Clear get in touch with: Titz battles due to the first yellow card

The key scene took place a good ten mins after the reboot: Lawrence ran Steven Skrzybski in his own sixteen against the appropriate foot-die consequence: yellow-red card and fine for the storks. It was a break in the game, KSV instructor Marcel Rapp recognized at journalism meeting. FCM trainer Christian Titz likewise mentioned a scene that decided the game against his team.

After returning to the Bundesliga Unterhaus, 1. FC Magdeburg continues to be waiting on the first house factors: after the avoidable defeat on 1. The game day versus Fortuna Düsseldorf she also had to accept a 1: 2 against Holstein Kiel as a result of a mistake.

Titz reacts far too late

He intended to stop his team outnumbered, which is why Malcolm Cacutalua was already present on the sidelines. The team of trainers came a little too late, so the organized adjustment ruptured.

Because Pichler transformed the fine as well as the promoted edges ran in vain behind the gap with one guy less. We were unable to fire the game in the outnumber, claimed Magdeburg’s instructor.

Lawrence got the initial yellow card for an ingest

At journalism conference Titz complained concerning the first yellow card of Lawrence: In the whole training course of the game, he gets his initial yellow card since he had a clear contact versus him beforehand, stated the 51-year-old. Referee Timo Gerach alerted the enforced protector after a battle with Patrick Erras in the Kiel fine location for an expected ingest.

After returning to the Bundesliga Unterhaus, 1. FC Magdeburg proceeds to be waiting for the initial home points: after the avoidable loss on 1. The game day against Fortuna Düsseldorf she additionally had to accept a 1: 2 versus Holstein Kiel since of an error.

Ultimately, in spite of a solid efficiency, the group from Saxony-Anhalt stood empty hands for the 3rd time in the fourth affordable game. The mountain climber must transform out errors like that of Lawrence in order not to insinuate below. The following chance is offered following Sunday in the guest appearance on St. Pauli (1.30 p.m., live at Bundesliga Unterhaus).