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How do guilds work in Lost Ark?

Guilds are the basis for many games. Sometimes they are called other names such as clans or free companies, but in Lost Ark they are called guilds. Players can join the guild to formalize their partnership and express consent about the goals and gaming culture in Lost Ark.

In addition to the standard advantages of the guild, such as the presence of a larger number of like-minded people, Guilds in Lost Ark offer players another “fraction” to increase levels and improvements. As the guild level increases, it will be able to add more players, to take on new research tasks of the guild, open the guild shop, perform additional quests and much more.

Guilds can be raised by performing the guild tasks or participating in guild against the guild as well as guild against the environment content. Thus, conducting events as a guild, the guild will continue to increase its level and grow. This is a system with a sufficient stimulus to make an attachment worth.

Join the guild is quite simple. After completing the student quest or its full pass in the lower right corner of the user interface, a new button with the inscription community will appear . By clicking on this and choosing Guild displays a list of recruiting guilds. From there, players can send request ** To join, it must be approved by the Guild Master.

Lost Ark - Guild System Explained | Creating A Guild & Running It Right!
If the guild does not work for the player, it can go out by typing / Guildly in chat to exit.

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[Gran Saga] Guild competitive match “Tip of the spirit” Next time the next season is decided! Target SSR artifact confirmation UP Summoned, and sales of new vehicles “Eclips” are also underway with March limited!

NPixel Co., Ltd. King Ruang RPG for Cross-Platform “Gran Saga” (Operation: GamePlex Co., Ltd.) TOP Guild Competitive Battle Informed “Tips of Spirit King” rice field.

NPixel Co., Ltd. “Gran Saga” (Gran Saga) (Operation: GamePlex Co., Ltd.) TOP Guild’s TOP Guild (Gameplex Co., Ltd.) TOP Competition Battle “Primary Test” Notice that the next season was decided I will.

In addition, the implementation of “target SSR artifact Summoning probability UP” and new vehicles “Eclipse” are being sold for a limited time!
Please be careful during the sales period when purchasing.

For details on the in-game events, please refer to the Grand Saga official site for the official site (

# “Tip of the spirit king” Preseason 4 appears the spirits of the fire!

“Tip of the spirit king” to determine the Grand Saga TOP guild is decided to hold the Preseason 4!

In the next “Primary Primary Trial”, fire attribute boss appeared. The advantageous attribute is water, but a strategic countermeasure is required that considers the party balance! The higher the guild ranking at the end of the season, the more compensation and the more the amount of compensation will be luxurious, so please do your best to furn the top prize!

# # Scheduled date

March 10, 2022 (Thu) After maintenance, March 16, 2022 0:00

※ The scheduled scheduled date and end date and time may be changed without notice. Please note.

# # Guild competitive battle “Tip of spirit”

Sold the boss of each stage with up to 5 guild members. The points acquired according to the damaged amount given determine the guild ranking and compensation contents in the season.

In addition to participating compensation, rewards will be luxurious according to guild rankings, so please join us.

▲ [Gran Saga] Content introduction trailer | Trial of spirits

# Target Artifact Summoning Probability UP UP!

Currently, we have a summoning event to increase the emergence of SSR artifacts for a limited time!
“Flower Feast” “Tahama Script” “Back Bottom” and “Forest Protector” Please check this opportunity to check this opportunity!

For details on the event, please refer to the Grand Saga official site for the official site (

# # Event holding period

March 1, 2022 (Tuesday) 00: 00-2022 March 10 (Thu) 4:00

※ The holding period may be back and forth without notice in advance.


“Summoning” Summon “Artifact Acquisition Probability UP Summoner” Summon page is added, and the AF provision rate of interest rises.

· The summoning the following artifacts increase the probability of acquiring the following artifacts.
Target Artifact: Flower Feast / Tahama Skill / Back Launched Figure / Forest Prisoner

# New vehicle “Eclipse” for sale in March!

A sinister horse “Eclipse” born on the day of eclipse has appeared as a new vehicle!

As we are sold for a limited trip, please be careful about the sales period!

Sales period

March 1, 2022 (Tuesday) 00:00 to March 31, 2022 (Thu) 23:59

※ The holding period may be back and forth without notice in advance.

