Epic Games gives you a psycho

If you are looking for free PC games, we recommend you to regularly stop by the Epic Games Store. This week you get a fantasy and psychological horror game.

The Epic Games Store lures PC players with different advantages in the shop. In addition to exclusive games and great sales, visitors can also look forward to at least a new free game ** every week. Reinhoe is worthwhile, because now and then are real blockbusters or exciting insider tips. And best of charge: once downloaded, you can keep the games forever!

Epic Games: The current free game

in Sound Mind

In Sound Mind, it is a psychological horror game in the ego perspective.

This horror game takes you to a world that you do not seem to escape – your own mind. You expect challenging puzzles and also one or the other boss fight you will have to face you.

  • In Sound Mind is a great entry for horror beginner

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What do the players say? At Metacrit, the game achieves a stable rating of 75 . Some praise the game for the many different areas that you can explore and spend hours around hours. Others are dissatisfied with the performance. The game should probably not run fluently. If the game looks interesting for you, you can form your own opinion. (Source: Metacritic)

You can save the game until March 24 at 16:00 for free.

__In Sound Mind at Epic Games

The upcoming free game

demon’s tilt

You stand on pinball? Then Demon’s Tilt is the right thing for you. You expect a mixture of shoot -’em-up and hack & slash elements.

At Demon’s Tilt, plenty of pinball fun awaits you on three levels. Solid you against bosses, put exciting special modes and cracks mad jackpots. The pixel style of the game also ensures a little retro.

What do the players say? On Steam, the game has received almost consistently positive resonance . Especially the music and the graphic are praised. According to the users, a game in which you can spend a lot of time without it gets boring. (Source: Steam)

You can secure the game for free from the 24th of March. In the next week, the next coming free game will be presented.

__Demon’s Tilt at Epic Games

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Dead by Daylight: New Addon is only for players with strong nerves

The Survival Horror Game Dead by Daylight teaches the fans already with many iconic scary shapes such as Freddy Krüger, Michael Myers and many far fear. Now the developers bring an almost cruel figure into the game: Sadako.

Dead by Daylight: New Crossover with the ring

The makers of DBD (Dead by Daylight) have steadily expanded the game since the release in 2016. Players have a huge selection of killers and survivors as long as the appropriate addons are acquired. Now developer Behaviour Interactive announces a new crossover .

With “Sadako Rising” it is important to spread a new curse in DBD. It is a new chapter inspired by Kōji Suzukis Roman “Ringu” and the original process . Fans can look forward to a new killer and a new survivor.

Both Sadako and Yoichi Askawa dive into the trailer . A new map is probably not available this time, but props seem to have been added to fit your mechanics.

The trailer shows that they will be able to manifest by television screens . These are probably placed anywhere on the map – suitable for their ability in the novel and in the films.

Dead by Daylight: When does the new chapter appear?

If you should be a fan of the game, you do not have to be patient. The new chapter “Sadako Rising” should appear on 8 March 2022 .

Be your PC player and you want to test the whole sooner, you can already do that. The Public Test Build server is already live. There you can test and experiment your new Perks (talents that give the players special skills) on their new Perko and asakawa.

How is your test server?

  • Right-click on the Dead by Daylight application in your Steam library
  • Properties
  • Rider “Beta” click
  • Select “Public-Test” from the drop-down list
  • Starts Steam NEW (not required, but this updates the user interface properly and the download is started)

To return to the normal game, follow the steps again and selects from the drop-down list instead of “public-test” “None – Opt Out of All Beta Programs” . Also start again for safety Steam again.

(Source: DBD Forum)

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Dead by Daylight – Special Edition – [PlayStation 4]

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New Ringu Killer
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Resident Evil 4 Remake should become a lot more scary than the original

Rumors around a Remake of Resident Evil 4 have been circulating for some time now. Already in recent years, CAPCOM has brought a new edition of Part 2 and Part 3 to the trade. This time a new studio should be responsible for the remake. In a current report are now also supposedly first details to Resident Evil 4 appeared.

What reveals the leak to Resident Evil 4 Remake?

According to the information, the new edition should bring some changes if you compare them directly with the original. Among other things, the team would like to make the game open even gruseliger . It should help concepts of old demos and plans that were created during the development of Part 4, but in the end did not take the 2005 horror game. In addition, some minor characters will now have a slightly bigger role in the story.

Which concrete changes are planned?

The developers want to give specifically Ada Wong a more extensive story. Already in previous versions with “Assignment: ADA” and “Separate Ways” were introduced two mini extensions , which only turned to the secret assessment. For the remake, these bonus chapters are to be assembled and even expanded. Whether it is a DLC , or the contents will be contained from the beginning, is not fixed yet.

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Resident Evil 4 Remake will be BIG and WAY MORE SCARY?

Resident Evil 4: HD-Remaster of fans already appears in February

Fans no longer wanted to wait for a remake of Resident Evil 4 and created a HD Remaster of the Horror Classiker. PCX360PS30

Resident Evil 4 Remake: Wescher spokesman Lakt the new edition!

A very credible leak to remake from Resident Evil 4 ensures excitement. The speaker of Albert Wesker even shows concept pictures!

Resident Evil 4 Remake should play more at night

Another change that should further increase the grusel factor is, for example, the conversion of the daytime for the introduction of the village. This should no longer be done by day, but in the night . Similar changes are also planned for other areas of the horror game. According to the report Capcom would announce the remake of Resident Evil 4 early this year.

From Dominik Zwingmann
11.02.2022 at 15:50