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City Dunk 2 Kurokos Basketball collaboration second is being held Aomine appearance first installment selection event is being held

A counterparty game City Dank 2 for smartphones that can experience realistic street basketball delivery from Cookies Co., Ltd. Informed that the second collaboration with Kursks Basketball started from November 2.

A counterparty game City Dunk 2 for smartphones that can experience realistic street basketball that is distributed from Cookies Co., Ltd. has started the second collaboration with Kursks Basketball from November 2 (Tuesday).

In addition, the official Twitter (@ city dunk 2) is updating the latest information at any time! Please check it by all means.
Download URL: HTTPS: // / 3

Collaboration summary

The characters of Kursks Basketball appear in the world of City Dunk 2! As a playable character, you can enjoy the game while actually operating the players of Nisei generations in the game. Lets enjoy 3N3 full-scale basketball together!

Collaboration period

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November 2 (Tuesday) -January 24 (Mon)

Nisei reunion event is being held

Rise Rota, Fire God Demo, Minor Shin taros Contract Card and Nisei Reunion Coin Chance!

Holding period: November 16th after maintenance-January 24 23:59

Nisei reunion can participate in lottery by Niseis reunion ticket.

▶ ▶ 1 lottery = Niseis reunion ticket x 10 10 times lottery = Niseis reunion ticket × 100
By using Nisei reunion coin at the replacement shop, it is possible to exchange Rise Rota, Fire God Demo, Minor Shin taros contract card and collaboration first players skin ticket.

交 ▶ We regularly carry out discount events of the first players own player of Nisei.

Event entrance:
Please check from Main screen → Senora 2 → Reproduction of Nisei → Reunion of Nisei.

Exchange shop discount event held CHI Huge Rota

Holding period: November 16 Maintenance-December 13 23:59

During the event, the following items can be replaced at 10% off price at the exchange shop of Nisei Reunion !

Discount details:
Rise Rota Contract Card: Nisei Reunion Coin × 360 (Normal: Nisei Reunion Coin x 400)

Event entrance:
Please check from Main screen → Senora 2 → Nisei reprint → Nisei reunion → exchange shop.

Twitter exchange code campaign is being held

Period: November 17-November 21

During the period, we will announce the exchange code with the official Twitter at 10 oclock.
A chance to get a luxury item with the exchange code!

Please follow @ CITY DUNK 2 and check it by all means.

The exchange code can be replaced from the game Main screen → setting → account → pack exchange.

What is City Dunk 2?

A match-type game for smartphones that can experience realistic street basketball. Pursuing playability, and burst skills and tempts, etc. Renewal Graphics and UI! In match mode such as rank matches and custom wars, you can experience the best E-basketball competition with friends!

Download URL: City Dunk 2 Official Twitter: HTTPS: // dunk 2 City Dunk 2 Official Site:

Halo Infinite Games

Does Halo Infinite Have Split

Halo Infinite Multiplayer is HERE
With the shock launch of Halo Infinite on November 15, players everywhere are asking a pressing– and also for numerous, timeless– question: Does Halo Infinite have split-screen? The solution, as it turns out, is a little extra complicated than you d anticipate. Officially, Halo Infinite does not have split-screen multiplayer yet, at the very least not right now, and a previously intricate workaround now much longer appears to help out. Having stated that, split-screen multiplayer is prepared for the future. Right here s what we understand thus far.

When is split-screen pertaining to Halo Infinite?

If you re looking for some split-screen activity in Halo Infinite, you re out of luck today. Depending on what type of split-screen play you re searching for, your wait may be even more off than other players, though nobody beyond the advancement team has a lot of a launch home window in mind anyway.

For split-screen multiplayer, 343 Industries did previously confirm that Halo Infinite will include neighborhood multiplayer, and its current store listing confirms these strategies, as the video game is claimed to be playable for 2-24 gamers on a local network, equally it is on the internet.

Currently, however, that s simply not the case. There s no reference of split-screen play in the game s menus right now, and if you try to authorize in with two Gamertags, you ll be met a flickering mistake display that appears to suggest the game has no actual concept of how to undo your effort. Today, when I examined a Jacky workaround as recently as last just month s examination flight simply to see what would certainly happen, I had to stop and also reopen the game to obtain it back to regular.

For project hopefuls, the co-op campaign was recently pressed back because of Season 1 being extended until May 2022. The co-op project isn t meant to show up until afterwards period finishes, which puts a co-op project, including its split-screen playing capabilities, on ice until at the very least the midway factor of next year. Certainly, the campaign itself isn t level up until December 8.

For that reason, whether you intend to play Halo Infinite split-screen in PVP settings or in the co-op campaign, you run out alternatives for now, but not for life. Split-screen and also more co-op options get on the method, even if we can not say exactly when simply yet.

It s been smooth sailing for Microsoft s front-runner given that it surprise-launched, with one widespread exception: individuals truly do not like Halo Infinite the battle pass.

