more information about the game, you can go to the official Kickstarter page here.

The Making of Funkoverse
What do you think about Jurassic World: Isla’s legacy cloud? Let us know in the comments or, as always, you can talk about everything related to the table with me on Twitter @mattaguilarcb!


Xbox Game Pass May 2022 Free Games

Xbox Game Pass is as strong in 2022 as in previous years, and May will continue the strong year 2022 of the service with a large new version for PC, console and cloud. The Xbox Game Pass Mai 2022-lineup is expected to contain a number of publications on the first day.

Headliner of the month is Rebellion next entry in the Sniper Elite Franchise, Sniper Elite 5, which brings the series for the first time to France. With an improved campaign, complete with co-op and improved multiplayer mode, the game will be the most comprehensive game of the franchise so far. You can also come into the campaigns of other players, similar to Deathloop and Elden Ring.

But the month does not listen here, as a number of indie titles will come into the service. Continue reading to learn the latest Xbox Game Pass May 2022 Free game of play.

Xbox Game Pass May 2022 Free Games

These games were for the confirmed Xbox Game Pass May 2022 Free Games Align:

  • two-point campus – May 17 (console, PC)
  • Sniper Elite 5 – May 26 (Console, PC)
  • PAC-MAN MUSEUM + – 27. May (Console, PC)

Be sure to look for more supplements and surprise drows again and again during the month.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (1 month) Xbox Game PASS Ultimate (1 month) Microsoft 14.99 $ 1.00 $ (First Month) Buy Now Network N Vericipates commissions from qualified purchases via Microsoft and others Programs.

Xbox Game Pass May 2022 Games Leave

Currently we are not aware of games that will leave the Xbox Game Pass in May 2022. However, we will make a better idea for the first games in early May.

Xbox Game Pass Games To Play Right Now

This covers everything we know about the free Xbox Game Pass May 2022 games. Take a look at a complete list of everything you can play on the service with our Game Pass game list.


New Kingdom Hearts seam: Thats how the journey could continue

Kingdom Hearts celebrates his 20th birthday on March 28th. With the JRPG Square Enix 2002 created a colorful mix of Disney, Final Fantasy and a lot of kitsch – and thus conquered player hearts around the world in the storm. The Spielerehe has already over ten games on the hump and an end is still far away. So what do you expect in the next game? Will Kingdom Hearts 4? Will it be an intermediate part? These are the thoughts of a modest Kingdom Hearts fans.

For all KH laity: Yes, it’s worth to enter now!

Kingdom Hearts is a game series that started as a fairytale history about friendship, but gradually in a confused confused, consisting of time travel, replicas and confused names. With every new game, a question was answered and seven new questions were raised. The fact that the many spin-off games for the main story are essential **, but at the same time appeared on different handheld consoles, caused a fieses chaos. A chaos that had to be eliminated with several HD collections with unnecessarily confusing titles on PC and consoles.

And even if the first paragraph may sound deterrent, I can say to any KH novices: now the best time is to follow the series! For Square Enix has already announced the second phase of Kingdom Hearts – the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) greetings.

With the DLC Remind for Kingdom Hearts 3, the two mobile games Kingdom Hearts Union X [Cross] and Dark Road and the rhythm match Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory you have ushered in the next big saga. So far, however, you can say in summary: All searches for a way to save Sora. The protagonist of the main parts is caught in a novel world called Quadratum. Kingdom Hearts just.

With the next game, the new main story comes certainly right. But what do you expect? I think before Kingdom Hearts 4 happens something completely different .

Before Kingdom Hearts 4: So many possibilities

The graphic from the “Kingdom Hearts 2020” trailer shows next to three enclosed KH games still two empty fields, which are probably open on two more games . In addition, you can see five small boxes on the picture, which are also empty and possibly placeholders are for less relevant KH projects.

My Theory: Kingdom Hearts 4 ends Phase 2 , which means that there is still an important game in making. But what will it go in it?

In order to be able to answer a reply, it is first to answer another question: What will Kingdom Hearts 4 act? That will give everything to make sense, honest!

