Crystarise Play Repo -Game Design with a mixture of simulation and action that makes the air that you have created as a power [TGS2022]

Crystals is a work that shows a unique game design that mixes simulation elements and action elements. It is also a work that has a fantastic view of the world that expands the island floating in the air with resources, turns the player’s power in the terrestrial world. The test play was exhibited at this Tokyo Game Show 2022, and I was able to experience such a sarcasticness.


Expanding the islands of the sky using resources collected on the ground

Crystals is a configuration that proceeds with the game while going back and forth between the islands in the sky and the ground. First, the goal is to descend on the ground, break trees and stones, collect resources, or fight with enemies to collect items. However, it is not possible to adventure on the ground infinitely from the beginning, and the place where you can go is limited. For example, if you try to adventure to the desert, you will not be able to proceed due to the heat.

When resources gather, they return to the island, spread their territory and set up various items. The movement of the island and the ground can be made with one button, so it doesn’t feel so complicated. Then, is it like opening the status screen?

Placing items such as bonfire, fountains, stones, etc. on the island will increase physical strength and attack power. The island creation turns into the power of the player as it is. Not only that, but some items can resist the heat and cold. By placing more and more resistant items on the island, you will be able to adventure on the ground, such as deserts and snowy mountains.

The creation of an island that players want to do, and an adventure on the ground that can gradually open up the range of action. The game design with simulation and action seemed to be an odd moment, but I felt the fun of the game was united. Crystals is scheduled to be released on Steam in the spring of 2023.