Battlefield Games

Battlefield 2042 When will our test come to the DICE

Battlefield 2042 is an establishing ego shooter developed by EA DICE as well as published by Digital Arts. It is the seventeenth component of the Battlefield collection. The magazine of Battlefield 2042 was introduced for the 19th of November 2021 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One as well as Xbox Series X as well as Collection S.

On November 19, the new shooter of DICE will be released with Battlefield 2042. Thanks to Early Access, many even from the 12th of November can storm the battlefield that this time is completely designed for multiplayer.

With a three-day review event, we could already take a closer look at All-out Warfare, Hazard Zone and Portal. A rating to Battlefield 2042 for the PlayStation and Xbox will nevertheless give us from us later, for simple reasons:

The review event took place exclusively on the PC and gives us no information about the quality on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / s.

For a final rating, we want to wait for the real conditions (server load, patches, etc.). The Early Access phase as well as the event offer now or only partially experiences that are meaningful for the final game.

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This is how our test planning for Battlefield 2042 looks like

So that we can still give you a good conscience a timely assessment to the shooter, we will graduate our test to Battlefield 2042.

Assessment with rating tendency: End of next week, Probably for the final release on November 19, we will publish our assessments and weaknesses based on the Early Access phase, including strengths and weaknesses as well as a rating end.
Full test: In the Weekend on it after we could play the game a few days under real conditions, we will then complement the test with our final rating and, if necessary, customize or expand some points.

Until our final test you can already make an impression of the game through our previews:

Battlefield 2042 | Review in 3 Minutes +
Battlefield 6 is called Battlefield 2042 — all gameplay information and the reveal trailer
Battlefield 2042: New portal mode is a powerful tool and that is in it
Battlefield 2042: Hazard Zone mode finally revealed & this works

Battlefield 2042 will be released on 19 November 2021 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC. The Preload is already possible. The early access on November 12 applies to all who have an EA Play subscription (also included in the Game Pass Ultimate) or pre-ordered the Gold or Ultimate Edition.

Walmart Games

Latest Walmart PS5 Restock Disappoints Client Yet Once More November 9

Walmart Inc. (until 2008 as Walmart Stores Inc.) is a worldwide United States retail team that masters a huge component of the United States market. Walmart is detailed in the List Ton Of Money International 500 listing among the globe s greatest sales business. Walmart employs greater than 2 million staff members worldwide and also is the biggest exclusive employer on the planet. Walmart s sales in the 2018 economic year amounted to $500.3 billion. The profit was $9.9 billion. The entire market capitalization of the company totaled up to $246.2 billion in mid-2018, which is the most important store. Significant competitors are Carrefour and also Tesco. WALMART operates regarding 11,600 branches worldwide (as of January 2016).

Walmart maintains attempting, however its PS5 restocks keep disappointing its customers..

The situation with current-gen console availability is gradually enhancing. Although, not to a factor in which need is satisfied.

Gamers around the world are still not able to easily obtain a PS5 console.

Stores like Walmart are replenishing as quick as they can. Yet, among this craze, restocks are not going as well as gamers would like.

This is specifically true for Walmart. Recently, its PS5 restocks have actually been much less than a desirable purchasing experience.

Undoubtedly, the most up-to-date PS5 restocks at Walmart adhered to the very same destiny.

Walmart s PS5 Restock Was Plagued With Issues Once More.

Walmart announced a PS5 restock for November 9, as well as it was as unsatisfactory as several anticipated..

Customers grumbled once more about the line timer applied. Particularly, this timer was presented in Walmart s previous PS5 restock.

Numerous individuals complained about these timer concerns throughout Walmart s last PS5 restock.

This time about, the timer showed a one-minute delay time as well as remained stuck there for over 20 minutes, according to some upset customers.

Check out Much more: Just How to Purchase a PS5, Lb ox Collection X, or Nintendo Switch Over OLED From Walmart.

Various other players complained concerning a similar timer concern present on the last restock.

The timer leapt directly to one hour of wait time and afterwards informed customers there disappeared stock offered.

The timer also supplied erratic times, slowly counting down simply to reset itself mins later on.

If Walmart Is Not an Option for You: PS5 Restock– GameStop, Sony, Best Buy & Much More Expected to Drop Today– November 8-14.

Some customers still think that there is bot intervention, even though Walmart has actually implemented a queue system to prevent this.

Furthermore, some customers explained the number of times these Walmart PS5 restocks have finished in utter dissatisfaction.

This is Walmart s fourth PS5 restock in November, as well as none thus far have left customers satisfied.

Also, though the restocking left numerous frustrated, some fortunate gamers shared their happiness after finally getting the PS5 during this Walmart restock.

Still unable to obtain your PS5? Inspect our PS5 Supply Trackers for lightning-fast updates when new gaming consoles go live:.

