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Netmarble held the 18th launching ceremony of the College Student Supporters

[including certificates Moon Young-soo] Netmarble (CEO Kwon Young-sik, Do Ki-wook) announced on the 5th that it held the 18th launching ceremony of the University Student Supporters ‘Marvel Challenger’ at Netmarble G-Tower.

Ten students, selected for 18 Marvel Challengers, will carry out various practices for six months until February 2023. In particular, we will participate in the production of new media (YouTube, Facebook, etc.) contents, game reviews and various trend analysis, online and offline events planning and execution, and support for social contribution activities.


The 18 members of the Marvel Challenger will receive various benefits such as the preferential treatment of documents when applying for Netmarble in the future, including certificates, monthly activities, and practitioners’ mentoring.

Lim Hyun-seop, head of Netmarble New Media Team, said, We plan to expand activities that can contribute to promoting various fields such as new businesses and global new works prepared by Netmarble. Through this activity, we will actively support 18 members to grow into global game talents. I’ll.

Meanwhile, Marvel Challenger, which has been operating for nine years since its launch in 2013, is the longest time in the game industry. A total of 155 graduates were produced from the first to the 17th.