Black desert online

Updates such as Seven Knights 2, Black Marry Dragon Scott

Netmarble (CEO Kwon Young-sik, Do Ki-wook) announced on the 19th that it has added an update to add new legendary plus heroes ‘Black Marryong Scott’ and new PVE content to mobile MMORPG ‘Seven Knights 2’ (developer Netmarble Nexus).

‘The Black Marry Dragon Scott’ is a defensive hero, which has the ability to reduce the enemy’s recovery by causing high burn damage during battle. When using the ultimate Eclipse Flare to the enemy in burns, there is a feature that gives the enemy in the circular range an impossible extinction effect.

The new PVE content, the hero’s memory, The Black Horse Dragon was cool was also unveiled. The memory of the hero is a content that completes the quest by checking the individual stories of the hero and earns rewards. Scott and Casper’s tasks that ‘Black Horse Dragon was cool’ contains a comical story that takes place. Quest clears can earn a variety of rewards such as Ruby, Myth Enhancement Stone, and Gold.

In addition, the growth difficulty of Gold Dungeon and Elixir Dungeon was raised from 15 to 16 stages, and the new legendary plus pet “ Elena’s Sword Valder ” and new AI functions to activate the recruitment of party raids.

Netmarble will hold the Scott and Casper Secret Mission event until September 1 to commemorate the update. Users can gather various items such as Legendary Heroes, Sunstone, and Gold Dungeon Admission Tickets by collecting the Scott’s Sword and Casper’s double swords drop in the neglected field.

In addition, the Hero Growth Support Special Mission event will be held to achieve Scott Soul Stone and Legend Elixir when achieving a certain level to a certain level.

In commemoration of the update on August 17, the development PD was performed by the development PD, and had time to communicate with the user, with the introduction of new heroes and updates and answering the user questions. The broadcast can be seen again on the official YouTube channel ‘Seven Knights 2’.

‘Seven Knights 2’ is the authentic sequel to Netmarble’s representative IP (Intellectual Property) ‘Seven Knights’, which is a cinematic production that goes beyond the limits of mobile, an excellent story that looks like a movie, and a variety of characters that are implemented with Unreal 4 engines. It offers differentiated fun called MMORPG. Netmarble launched the game in 172 global regions in November 2021, following the Korean market in November 2020.

More information about the game can be found on the official website and the official forum.