[Return to the masterpiece indie back] A new learning of Limbo, a dark and beautiful LIMBO over 10 years

In this article, we pick up the Indy games released in the past! Under the title of Masterpiece Indie Return , we will take up past masterpiece games in a play repo format. If you haven’t played it, why don’t you take this opportunity, and if you’re not, why not try replay?

This time, the action adventure LIMBO released from Xbox 360 on July 21, 2010. In a black-and-white world, it is a work that crosses a dark world. This work is a masterpiece of an indie game that won the 38th Annie Award, including various awards.

Limbo is a word that means hell in Japanese. In the Christian world, it is said to be between heaven and hell where a dead child goes before being baptized. In the Dante’s god of song, it is a place that crossed the Achelone River. In this work LIMBO, there is a large waterside in the early stages, and there is a production that reminds the death of the dead to the world.

However, this work has almost no story explanation. The only verse of the Steam page, Contrary to fate, searching for a younger sister, the boy steps into his Limbo world is a clear setting. This work is established by letting the players guess the story, Isn’t this?

And this work has a lot of splatter depictions… The fear is somewhat suppressed because it is drawn in the black-and-white world, but please be careful if you are not good at grotesque expression.

◆ LIMBO Release year Playback [2010 TIPS]

● Games released in 2012

In 2010, Dead Rising 2 and others were released. Other titles released in the same year were also released, such as Call of Duty: Black Ops and God Eater.

** ● Topics in 2012


At the 82nd Academy Awards held in 2010, Heart Locker won the work award. Other candidate works include Avatar, English Busters, and 9th district.

Again, Limbo was released from the PLAYDEAD on July 21, 2010 from Xbox 360. After that, it was developed in various media such as PS3/PS4/PS4/PS4/PS Vita/PC/iOS/Android, and recently the Nintendo Switch version was released in June 2018.

◆ A beautiful and depressed world reminiscent of 10 years. And the author who learned fanning…

This time, the impression I had in the replay of Limbo was the same… . Because it is replay, it is natural that it does not change… ** It is rather afraid that it has changed, but there was a strong feeling for this work.

This is the biggest attraction of this work with its gloomy world view. It is terrible to manipulate a boy and travel in a dead world… at the same time beautiful. The reason why you can enjoy this feeling even in replays for the first time in a few years is probably because this work is such a unique charm.

The boy’s behavior principle is a mystery in the first play, but you can imagine it after clearing the game. I thought, The boy has come down to the world of hell, with too pure feelings.

A boy who has adventured in a bizarre world with a pure desire appears again in front of him… The result is immersed in the mysterious sentiment that he has not changed. The real pleasure of replay is that you can be impressed by your memories.

And I decided to enjoy the high level of difficulty that characterizes this work.

The boy will die many times in a disastrous death in Haya , who feels like absolutely killing at first glance. I was a second time to explore the hell, so I was going to be able to clear it with plenty of time, but that wasn’t the case…. In the hell of kill even in replay, the boy I operated was relentlessly killed. I will do it.

However, a cruel world that you will remember while playing. I gradually remember how to move. In the early stages, I was able to afford my heart and was filled with nostalgic feelings.

In this work, a giant spider appears as an early enemy, but the moment it comes out Oh, it’s been a long time! After repelling in the tone, he just jumped.

Limbo is an excellent balance of world murder that makes the boy who thinks must be protected in the player and kills it on it. In the first play, he had played with respect and fear in such a world. I feel like I’m bad. In the past, I didn’t act like this…

Yes, after 10 years, I noticed, kind of boy’s jump motion is fantastic… .

However, Fan Jump was an act that was done because it was the early stage where the hell was seen sweetly. As I passed through a number of traps that were more intense than the spider, I was blown away.

That is the charm of Limbo. A world where the moment of carelessness leads to death, and the feeling of being mentally cornered by the repeated boy’s death. I really want to move him safely.

Limbo is directly linked to the fear of death directly with the miserable depiction of the game over. The balance between the boy’s childhood and the fear of death is wonderful. The asylum created from there… One of the driving force that promotes this work may come from the place where you want to protect the boy.

I remember the similar feeling was Stray, an action adventure with real cats as the main character. This was also the depiction of death.

Spiders and parasites that fall down, drowning, and attacking the boy in this work. He (a player) who thinks, Why is it young and have to go so far? It seems to be conflicting, but this must be the charm of playing until the ending, and it was a part that could not deteriorate in replay.

The story is deviated, but one of my favorite novels is King of Fly . Roughly speaking, it is a masterpiece that says that the template of boys drifts and work hard on an uninhabited island such as Fifteen Shonen Drifts is because you are a boy, you will die on an uninhabited island. My William Golding is a Nobel Prize writer and survives the Normandy landing operation. In a world as if the Demon King is lurking, it describes the purity of the child and the impermanence of the child.

In Limbo, the same demonic world was drawn in a sense. I recalled the purity of a child similar to the king of the fly in replay. Now that more than 10 years have passed, I feel that Limbo’s understanding has increased to boys. A new discovery is not only in jumping jumping, but also in such a place.


By the way, this work is a so-called atmosphere-oriented work. I thought, It’s a work that is suitable for replay is a work with an element, but I feel that it was great to enjoy the same atmosphere again. Of course, there is also an first-time killing action that is kneaded in this work, but I wanted to send the boy to the end, so I ended up writing this article after reaching the ending. Even if you are not good at action, the required time to clear is about 3 hours. By all means, why not try visiting Limbo again this summer?

Product name: Limbo

  • Compatible models: Xbox 360/PS3/PS4/PS Vita/PC/Nintendo Switch/iOS/Android
    Steam Limbo (980 yen including tax)
    PS4 version Limbo (1,257 yen including tax)
    Nintendo Switch version Limbo (980 yen including tax)

  • Play model in the article: PC (Steam)

  • Genre: Action adventure