While Kingdom Hearts 3 and most games with the secret message “reconnect. Kingdom Hearts “ends in the KH games of the second phase the message” to Oath to Return “at the end. The old embassy aims to combine the various figures from all spin-off parts in the big final and fighting to Sora’s side.

The new probably plays on the promise that Sora gives his girlfriend Kairi in the first Kingdom Hearts, to bring back their lucky charm. The resulting keycharse is also called OathKeeper in English. Kingdom Hearts 4 will therefore act from Sora’s return. Probably his friend will have to help Ricu, who will find a way to this other world at the end of Melody of Memory.

The other Kingdom-Hearts game could devote itself to one of the other keychart carriers **. Possible actions would be:

  • Mickey mouse is looking for information about Squatum in the sky city Scala Ad Caelum.
  • The trio of Birth by Sleep is looking for a way to save Sora in the realm of darkness.
  • Kairi continues her workout and is trained by Aqua.
  • Yozora is looking for clues about a missing girlfriend in Squatum.

My Reluctant Journey Through Kingdom Hearts

So there are still a few loose ends, which could take up an intermediate part, before then appears in the non-very distant future Kingdom Hearts 4. Personally, I would like to see more of Scala Ad Caelum or follow Yozora on a mission by square. It would not be surprising when Square Enix is ​​the concept of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance tackles and playing different characters alternately playing .

New Kingdom Hearts: When do we know more?

Although Kingdom Hearts celebrates his 20th birthday on March 28, the anniversary ceremony takes place in the form of an event with a concert, a Q & A round and much more on April 10 – so 13 days later. KH fans know what enormous meaning this number has and that nothing, nothing happens, from coincidence. In addition is quadratum on Shibuya, Tokyo – but the well-known Shibuya shopping center 109 in the KH-Universe forms the number 104… wait for a moment! 10.4., So April 10?


PS5: Sony confirms that VRR will add “in the coming months”: What is and first details

Compatible televisions may take advantage of the variable update frequency (VRR) in PlayStation 5, one of the most demanded functionalities by players. This hgames been announced by Sony in a new entry of the Official Blog of PlayStation, where it hgames confirmed that this feature will be implemented “in the coming months”, without specifying a more specific date.

Only TVs and PC monitors compatible with HDMI 2.1 can benefit from functionality, but what exactly is it? games it collects the PlayStation itself, “VRR dynamically synchronizes the frequency of updating the screen with the graphical output of the PS5 console”. In this way the visual performance of the games is optimized “by minimizing or eliminating visual artifacts such games frame jumps and the tearing effect.”

After applying VRR, experience with the games will be more fluent , since the scenarios “are rendered instantly, the graphics are more nitic and the entry delay is reduced.” The Japanese company also adds that the products marketed previously may make use of the VRR if the developers launch a patch to optimize them.

Also in non-compatible games

Of all modes, there will be the option to activate VRR in non-compatible PS5 games, which may improve quality, although it is possible to occur “unexpected visual effects” . You can always deactivate.

Here's A First Look at Sony PS5's VRR Setting - Firmware Update CONFIRMED!

PlayStation 5 went on the market on November 19, 2020. More than a year after its launch, both SONY and Microsoft continue to have supply problems. The main cause lies in the semiconductor crisis **, an essential part for the manufacture of these machines. It does not seem that the solution is close, because some voices talk that it will not normalize up to 2023. This affects both the version with an optical disk and the fully digital edition.

PlayStation Studios hgames acquired Haven, the developer founded by Jade Raymond. The company wants to launch games games a service in the future, but it ensures that it will continue working on Single-Player titles.


Gamestop makes the popular cooperative game only $ 2

A popular cooperative game now costs only $ 2, courtesy of Gamestop. For a while, the offers of physical games absolutely defeated digital offers. Slow but safe, this is changing, but traditional retailers still offer some offers you do not see at PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store or Nintendo Eshop. The only conventional digital market that rivals some of the best discounts from Gamestop is Steam, but it is not Steam who has just created one of the best cooperative games of recent years for only $ 2, is Gamestop. More specifically, GameStop has done Descentrase two only $ 2.

