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Metroid Dread won t ignore failed boss battles for your total play time anymore

A brand-new collection of Metroid Dread patch notes have actually gone real-time, with the second update for the game taking care of up a concern that s probably been a little as well positive to your total play time.

Nintendo published the Metroid Dread patch notes in an upgrade to its official support website, with solutions outlined for six details problems in the game. Principal among them is a solution for a problem which would just add to your total play time when retrying a details manager battle; in other words, Metroid Dread originally ignored the added time you spent when you obtained a game over for the bulk of its employer fights, meaning it would only count the moment you spent for your last, successful efforts towards your total amount.

Some of the one in charge fights in Metroid Dread are lovely hard, to ensure that s possibly a lot of retries as well as extra time to neglect about. Your total play time identifies what type of ending scene and opens you get at the very end – as is Metroid practice – so it s a substantial information for the video game to track accurately.

GRAVITY SKIP | Metroid Dread Glitch

The other concerns dealt with in the brand-new Metroid Dread patch notes consist of fortifying a pressure gave up sustained by striking frozen enemies with Shine Spark, weirdness with leaping while in a Morph Ball Launcher, and a couple of problems where Samus or enemies might obtain stuck in the atmosphere.

Metroid Dread Games

Nintendo launches by surprise a Demo de Metroid Dread for Switch on Halloween motif

Metroid Dread (メトロイド ドレッド, Meetoro Dreddo?) Is an action-adventure video game of 2021 of the Metroid series, developed by Mercurysteam in collaboration with the subsidiary Nintendo EPD and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch console. It is the fifth delivery in Two dimensions of the series and the first to use graphics in high definition. The game was released on October 8, 2021.
The player controls Samus, a galactic hunter that after the events of Metroid Fusion, where he was infected by an X parasite, should investigate that it has occurred on the planet ZDR. The game presents a world of lateral displacement of non-linear platforms, in The one that the player must explore areas and unlock new as Power-UPS collects.
Metroid Dread was planned by developers in 2005 as a sequel to merge for Nintendo DS, however, due to technical limitations of the console was canceled. After more than a decade without ads on the title, Nintendo officially presented it at E3 2021, with Mercurysteam developing the project for Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch GREAT NEWS For Metroid! + Brand NEW Switch Games Revealed...
Metroid Dread is one of the names of this end of the year 2021. The title of Mercurysteam has seated him as a glove to the Saga and Nintendo Switch, with a proposal that maintains the essence but it is updated with the Industry standards. Therefore, it is no coincidence that it has become the best valued Spanish game of all time and enters the ones for the best of the year.

Now, those who have not been able to prove it will be able to do it thanks to a free demo that has thrown by surprise nintendo. Taking advantage of that we are a few days after Halloween celebration, we are allowed to experience this remote and isolated alien world with Samus, who returns more agile and with new mechanics.

This trial version is now available for free download at the Nintendo Eshop, and will seek to give you a new boost to a title that is already beating historical records. He has surpassed the sales figures for the previous deliveries of the saga during the first days in the market, and that in these data only physical purchases are accounted for, not the digital.

The game has turned out a breath of fresh air for the hybrid Nintendo console, although its study has not been alien to the controversy. Some Exemployed assured that they do not appear in the appropriations of the work for which they have worked, which has been a criticism along with some more testimonies that have been coming to light. If we stick to the title itself, we are facing a great Demonstration of how to create a classic Metroid 2D, although you can read more than our opinions in the Metroid Dread analysis.

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Otto Offer Nintendo Switch OLED with Metroid Dread at the best price advert

The Nintendo Switch OLED has existed since the beginning of October 2021. Since then it is regularly sold out or partly available with longer delivery times. Nevertheless, one or the other dealer always offers an offer with the new console. This time you can buy them much cheaper at OTTO.

So good is the offer: The Nintendo Switch OLED in white is available at OTTO in bundle with Metroid Dread for only 399 euros. This saves you around 20 euros compared to the currently best single prices.


That awaits you with the Nintendo Switch OLED

Display of the top class: Thanks to OLED technology, the new display of the Nintendo Switch is a real highlight. You expect an outstanding black value, which makes dark areas in games really dark. In addition, it offers brilliant colors, which is why all games always look better. Compared to the normal Nintendo Switch, the OLED version screen is also greater than that the handheld would be greater.

