The launch date of the updated PlayStation Plus is announced in the world.

Sony has updated the information relating to the PlayStation Plus subscription in his blog and shared with the public dates of the service launch in different regions.

Previously, all access to PlayStation Plus will receive users from the Asian region (with the exception of Japan) – May 23, 2022. Following them Japan – June 1. Western world in the face of Northern and South America, as well as Europe will be able to evaluate the efforts of Sony on 13 and 22 June.

In addition, there will be a list of countries in which streaming will be supported. PlayStation Plus Premium at the start will now be available in Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Malta Poland, the Republic of Cyprus, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia.

New PS Plus Release Dates - When You Can Sign Up | GameSpot News

The fact that the updated subscription of the PlayStation Plus is to be submitted in more detail in our article.


PS5: Sony confirms that VRR will add “in the coming months”: What is and first details

Compatible televisions may take advantage of the variable update frequency (VRR) in PlayStation 5, one of the most demanded functionalities by players. This hgames been announced by Sony in a new entry of the Official Blog of PlayStation, where it hgames confirmed that this feature will be implemented “in the coming months”, without specifying a more specific date.

Only TVs and PC monitors compatible with HDMI 2.1 can benefit from functionality, but what exactly is it? games it collects the PlayStation itself, “VRR dynamically synchronizes the frequency of updating the screen with the graphical output of the PS5 console”. In this way the visual performance of the games is optimized “by minimizing or eliminating visual artifacts such games frame jumps and the tearing effect.”

After applying VRR, experience with the games will be more fluent , since the scenarios “are rendered instantly, the graphics are more nitic and the entry delay is reduced.” The Japanese company also adds that the products marketed previously may make use of the VRR if the developers launch a patch to optimize them.

Also in non-compatible games

Of all modes, there will be the option to activate VRR in non-compatible PS5 games, which may improve quality, although it is possible to occur “unexpected visual effects” . You can always deactivate.

Here's A First Look at Sony PS5's VRR Setting - Firmware Update CONFIRMED!

PlayStation 5 went on the market on November 19, 2020. More than a year after its launch, both SONY and Microsoft continue to have supply problems. The main cause lies in the semiconductor crisis **, an essential part for the manufacture of these machines. It does not seem that the solution is close, because some voices talk that it will not normalize up to 2023. This affects both the version with an optical disk and the fully digital edition.

PlayStation Studios hgames acquired Haven, the developer founded by Jade Raymond. The company wants to launch games games a service in the future, but it ensures that it will continue working on Single-Player titles.


Cyberpunk 2077: Finally the Next gene is

In addition to bugfixes and new extensions, Cybepunk 2077 fans have probably maintained a further aspect: the Next-Gen versions. Since the release over a year ago, the game is only available on the PC, the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. Especially the console trains were such a technical disaster that Sony threw the game shortly from his own store.

But that’s finally finally concluded, because like developer studio CD project Red announced today, the Free Upgrade is available for owners of the PS4 and Xbox One versions to the next console generation now available. In addition to the obviously better techniques, players expect even a whole lot of other innovations.

What’s in the free upgrade from Cyberpunk 2077?

Anyone who has previously waived the console version, especially due to under-vibrant technology, now gets a reason to strike. The free upgrade lifts the PlayStation 4- and Xbox One versions namely on a level that is worthy of the new hardware. In addition to RayTracing is also 4K with dynamic scaling .

Clearly Faster loading times are almost by itself, but the free upgrade serves other optical and technical improvements. PlayStation 5 owners may also look forward to Integration of the DualSense Controller , with which Cyberpunk 2077 (Buy Now 52,30 €) now supports the adaptive carriers and haptic feedback.

Cyberpunk 2077 — Next-Gen Gameplay | PlayStation 5

By the way, the patch 1.5 is hidden behind the Next-Gen upgrade , which has a lot of other features in the luggage. Numerous optimizations, for example, to improve both the gameplay and the open world and the economy. There are a number of new content, such as new weapons or additional apartments for V. The complete patchotes can be found on the official website, where a true text wall awaits you.

Free dipping into the world of cyberpunk 2077 thanks to Next-Gen demo

Anyone who has an Xbox Series or a PlayStation 5 and has not yet explored Night City is also the opportunity to snoop for free in the world of Cyberpunk 2077. From today, a demo is exclusively available for Next-Gen consoles , exactly 30 days, so until March 15 at 5pm .

If your excursion fell into the neon-burned city, you can also take your demo progress from cyberpunk 2077 after purchase in the full version and go directly further. The only hook: PlayStation 5 owners must have a PlayStation Plus Membership for trying out the demo.

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New Sony idea Will the PlayStation come to your phone soon

Sony jumps up soon on the mobile train? A new patent shows that the Group seems to be working on a special controller for smartphones. Under certain circumstances, Sony is based on Microsoft and tries to provide its own cloud gaming service for mobile phones.

New PlayStation Controller for mobile phones: Sony secures patent

Sony seems to be in patent fever. Recently, we reported that the company has submitted a patent for its own PS5-faceplates, now the next request appeared on the net. To see the concept drawings of the new patent: A PlayStation Controller, where a transverse smartphone is located. So Sony seems to work on a PlayStation Controller for mobile devices.

What also shows from the official document: Sony filed the patent already in mid-2020, but the application was recently published (Source: patent

Interestingly, the controller pictured on the images does not seem to be similar to the current danseuse model, which is used for the PS5. Instead, Sony has set the design of the PS4 controller when drafting the patent. The controller seems to have a USB-C or Lightning connector that can be connected directly to the smartphone.


PS4 Controller 2021: The best dual shock alternatives in the test

Daniel Carat

Between the two controller halves, a kind of holder should be located for the smartphone. Whether this can be adjusted depending on the size of the terminal, does not emerge from the drawings.

In the search for some gadgets for your PS4? We have a few suggestions for you who make the console even better:

View Official PS4 Controller at Mediamarkt

Competition for the Xbox Game Pass: Does Sony PS Now continue to build?

But why did Sony have filed a corresponding patent application so late? For years there are third-party controllers designed specifically for mobile phones. In addition, the normal PS4 controller can also be connected and used via cable directly with the smartphone.

A possible explanation: Sony plans to offer its Xbox Game Pass Alternative PlayStation NOW in the future for mobile devices. So far, the service is only available for PS4, PS5 and Windows PCs. A corresponding controller that transforms the smartphone almost to a novel PlayStation Portable would come exactly. Whether Sony really prevails such ambitions can not be confirmed so far.

PlayStation NOW — Subscription 12 months (German account)

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It also remains questionable, Whether the new PlayStation Controller for smartphones is ever becoming reality. Sony and many other companies regularly secure patents for equipment and concepts that will never be used in the end. We are definitely curious how the story develops.