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XBOX Game Pass released the second additional title in August

Microsoft has added a variety of titles such as Immoality, Midnight Fight Express, Immortal Phoenix Rising, Tinnicin, and Coffee Talk to its subscription service XBOX game pass.

Microsoft allows users to enjoy the game they want anytime, anywhere on the console, PC, iOS and Android mobile devices through the Xbox game pass.

In addition, the content lineup continues to strengthen to meet the various tastes of users.

Additional lineup

-Support for console, PC and cloud, [email protected] Month 16th

Coffee Talk is a simulation game that serves coffee and talks with them in a cafe in Seattle in a parallel world. Various stories appear from dramatic love between fairy and evil spirits to the cases of aliens who try to understand human life, and the help given to them is different depending on the drinks provided by the player.

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The protagonist, who is from an underground world criminal organization, is instructed to defeat the villain for receiving the city before the sun rises. Midnight Fight Express is a game full of fast and cruel action that defeats enemies from the end of the gang to the boss with the help of various weapons that can be found in various environments.

-PC Support-August 23rd

Death Stranding is a new topic of game maker Hideo Kojima, and is a game that provides a completely new experience across the genre. The main character, Sam Porter Bridges, begins the journey to reinstate the world that has completely changed due to the supernatural phenomenon of ‘Death Stranding’. This game supports asynchronous multiplayer through social strand system to add special fun.

-PC Support, [Email Protected] Mon. 25

Exa Punk is the latest film of Jatronics, which produced Operus Magnum and Shenzhen I and O. It is an open end puzzle game that will participate in hacking to get a treatment when the former hacker is infected with the virus.

-Console · PC · Cloud Support-August 25th

In the full edition of the Visual Nobel Genre’s adventure game , you can meet the dubbing of new voice actors in Full Bloom Edition. Like the previous version, the main character who can hear the mysterious sound of Star Song is a story that goes beyond the galaxy and time with a man to dig into the secret of ancient myths.

-Console · PC · Cloud Support-August 30th

The Commandos 3 HD Remaster is a real-time strategic simulation battle game that invades the enemy’s camp in Europe. The HD Remaster version went through high-definition remastering, including 3D models and textures, and improved control and UI.

-xbox Series X and S · PC and Cloud Support, [Email Protected] 30th month

Immortal Liti is a game where actor Marissa Marcel, who was able to get to her stardom while filming three films, was missing after shooting. The player gets a clue to what has happened to Marisa Marcel in the recording video and digs out her mystery.

-Console · PC · Cloud Support-August 30th

In Immortal Phoenix Rising, the magnificent mythical adventure becomes a reality. The player becomes a winged half-body phoenix and confronts the darkness to save the Greek gods in trouble.

-Support for console and PC, [Email Protected] 30th month

Tinnicin is a 3D platformer game that contains the adventure of the main character Milo from another world to Earth. After realizing that Milo has reduced the size of insects, no human being is found around, it has been less than a day since 1991, and cooperated with creatures with a mysterious ability called Tinnicin to create a ladder and legs and exploded. He also finds ways to return home.