Lost Ark brings Battle Come on 3 variations – for whom settles the Ark Pass?

The pursuits are separated into normal goals and seasonal missions as well as provide various jobs. For instance, you need to complete Watchers Raids in the regular missions, do whose jobs, or participate in PVP has a hard time. For the season missions you occasionally make use of a beacon or play an instrument.

You can complete typical pursuits up until you get to 500 EP. The EP will certainly be reset weekly and also you can do even more jobs. Once per battle pass, the seasonal pursuits can only be finished.

You can buy the Ark Pass from now till June 18th. By the 14th of July, you have time to finish him completely.

On April 21, Ark bride-to-bes within the update “Fight for the Throne of Chaos” a Battle Come on the video game, the so-called Ark Pass. Gamers can produce additional incentives.

What is the Ark Pass? The ARK PASS is a Battle Pass, as remains in several games. You can do extra pursuits as well as get benefits with every ticket degree. In overall, he covers 30 actions. You will find the Battle Pass up precisely the edge of the screen, right following to the mini map.

What does the ARK pass? There is it in 3 variants:

What do you think of the Ark Pass? Is he as just how you pictured him? Are you satisfied with the web content of the Battle Pass? Will you get the costs or superpremium version or remain with the free content? Compose us in the remarks right here on Meinmom!

. As a premium incentive, additional analysis materials wave. Superpremium incentives consist of an account history, skins and an epic partnership breast.

  • Free
  • Premium for 1,500 royal crystals, concerning 15 EUR
  • Super Premium for 3,000 royal crystals, regarding 30 EUR

Which rewards are there? If your EP accumulates, your passport will climb. This takes place either by the quests or via the use of blue crystals. On many degrees you can make a decision for among the 2 successful benefits. If you have actually gotten the premium version, a reward will certainly be included per level. Who has SuperPremium, gets all 5 actions still an incentive on the top.

Lost Ark - Kanima Explains The Ark Pass Misconception
On April 21, Ark brides within the update “Battle for the Throne of Chaos” a Battle Pass in the video game, the so-called Ark Pass. What is the Ark Pass? ** The ARK PASS is a Battle Pass, as is in lots of games. The seasonal pursuits can just be completed when per battle pass.

** For every player it is worthwhile to toss an appearance into the Battle Pass, as most of the jobs are very easy to secure.

** For every gamer it is worthwhile to throw an appearance into the Battle Pass, as many of the tasks are very simple to secure. That wants to get more out of the pass, can spend real money, which is left to any person.

In the complimentary variation you often get upgraded products, connection chairs and also card packages. On Level 10 there is the installing lead of the dark or blue heart. It has similar worths such as the Ceberus from the platinum pre-order bundle and also is the very best place that you can secure free in Lost Ark

If you will certainly purchase the ticket or not, in a previous article we asked you. 20% did not intend to purchase him, 22% all the same. For the rest, there was the materials of the Ark Pass inevitably.

Lost Ark Offline: Server today eight hours Down – Preparation on the Great April

Lost Ark is offline: Today Find Maintenance work at MMORPG from Amazon and SmileGate RPG. In the forum for the game, the developers call details of the process. Players should have already noticed that the servers have been reached since 9 o’clock down and not. Logins and game contributions are therefore currently not possible. This will remain for a while: the DOWNTIME is set in a duration of eight hours . Therefore, with the return of the Lost Ark server to expect until 5 pm. Only then can you get back into the game. Considering that the information is not final and can come to delays.

Big update first end of the month

“All Lost ARK servers and regions will be switched offline on April 14 at 9:00 am for a weekly maintenance and a backend update. The downtime will take about 8 hours to make the team changes to the backend to the content Update to prepare at the end of the month, “the developers share.

New rewards


Means: The big April update stands for Lost Ark (now buy 19.99 €) not available today. Rather, the developers screw in the background to prepare the MMORPG on the arrival of the patch. Whether the makers still submit patch notes, should therefore be unlikely. What awaits you in April and May at Lost Ark, you read in the roadmap under the link set. After all, there’s a small consolation paving for the long maintenance: between the 14th and 21st April a new in-game presence event with additional rewards runs :

  • Light of the Regulus Currency Chest X 5
  • Combat probe X 3
  • PhoenixFlaum x 30
  • Selector chest with fusion material X 2
  • Jump x 3
  • Unas Task – Instant Shot X 5

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Where to find a hidden story “The Secret of Her Majesty” in Lost Ark

The secret of Her Majesty is a hidden story in Lost Ark, which can upset because of how close every marker is to the points of the revival of enemies. To start this quest, go to the Highlands Fesnar in the northern right.

Where to find the end of his hidden history of obsession?

first hidden history

The tomb of swords is the first place you need to visit on the western side of the map. Find a large stone with red markings on the front. Inspect the back of the stone, and not the front part. To appear option, we needed to go to the right side of the st1. It is important to remember that the enemy appears very close to you and will attack you every time it appears.

Second hidden story

Her Majesty's Secret Location in Lost Ark | North Vern Hidden Story Locations Guide
The next place is on the west, but still in the tomb of swords. Destroy all enemies around this marker. It’s not much time to find it because they continue to spawn. A large statue in the shape of a sword is supported by wooden spikes. Look at the note on earth in front of the statue.

