How to get a fangmon in Digimon Survive

Far from any digimon in Digimon Survive may not be easy, but very exciting. Fangmon is a very well-designed Digimon, and getting it in Digimon Survive is a very simple task. This guide will help you easily make friends with Fangmon in Digimon Survive, and will also help you answer all tricky questions in the process.

How to recruit and make friends with Fangmon

In the second part, you will first encounter Fangmon, although you will not have the opportunity to make friends with him until later stages of the game. A number of game bosses, including Dokugumon, will appear in Free Bat. The areas, starting from part 3. You can also Digivolve Gazimon in Digimon Survive if you do not want to be friends with Fangmon. Although you can make friends with Fangmon relatively successfully, some players can consider it a waste of time.

When you talk with Fangmon, you will hear three questions or statements and you will have to choose an answer from four options. At the end of the conversation, players can get Fangmon by choosing the best answer that awards them with two points.

Conversations with Fangmon are often quite unpleasant, given that he is one of the game antagonists. It is best to try to demonstrate that his ridicule has no effect, forcing the player to feel bad or question the moral of the game.

The best answers

Players should avoid the indulgence of Fangmon, as far as possible, and react neutrally when possible. Here are the best answers to all the questions and statements of Fangmon, if you need additional help.

Question: You definitely like to stick out the chest before such a weak monster like me.

The best answer: Strength does not matter.

Question: Try to start a fight with a world-lousse like me… you people are so cruel.

Best answer: So let’s cancel it.

Question: I hold a bet, you have some secrets, right? Come on, tell me alone! Try!

Best answer: Secrets? I think…

Question: What do you think is deciding, what is right and what is not?

The best answer: Reality itself.

Question: You can think about those who are next to you, as friends, but perhaps you are actually alone?

The best answer: I would not mind.

Question: Let’s agree: Throw the battle and I will give you an object!

Best answer: I don’t believe you.

Question: Who, in your opinion, is worse? Deceiver or deceived?

Best answer: deceiver, yeah!


Best M5A3 Battlefield 2042

Are you performing on the search for a straightforward assault rifle your job? Well, the best M5A3 Battlefield 2042 PC Player 24 is for you. This rifle the MCX variation is due to the versatility of the weapon and its attachments is a solid choice for those who want to dominate zone in all-out warfare and Hazard.

The gun is designed for medium to long distance, but with the right papers may be in a short-range beast turns, which can only make a handful of machine guns competition. While it s not the fastest firing weapon in Battlefield 2042, but one of the most reliable with a manageable recoil and orderly damage.

But what is the best M5A3 Battlefield 2042-Ladeout and which attachments should you have in your Plus menu? Well, you re about to find out. Here are the best essays, gadgets and specialists that you need to control objectives and achieve some kills.

Best M5A3 Battlefield 2042 PC Player 24

Mouth Hybrid 1.5 – 3x
Extended Run

M5A3 Best Weapon Build - BATTLEFIELD 2042 - PC Open Beta
High energy
Cobra handle

If you are looking for a great all-rounder that you can customize in an instant to your medium to long-range operations and your evictions at close range, then we have the weapon for you. The best M5A3 Battlefield 2042 PC Player 24 is one of the most versatile options on the market and has a place in our best Battlefield 2042 weapons manual.

But how to put it one? Well, first things first, you need a telescopic sight – the mouth Hybrid 1.5 – 3 times to be exact. This inclined visor offers the advantages of both a 1.5-fold holographic and a 3-fold ACOG. This is especially useful in open areas where you fire from multiple locations.

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In the barrel department, you have two options: the Extended Barrel or Arcom Tactical Muzzle Break. As a standard PC Player 24, you should opt for the extended barrel, as it increases bullet velocity – something that is especially useful when you are fighting at a distance. However, the Muzzle Break is practically in your Plus menu, as it improves the vertical recoil.

As for ammunition, we have opted for the high-powered magazine because it increases firepower, accuracy and range by 5%, while the handling is reduced by 10%. This paper is particularly useful when you are surrounded by enemies and must every shot you fire, count. The Close Combat magazine is useful when you go inside and fight enemies at close range – so make sure it is in your Plus menu.

The Cobra Grip helps us round out the equipment and to increase the accuracy and range of the weapon. You can 40-MM-HE grenade launcher instead of the handle used, but we prefer this stability to firepower.

Best M5A3 Battlefield 2042 PC player 24 gadget

If you want to make a difference in Battlefield 2042, you want to stay as long as possible alive. Although all units in the game viable options for this M5A3 Battlefield 2042 PC Player 24, we recommend that you choose the IBA armor plate as your device.

In this way you can strengthen your arms for the fight, so you are a bit stockier before the fights start.

Best M5A3 Battlefield 2042 PC player 24 specialist

DICE tears this year the Playbook for Battlefield 2042 and held classes we get Battlefield 2042 specialists. These operators have to procure an advantage all the specific characteristics and specialists online them, and although all practicable picks, there are a few that really stand out for this build.

The best specialists for the M5A3 Battlefield 2042 PC player 24 are Sundance, Irish and MacKay.

Sundance Smart Explosives and wingsuit make it a perfect specialist for attacks Irishs Veteran property allows you to protect yourself with additional armor, and MacKay s Grappling Hook takes you to places that do not expect your enemies.

There you have it so our best M5A3 Battlefield 2042 PC is Player 24. This nifty weapon one of the best Battlefield 2042 weapons in the game, so make sure you spend time improving their Plus menu before you in a game plunge.