In addition, the Nintendo Switch OLED has a foot that is now over the whole width of the console. The station for the Switch OLED now has a LAN connection and the console relies on 64 GB of internal memory instead of 32 GB.

30 1

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Metroid Dread - Overview Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Oled-Teardown proves that the Dock 4K and HDR Ready is

Metroid Dread convinces in the Switch test

Samus was missing: In our test, the game convinces almost all the line and gets a very good rating of 85 points. First, the very chic 2,5d optics stand out. Our author Dennis Michel comes in his conclusion: 35 years after the beginning of the 2D saga, Samus shows himself in absolute best form and tied us over many hours to the switch.

83 5

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Metroid Dread in the test: Samus, you missed us so

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Metroid Dread Games

Tetris 99 announces collaboration with Metroid Dread

Tertis 99 is still a platform to celebrate the releases of the Nintendo Switch. As many already expected, this time has been announced a collaboration with metroid Dread, the most recent game First Party in reaching this console.

On this occasion, between October 29 and November 1, all Tetris 99 players will have the opportunity to get a topic inspired by metroid Dread. All you need to do is get 100 points, which will be automatically granted by winning a game, or with an accumulation that is achieved depending on your position in a game.

Metroid Dread - Overview Trailer - Nintendo Switch
Similarly, the best 99 players of Tetris Maximus Cup number 26 will receive 999 gold coins that can spend on games within the Eshop of Nintendo Switch. Undoubtedly, a good way to celebrate the recent launch of Meroid Dread.

On related topics, here you can check our review of MoREID Dread.

Editor s note:

Tetris 99 does not stop being an extremely fun experience. This type of tournament not only encourages players to return to this Battle Royale, but demonstrate the support that Nintendo is still planned for a long time. Surely we will see another event to commemorate the launch of Mario Party Superstar.

Via: Nintendo.

Metroid Dread Games

Metroid Dread Far Cry 6 Hot Wheels Unleashed The 3 video games of the week

Video Games is the first german multi-platform magazine devoted to video games, featuring games and game tests. Launched in 1991, they are limited to the console market. The publication is arrested in 2001.

This selection has been developed between the writing of Wheels Unleashed and the writing of magazine video games.

Accompanying the release of the SWITCH OLED on October 8, Metroid Dread is immediately necessary as one of the best games of the year s platforms. We find Samus, the heroin of the franchise born in 1986 on the famous NES. Sent on a mission on a new planet, it is quickly considered as the prey of mortally programmed machines. We then try to survive in a real maze of levels, while the aliens look at the right moment to reflect on your carcass.

Mixing skillfully Action and Exploration, Metroid Dread is the excellent surprise that is not expected to have such a level of excellence. The game enjoys an exemplary gameplay that gives an impression of constant fluidity, with cleverly constructed powers and arming, to give the desire to progressed in this real labyrinth populated by aliens and murderous machines. A title that remains to be booked at Gamers seasoned, both the bosses give you a hard time. As old as old, it will be necessary to learn by heart their movements to achieve them. A new pearl on Switch.

Metroid Dread, Nintendo, on Switch.

Ah Yara! His beaches, his mountains, his jungle, his wild animals and these cohorts of soldiers at the dictator s boot Anton Castillo … Yes, we could spend a few days under the Yara sun. A small colorful, animated and necessarily explosive break when talking about Far Cry. Because, even if it is not without having to think about the Just Cause series with this Latino episode, the FPS (shooting game) developed by Ubisoft has accustomed us, over the episodes, to spectacular clashes on foot but also On board aircraft, helicopters, tanks and even, now, on horseback. The regulars of the series will not be lost with this sixth episode.

We have a good and less good news for them. The good: this new Far Cry 6 respects the letter the spirit of the saga. Actor Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad, The Mandalorian) really makes the job side Bad Guy while the many kinematic sequences develop a revolutionary narrative with dialogues as flowered as faces. The least good is that Far Cry 6 probably respects a little too much to the letter this spirit. As much else, eyes in the eyes, we are not going to Yara for the change of scenery, in terms of gameplay at least. No doubt more for the pleasure of having fun with a formula that, even if it does not change that little, remains always as effective. It must be recognized, hard to pick up when we multiply missions through a truly large open world. So, yes, you always have to take bases, kill lots of bad guys, collect plenty of objects, hunting lots of animals … Do we have fun? Yes without the shadow of a doubt. So, what more do you ask for?