Third Hidden History

Then visit the Balankar Mountains in the northern right. In the shelter, you will find an ancient Elveria, a dungeon on the northern side of the region. Go inside.

You need to go all the way to the center of the map called contaminated ruins. Go to the round area in the place, which is located on the side, overlooking the rest of the temple. When you wish the railing, you will see that the inspection option appears when you reach the point marked above.

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Guild wars 2

How do guilds work in Lost Ark?

Guilds are the basis for many games. Sometimes they are called other names such as clans or free companies, but in Lost Ark they are called guilds. Players can join the guild to formalize their partnership and express consent about the goals and gaming culture in Lost Ark.

In addition to the standard advantages of the guild, such as the presence of a larger number of like-minded people, Guilds in Lost Ark offer players another “fraction” to increase levels and improvements. As the guild level increases, it will be able to add more players, to take on new research tasks of the guild, open the guild shop, perform additional quests and much more.

Guilds can be raised by performing the guild tasks or participating in guild against the guild as well as guild against the environment content. Thus, conducting events as a guild, the guild will continue to increase its level and grow. This is a system with a sufficient stimulus to make an attachment worth.

Join the guild is quite simple. After completing the student quest or its full pass in the lower right corner of the user interface, a new button with the inscription community will appear . By clicking on this and choosing Guild displays a list of recruiting guilds. From there, players can send request ** To join, it must be approved by the Guild Master.

Lost Ark - Guild System Explained | Creating A Guild & Running It Right!
If the guild does not work for the player, it can go out by typing / Guildly in chat to exit.

To learn more about Lost Ark, check out all the locations of Mokoko Seed in Heart of Sceptrum in Lost Ark in Pro Game Guides.

How fast Pex from Alts on Lost Ark?

Here you are explained here a method for quickly pex your alts on Lost Ark. The idea is to be able to unblock in a few hours, several Alts (Rerolls, Secondary Character) at Level 50 and then, accumulate more quickly resources on the game. Note that this technique will depend on your level of income and therefore potentially, buying a founder pack.

Update : This guide is up-to-date on Wednesday, February 16th.

The importance of pex quickly from the Alts on Lost Ark

As Lost Ark is based on a daily content system to be repeated, actively falling for hours is rarely an option. On the other hand, the MMO proposes a model of sharing resources between your different characters, which promotes an approach where the fast content must be validated daily on your Rerolls / Alt.

Thus, pex quickly several alts at level 50 is a fairly important strategy on LOST ARK since this will allow you to accumulate more resources to optimize your main character. This is a fairly try-hard approach at first, not necessary for players just wanting to discover the content at their own pace.

Once level 50, where to go to unlock your first Alt?

You probably come to chain long hours of quests on the previous continents. Upon arrival at level 47-50, you should have finished Anich and started the continent Arthéline. We invite you to complete the continent on which you started the continuation of a quest until the main quest invites you to go to Bern.

The rest of the content will take place on the continent of Bern and more particularly in Bern-Nord . Go ahead, go in the quest that brings you to Chateau-Bern . First start by defining this city as a return point, you will have a good time from here.

If the area will be your second half-time, it’s also where you can unlock your first express growth pass. The latter is obtained via a sequence of quests related to the main story. Therefore, do not try to immediately unlock it, the pass will naturally come to you.

Express Growth Pass and Pex Alts

This express growth pass is free since linked to history. The very fact that it is present as early in your adventure after level 50 indicates that it is the good timing to start in the creation of several alts.

With this express growth pass, you can mount a secondary character at level 50 by following a specific quest sequence for a history parallel to the main 1. Without knowing her, you should get there in less than an hour. Your first Reroll will be 50 in less time than you have to queue at the start of the game!

In addition, a second express growth pass will be delivered once the first Alt mounted. This will then allow you to repeat the operation to get a third character at level 50. HELAS, the following will be different but not necessarily more frustrating.

Pay to Pex, how your gold will finance your alts that will finance your hand!

Ok then said like that, you might think here that we talk about using the shop to pex your alts but that’s not the case! Indeed, what we propose is to use the technique of the transfer of knowledge.

On Lost Ark, it is possible to use, via your fortress, a technique to quickly do your alts quickly. Automatically ? Yes because the process is passive and will last a few hours, the time for you to play on another character. For this, you will have to pay a large amount of gold: 600 to be precise.

If this amount is important, be aware that it is possible to quickly recover from gold by multiplying the alts. Thus it is an investment on the medium and long term. However, attention because several elements are to be taken into account.

Do not use the transfer to know that if:

  • You plan to optimize your main character for VHL content
  • If you can take the time to realize the daily content on several characters
  • Mainly if you have additional resources via the acquisition of a founder pack

Indeed, 600 gold is a nice sum at the beginning of the adventure and this one could be useful to you otherwise, especially if you are not the kind to play several characters. If the Alts system on Lost Ark is very different from the other Western MMORPGs (these serve small hands to your main perso), each additional person will increase your daily play time.

So much for our guide for pex quickly your alts at level 50 on the MMORPG LOST ARK. You can find all our guides to start in Lost Ark as well as all the game news on growth pass.