PS5 surprise: VRR ensures rich frame rate in some games

The update for the PlayStation 5 has been available for a few days, which the Sony console finally also makes VRR-capable. If you activate this “variable refresh rate” – and also has a display, which also supports VRR – the refreshment sequence of your console can synchronize with the EURORE screen, which ensures an overall quieter and less image error such as tearing.

But apparently VRR also has another beautiful side effect. Because, like the first tech analysts, including those of YouTuber El Analista de Bits, VRR on the PS5 also ensures a sometimes very clear frame rate boost in some games.

Examples of titles with frame rate boost by VRR


You can watch the complete video here:

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Remarkable numbers: Especially with Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and Devil May Cry 5, the activation of VRR sometimes almost ensures that the frame rate doubles. However, reference should be made here that these are top values and the average FPS values level off somewhat. The boost is of course still a clearly noticeable improvement.

VRR support so far only for a handful of games

Anyone who may already be happy to throw up their older favorites again thanks to the VRR update and enjoy it with optimized FPS numbers will be warned. Because so far only a few titles with VRR have been compatible.

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PS5: These 15 games support VRR


In the menu it can be set that VRR should be activated even in the case of unsupported titles, but according to Sony, unsightly graphic errors can occur. In the future, however, VRR support will also be expected that new games will also offer VRR support from the start.

You can find out what you have to consider at VRR on the PS5 and what role HDMI 2.1 plays in our separate article.

Have you already noticed improvements by VRR while playing on the PS5?

“Apex Legends” Gibraltar may be renovated or developers. Do you get female in a popular protect dome in the procedure

Gibraltar seems to be able to receive rework at Apex Legends . John Larson, who is a live balance designer in Respawn Entertainment, answered an interview with overseas media Desert.

According to Larson, Gibraltar is picked at the required level in the current high level band and professional scene. It is the data of overseas volunteer found in the following tweets to support his words. Progress Legends Global Series (ALPS) Progress Regular Season Supplier Section 9 to 11th Section 11 can check the pity power of legends used by the professional team.

According to this data, Gibraltar is picked 455 times in North America and boasts a pick rate of 99.8%. Although the EMEA region is slightly suppressed, the pick rate still has 78.4% and protrudes at 1st in all legends. In addition, the situation is the same as ALPS play off located below the championship. In the playoffs held on January 23, data that all teams are picking Gibraltar in North America.

About these situations, Larson analyzes that Gibraltar’s tactical ability is contributing. Protected dome, which is the ability of Gibraltar, the ability to develop semicircular shields. Both inner and outer attacks can be blocked and 360 degrees of shooting can be prevented. Larson mentions that it is effective as a reset battle tool for protected dome. The team will be able to remove from the front and make a dome to be used to replace and re-work. The reason why the professional team is actively adopting Gibraltar in controlling the war situation.

On the other hand, Larson seems to be a problem with Gibraltar’s pick rate. According to he, Gibraltar is picked up with not fun picked up. About the factor, Larson refers to the length of the cool downtime of Gibraltar. Gibraltar tactical ability Cool downtime requires 30 seconds and Ultimate Ability for 270 seconds. As Larson, it is desirable to be a fun ability to press the key / button.

The strength of Gibraltar has also been pointed out by the user. For example, Swedish E Sports Team Alliance’s Khakis players have tweeted an opinion that Gibraltar’s protect dome should set HP. However, as Larson, the draft is not desirable to add health to the dome. The reason is that the impact on high level bands and professionals is too large.

As a chance to change the future, Larson suggested that the ability to add some hands to the attacking ability of Gibraltar. Perhaps some feeling of use will be changed with regard to the case where you use tactical ability to explosive or more aggressive or more aggressive. The specific reworking period was not cleared from Larson. For example, Gibraltar is located not so high as the entire pick rate including casual players.

According to the data reported by the Overseas Media Desert, the pick rate of Gibraltar among the Apex Legends player 8 million people is 3.7% and 12th in 19 people. Compared to the usage rate in the procedure, the total pick rate is not high. Therefore, Larson will be a great idea that Gibraltar will be nurtured sharply, and casual players will not lead to further Gibraltar leaves.

Possibility of Gibraltar repair that has been revealed in the case of 12. As Larson, No one doesn’t want to do, but I have to choose character, but it is not a character that is not the strongest but wants to choose. Sometimes I would like to watch trends how to change the Gibraltar incompetence in the project in the project.