Far Cry 6, Ubisoft, on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and Stadia.

There are no more Hot Wheels, which, since 1968, have parked in children s rooms (and collectors). However, Mattel has chosen to give them new routes to conquer in the middle of the video game. If it is not the first appearance of these reduced models on the consoles, Hot Wheels Unleashed is displayed as a boosted title at the Nitro for wild and fun races.

It s a good surprise. Because Mattel did not entrust this project to a dark zone studio, but in Milestone, famous Italian studio for its many mechanical sports simulations. And the know-how of the transalpine studio delivers a race game whose graphic appearance does not have to blush in the face of competition. Typé Arcade, with its controlled slippages and its crazy races on circuits leaving the beautiful part to the waterfalls, loops and teen, Hot Wheels Unleashed never leaves room for boredom. We also appreciate the particularly well done circuit publisher that allows young players as well as the great to leave free rein to their imagination. A sandbox game that turns out to be fun. That s all she is asked.

Hot Wheels Unleashed, Mattel, on Switch, Xbox Series, Xbox One, PS5, PS4 and PC.

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Metroid Dread beginners

In our Metroid Dread entry-level guide we facilitate the space excursion to the planet ZDR for the first play lessons. The pacing in the new Nintendo Switch hit attracts properly from the beginning. The developers of MercurySteam already delivered with the Remake to Metroid: Samus Returns for the Nintendo 3DS a sophisticated and action-through adventure. With Metroid 5, the ActionHatz continues seamlessly on the switch. Whether annoying Emmis or the search for usual standard items like the Morph Ball, we ll tell you how to oversee the first steps in space adventure. Reading tip: Our test to Metroid Dread provides you with all the strengths and weaknesses of the switch adventure.

Beginner guide – 10 tips for relaxing start

With these ten tips Samus Aran starts on the planet ZDR in Metroid Dread (Buy Now 49.99 €) neatly through.

Metroid Dread – Tips for game startup

  1. 1stiger guide – 10 tips for relaxed start
  2. 1.1steuer as in Metroid 2 remake
  3. 1.2 Reimbursed counter
  4. 1.3Wo does the morph ball remain?
  5. 1.4Routen planning
  6. 1.5New Missile + Container and Energy Units
  7. 1.6 Hot and cold
  8. 1.7 Escape in front of the EMMIS
  9. 1.2 fight against Emmis
  10. 1.9th phantom suit
  11. 1.10New door types

Control as in Metroid 2 remake

Anyone who has already played Metroid: Samus Returns on the Nintendo 3DS, which is easily in the control of Metroid Dread. With the left analog stick you aims during running in all directions and fires accordingly. In narrow passages, this can sometimes cause you to go into opponents with Samus and take such damage. Helpful here is the pressed L key, which supports you when aiming without moving you. Later, you still use the new omega beam in the fight against the Emmis, which you are similarly served – more in the lower section of the EMMI fight.

uses the counter

An essential component also in Metroid Dread is the counterattack. For some attacks of your opponents, it flashes shortly before running. At that moment, you press the X button on the JOY-CON or your Pro Controller. Immediately afterwards you fires with the Y button to get the opponent instant. This Move without Morph ball is slipping through the gap by running and ZL slide. Source: Incidentally, Nintendo also works with some actions of Bossbers or EMMIS. The latter, however, is just one time. In addition, the timing in the robots is quite difficult. We therefore recommend: practices and uses the counter with standard opponents. The larger, red beetles on the planet Zdr can be found out by the way.

Where is the Morph Ball?

Metroid veterans notice after the first rooms very quickly: Where to hell is the morph ball? In Metroid Fusion, players first find a missile packet before they include the Morph ball. In the other 2D metroids it is standing the morph ball, the heroine Samus Aran collects first. In Metroid Dread you have to work properly for the upgrade! We do not want to betray too much in this beginner guide. It takes a good two pounds until you get the Morph ball from an opponent. So you can not miss the item. Until then, you use the slide by running & ZL button to slide by Morph ball gears that are at the same height.