PS5 Stock Tracker United States– Updates, Restocks and Alerts.
PS5 Stock Tracker UK– Updates, Restocks and also Signals.

Especially, many of the privileged customers that can obtain a console are getting delivery dates around November 25.

After the fourth ongoing strike, something is clear currently. The retail giant has absolutely not had the ability to maintain rate with the high need for PS5.

Disney Games

Disney And Also Day Everything Being Added On November 12

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Disney Streaming Providers is a technical subsidiary of The Walt Disney Firm situated in Manhattan, New York City. It was developed in 2015 as an MLB Advanced Media spin-off, the branch of electronic media of the Big league Baseball, concentrated on giving modern technology of video clip transmission, especially for OUT services. The major clients of the business include ESPN (for its Watches service), NHL, PGA Trip, Trouble Games (for the E-Sports of League of Legends), PlayStation Vue, WWE Network as well as Blaze.
It was a bulk possession of the MLB Advanced Media (which is, subsequently, a consortium of owners of MLB s major teams), with minority passions held by the National Hockey Organization and also other capitalists. Disney got a minority engagement in the business in August 2016 for $1 billion dollars, and also the following year, it revealed its objective to increase its share of 75% control of $1.58 billion. The Arrangement was approved by the regulatory authorities in September 2017. After the acquisition of Bam tech by Disney, the business started to establish 2 membership transmission services straightened with Disney residential properties: Sports-oriented service as well as solution of Household Enjoyment Disney +.

Disney+ Day is occurring on November 12, which is the second wedding anniversary of the streaming service s launch back in 2019. Certainly, Disney has a lot to commemorate– in its last monetary quarter, Disney+ expanded to 116 million paid customers — and is paying it ahead later on today with a day filled with first-looks, brand-new trailers, and also exclusive clips for upcoming Disney+ content by Disney, Pixar, Wonder, Star Wars, National Geographic, and so forth.

What s involving Disney+ on D+ Day?

On November 12, Disney will certainly be including a ton of content to its streaming solution. Among the titles that are worth highlighting is system beginner Marvel s Shang-Chi and also the Legend of the 10 Rings as well as 13 Marvel movies getting an IMAX Expanded Aspect Proportion layout aesthetic upgrade. The latter relocation uses video footage that was currently available from production meant for IMAX staged discussions, as well as makes them readily available for house viewing.

Also note that Disney has lately introduced a limited-time deep discount rate for new and also eligible returning clients to get their first month on the streaming solution for $2 in the U.S.A. That deal will be off the table at 11:59 PM PT on November 14– so if you see anything below that is specifically exciting, $2 is a good offer. After your very first month as a subscriber, the fee will after that climb to $8 monthly.

If you do not take place to be a big Marvel fan, there s still plenty of various other stuff recently coming to Disney+. Below is the full listing of enhancements.

Everything concerning Disney+ on Disney+ Day

Ciao Alberto (Short).

Feast (Short).
Frozen High Temperature (Short).
Obtain A Horse! (Short).

Everything Coming to Disney+ on November 12
Residence Dessert Residence Alone.
Forest Cruise ship.
Olaf Presents.
Shang-Chi As Well As The Tale Of The Ten Rings.
All-New Short From The Simpsons.
Paper man (Short).
The World According to Jeff Goldblum — Period 2.
Entangled Ever Before After (Short).
The Little Match girl (Short).
The Ballad Of Nessie (Short).
The Making of Happier than Ever Before: A Love Letter to Los Angeles.
Tick Took Story (Short).
Under The Helmet: The Legacy Of Boba Fett (Docudrama Unique).

Disney CEO Bob Chapel called Disney+ Day a grand-scale party of our clients across the entire firm, which means there are additionally extra bargains and festivities occurring at Disney s Parks as well as stores.

Brawl Stars Games

BRAWL STARS Update Clubs November 2021

The new club update arrives in November on Brawl Stars. The program, an in-depth modification of their operation. But above all, the number of places that will go from 100 to 30 members!

To find all the update information we offer a summary. You can also discover it on the official French website of Brawl Stars.


November update and new clubs

As you can see on the visual, you will have to intervene at stake if you want to keep controlling the operation of your clubs. Here is the summary of the modifications:

Players have not played for 14 days will be expelled clubs.

Players with the best ranking will have priority and stay in the original club.
The ranks in order: President, Vice-President, Senior, Member.
If ranks are equal, it will be the players with the most trophies that will be priorities.
If the main clan exceeds the 30 members, a second club will automatically be created, with the same rules, until all active players are in a club.
All new clubs will have the same name as the original club.

The opportunity also to answer some recurring questions:

The size of the list of friends remains the same.
If you want to talk to players who are at risk of leaving the club and are not in your friends list, do it before the update, you will not be able to do it next.
The name of the club can not be changed, you have to create a new one if you want a new name.

You can obviously anticipate changes by creating new clubs of 30 players now!