Klopp with battle announcement at City: in the league game not our best shown

Team Manager Jürgen Klopp from FC Liverpool has sent a small fight announcement in front of the semifinals in the FA Cup in the direction of Manchester City. At the 2: 2 in the league game in the previous week, the Citizens had been “very strong”, the 54-year-old said, “But we did not show our best. So let’s see what happens when we show our best. That becomes interesting. On some positions we can still act on a completely different level. “

Jurgen Klopp press conference after Liverpool reach the Champions League semi-finals!

Both ligaduals ended in this season 2: 2, despite the K.O.-character, Klopp also expects an open exchange on Saturday in Wembley (16.30 pm / Dazn).

“It is not terribly boring, I’m sure,” said the former BVB coach: “We will try to prevent your game, but there will be several playing challenges right now. All players have to get incredible in the place.”

In such an encounter, the enormous burden will not play a role. “It’s our problem that we are in two semi-finals, but we like to go around. It’s just like that,” Klopp said, “It’s hard, but it’s the best schedule you can have. Because that is, that you have opportunities in all competitions. “

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New world

Experience the royal class up close: Frontier Developments announces F1 Manager 2022

Already some time ago, the developers of Frontier Developments, known for their construction simulations such as Jurassic World Evolution or Planet Coaster, confirmed the work on a new F1 manager after being able to secure the rights to the brand 2020. Now the British studio has revealed the first details about the project.

In the management simulation, you take the role of a team boss in the racing class of racing and must lead to your racing stable to the top of the official FIA Formula 1 Drivers ‘World Championship and Formula 1 Constructors’ World Championship. You should never be offered you existing car treatments. The makers speak, among other things, from a presentation in television transmission quality, with which their unparalleled insights into the world of the most prestigious race series in the world should get.

NEW F1 MANAGER GAME TRAILER ANALYSIS | F1 Manager 2022 Frontier Developments

Which features await you in the F1 Manager 2022?

In terms of gameplay, the F1 Manager 2022 wants to provide a sophisticated gaming experience, which should address both hardcore fans and newcomers. Of course, the focus is on this year’s season of the formula 1. Your task is to put together a competitive team and slowly lead to success: you start at the end of the field and keeps working forward, up to the pole position. For this, your pit stop strategies plans or makes a clear stable order on your driver via radio. You also have to pay attention to the dynamic race course including weather change.

Between the races, you manages of your headquarters from driver and engineers, checking their achievements, scouts replacement, manages the finances and impresses the Vostand by meets the season and long-term goals asked to you. All in all, the F1 Manager 2022 should provide a lot of freedom of choice. Of course, this also applies to your racing bases, where you have the choice in design, parts and fine adjustment. Does her develop a well balanced system, do you focus your efforts on a specific field or strives for perfection in every aspect? Just like you want!

Of course, how to look playful, Frontier Developments has also betrayed. Together with the official revelation of the title, the makers also published first screenshots as well as a trailer. We do not want to pretend you.

When does the F1 Manager appear 2022?

“We look forward to the partnership with the great team of Formula 1,” studied David brave revealed in the official revelation. “We worked closely with them to create a truly authentic experience, and they have granted us comprehensive access to all aspects of sport to enable us. We believe this is the beginning of something special – we are happy To get rid of the F1 Manager 2022 [soon] to the players. “

The release of F1 Manager 2022 should be made in the summer this year. Published is a publication for PC via Steam and Epic Games Store. With PlayStation 4 and 5 as well as Xbox One and Series S | X, however, most consoles should be served. In addition, regular further offshoots of the series are probably planned. Frontier himself speaks in a press release from a “first push of an annual sports license, as part of a long-term, multiple title comprehensive cooperation with Formula 1.”

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