Route planning

Especially for the flight in front of the Emmis, but also for general orientation, items and more, you should use the card extensively. In new uses the map, especially to study the inputs and outputs of the EMMI areas. Source: PC Games Areas always finds one of these robots in their own area. You enter the EMMI areas through special doors. Through these, the hunters can not pursue you. In general, the central unit (red symbol on the map) is looking for in new level areas to boost the Omega-Beam and to fight the EMMI. However, you will sometimes take a few detours in purchase and crosses the robot areas again and again.

New Missile + Containers and Energy Units

In addition to the familiar energy tanks and rocket silos (so the item was called in the German instructions for Metroid on the NES) you will find Metroid Dread also Missile + Container. These provide you with an upgrade with 10 other missiles when collecting. Normal Missile containers provide you two more missiles. An energy tank immediately brings you another 99 energy points and sets up for stronger opponents. In addition, you will also find energy units, of which you find 4 pieces to – similar to Herzteile at Zelda – to put them into an energy tank. We have already put you a guide to the energy tanks, Missiles and more.

Hot and cold

In addition to usual called areas that you only cheat with the Varia Suit, there are also cold areas directly in the first Level Artaria. Even these also move on energy and also the Varia Suit does not help here. Here you use the map to quickly cross individual spaces with heat or cold. Also the Varia Suit can not be found right at the beginning of Metroid Dread. Incidentally, by individual levels, it adapts partially to the climate in areas, which offers new possibilities for discovery of other items or abbreviations and more.

Escape in front of the Emmis

Metroid Dread – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch | E3 2021
The encounter with the first EMMI introduces you to the mechanics of this panic feature. The partly rumbled robot patrolling in the levels in certain areas. Already in the encounter with the first of his kind, you will learn how the Emmis are to be combated. So you counter the first robot, slipping by running and ZL under him through and goes into the next room. Here you find a corresponding destroys the central unit to charge the Omega beam. Source: PC Games Central Unit and the Omega Beam, with which your EMMI turns off. But attention: You do with an EMMI, then the omega beam is considered consumed. For more robot opponents in the next sections, you will first find the charging station in the appropriate level. Until then she flees from the Emmis. If you leave their areas through special doors, you can not follow you anymore.

Fight against Emmis

At the corresponding central units, which by the way strongly reminiscent of Mother Brain, you do the opponent. Then you open the Omega-Beam and goes to the Emmi area. While you have done the first robot with a single shot, that s different at the second Emmi. The game explains the on the basis of the door through which you leave the central unit. It aims to the door via L key and fires fast salvo by triggering the thrust button. After that, the door explodes and you go to Robot Hunt. However, before recharging the beam and put the metal head away the Emmi, you have to remove the mask – similar to the door too. So seek a long walk and aims in the direction of the Emmi. Now you trigger the thrust button until the mask of the robot explodes. Flees a piece if the Emmi is too close. With enough distance, you load the beam when targeting with L through the R key and fires on the head of the robot. If the attack was successful, you will receive an object. In addition, the Emmi area now roams without stress.

of the phantom suit

With the phantom suit you hides you in front of the robots. Source: Nintendo without too much spoilers: Shortly before the second Emmi, your way in Metroid Dread leads you to a first, organic boss opponent. This has the ability to make a short time invisible. After you have the boss in a brilliant fight, you will receive the phantom suit. This feature will allow you to remain invisible to a while. This also works at Emmis, which then – if you do not run in you – can not recognize. The phantom suit facilitates the robotic hat by the EMMI areas considerably. But you should go to a point that does not cross the path of the robot. By the way: With the phantom suit, you also cross special, new doors.

New door types

Speaking of new door species: Through the already mentioned phantom suit traverses your doors who are eligible when entering. In addition to the typical doors that opens her with individual beam species, there are also closed passages that allow it to unlock it by means of energy transfer from other areas. The further development of this Metroidvania feature offers many new ways to adapt the level structures. That refreshes the game principle, relieves the effect of the backtracking something and still holds one or the other surprise ready.

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