Event Details

Horses born on eclipse days, “Eclipse” will be added.

(1). [Shop]> [Eclipse “will appear in [Vehicle].
The movement speed of “eclipse” is “very fast (two stages)”.

(2). It can be obtained by consuming 3,000 diamonds. After obtaining, it can be used permanently without the time limit.

# Sunagra “Cat Day” Nominated 4 works!

Shooting Gran Saga Snap Photos and posted a “Gran Sagus Nap Photographer Contest” to post on Twitter, and we will introduce four nominated works of “Snagra”!

This theme is “Nyanko Take a picture together”

Holding February 22 “Cat’s Day”, a lot of pretty snap photos have been applied!

▼ NO WAR F9-san [Want to dance together? ? ]

▼ Silmeria’s work [Your cat, I found it]

▼ 小 作 作 【I am a cat】

▼ Sanwinter ‘s work [Nya! Meow! Meow! ]

A luxurious prize will be given to everyone who was nominated! congratulations!

Also, please look forward to the next “Snagra”. Thank you for the many applications!

# Gran Saga

Gran Saga is an original game work compatible with a cross-platform depicted by the highest quality quality.

Based on the RPG of the royal road, it is a game that is loved around the world, high quality 3D graphics by Unreal Engine 4, Yuko Hiroji, Full Voice Story by Sakai Overlooking Voice Actor, in the game BGM, Shimimura Yoko, Illustration and Logo Design for All Music Production, Tema Amano, Gran Saga’s theme song “Makafuka” is handed by RADWIMPS completely.

In addition, the original animation by Kawamura Kohei and the official Ambassador of Gran Saga will be delivered with the highest story of the story that focused on “Friends” by Mr. Koguchi Nobu Aki and Mr. Konko Nobu Aki and Mr. Kaneko Nobu Akira at the official Ambassador of Grand Saga. It is.

In addition, we started providing Gran Saga PC emulator beta version from November 26, 2021 (Fri).

◆ Official site

◆ Official Twitter

◆ Official YouTube

# Game information

Title: Gran Saga (GRAN SAGA) Genre: Soul RPG Development: NPixel Operation Co., Ltd.: GamePlex Platform: IOS / Android / PC Price: Basic Free (with some charges) © NPixel Co., LTD. & GamePlex Co., Ltd. all rights reserved.

Guild wars 2

Guild Wars 2, New Expansion Packs End of Dragons Released North America, Europe

NC Soft (NC West) of NC Soft Co., Ltd. (NC West) of NC West (NC West) is Guild Wars 2 (Guild Wars 2) New Expansion Pack ‘End of Dragons ™’ in North America and Europe February 28 (local standard) released.

Guild Wars 2 End Of Dragons is FINALLY Here!

Guild Wars 2 is a PC Online MMORPG (Multi-License Role Performance Game) produced by Arenanet (Arenanet), the North American development studios of the NC (NC). After launching the service in August 2012, we launched a total of three expansion packs from the “Heart of Thorns ™) ‘,’ Path of Fire ™ ‘, and” End of Dragons “, followed by” End of Dragons “.

End of Dragons ‘main stage,’ Cantha ‘continent is the second chapter of Guild Wars’ Guild Wars: Guild Wars Factions in 2006 in 2006. Canta, which is expressed by the culture of Oriental culture and visual, is a background of a new story.

Guild Wars 2 users can enjoy a variety of new contents. ▲ Four Open World Map ▲ Main character follows the main character, a multi-purpose auxiliary character ‘Jade Bot (Mount, Mount) “Siege Turtle’ ▲ Award and Fishing Possible vessels’ Skiff (Skiff) ‘▲ Up to 10 users who have killed Boss Monsters and receive compensation for each difficult idea, 9’ Specialization System (Elite Specializations) ) ” Is characterized by.

“Amy Liu, the overall producer of Guild Wars 2,” This expansion pack is an aggregate, creativity, and development of Arena Net, “and a collection of creativity, and development power,” I will write a new story of “

Global users can purchase and download expansion packs online. ▲ Standard Edition ▲ Deluxe Edition ▲ You can choose from Ultimate Edition (Ultimate Edition).