What’s the trick? Well, there are some. On the one hand, this is a limited agreement agreement. We do not know how small this window is, but eventually, the game will return to its price of $ 20. The second problem is that the offer is limited to a digital source code, which means that if you are in Nintendo Switch, PS4 or Xbox One, any platform in which the game other than PC is available, you are out. Of luck.

I Ordered USED Nintendo Switch Games From Gamestop... This Is What They Sent Me
For those who do not know: _ Discussing two_ debuted in 2018, through the Developer Coldwood Interactive and the EA editor, as a sequel of 2016 _Deamer, it was widely considered one of the best cooperative games of his year. Next, you can read more about it and see your trailer of official disclosure:

“When short ties with the past, new ties are formed. In _ Carelessly, create your own Yarny », read in an official presentation of the game. “Then build relationships with other Yarnys in local cooperative mode or as a single player, fostering friendship and support while traveling together. Start your adventure in a cold and imposing land, then observe how your surroundings flowers with new life as you pursue the spark of adventure. Immerse yourself in an immersive story full of energy, exuberance, inspiration and even monsters. It addresses each challenge with positivity and audacity to awaken the world around you and discover an unwavering bond between friends ».

For more coverage especially related to games, including not just the latest offers, but also the latest news, rumors, leaks and speculation, click here.


LOL: The champion who taught a great lesson to Riot and demonstrates the importance of errors

The biggest changes in the story of League of Legends have been written with errors. Still today we see how the company makes failed decisions that do not convince the community and have to end up eliminating or repairing some of the novelties included in the game. A rare phenomenon that usually relates to large additions that intend to refresh the gameplay. We have seen it, for example, with the already eliminated technochemical dragon. However, in the past the failures were much more serious and notable due to a very simple fact: the developers had no decade of experience working in the game.

RENGAR launch failure changed League of Legends

We do not necessarily have to catalog it as the most serious error of the developer because Riot Games employees have always indicated that League of Legends can be updated and that equilibrium failures are usually relatively easy to eliminate if there is a good design. However, the case of RENGAR is one of the most interesting since with it a tendency was discovered that has since accompanied most of the premieres of champions and has set a new launch strategy for the developer.

History explained it on Twitter Edgar Medina , who has been working in Riot Games for almost ten years and currently occupies the position of “_country manager” for the Iberian Peninsula and Italy. In it he counted as Rengar was a complete failure regarding victory rates during the first days after his premiere. The community hoped that he was a very much champion, but the first reactions were comments from the community in which jokes were made on the alleged lack of damage and resistances of him, assessing the character as one of the poorest that had never been released.

The criticisms of the developer followed and were not very different from those we continue to see in full 2022. However, the number was such that they were proposed to carry out an almost immediate power increase. Everyone agrees less the main designer of Rengar. Trevor “Classick” Romleski He insisted his teammates on an idea that today we take for granted: The champion had just left, was played differently from others and needed time for the community to understand the right way to play it He was not weak by the statistics of him, if not by generating a game pattern difficult to learn and with a high expert curve.

Just before launching an emergency patch that will increase the power of the then new League champion of Legends began to see how Classick’s intuition was not disregarded. The character began to climb his victory rate and pointed out good ways, but he was ‘bufó‘ since “_The process to schedule a ‘deploy’ was complicated.” A situation that had as a consequence that the character became the personification of hell for Riot Games. His power happened to be terrifying and, although he is not among the most broken champions in history, he did have important consequences.

Since then the League of Legends champions are launched with the knowledge that their victory rate will increase over the first days in a notorious way and this situation is taken into account. For example, in the case of Zeri the champion stood on the verge of being the worst premiere of history in terms of victory rate and without receiving changes in positive happened to be the most dominant shooter when the players discovered the Correct way to play it and what was your best build and now accumulates several consecutive nerfs.

This lesson was so important for Riot that Edgar Medina himself learned from her without having never been related to the Department of Champions . He simply became a legend in Riot Games and the philosophy of him transcended the design of champions. Country Manager himself has insured having used this learning when he performs different League of Legends promotion campaigns, knowing that sometimes things “_hay let them breathe.”