Discovering Sea Planet on the world of 100 light -years on the earth [Go to space]

NASA’s planetary exploration telescopes tess (TESS) data were found that alien planets with deep sea were found in the dragon, about 100 light-years away from the earth, and foreign media reported on Monday (local time)..

Researchers, led by Professor René Doyon, a University of Montreal, Canada, discovered the TOI-1452 B, an alien in an alien, which is located in the user about 100 light-years from Earth.

It is about 70% larger than Earth and five times heavier, and there is water on the surface of the ground, and the temperature of the water is too hot or too cold.

Also, the important point is that the density of the water is called the sea planet where this planet is covered with deep sea.

Dr. Charles Cadieux, one of the author’s livelihood, said, Toi-1452 B is one of the best candidates for sea planets among the planets found so far. It’s much lower than you can expect.

The findings were recently published in The Astronomical Journal.

Toi-1452 B says that up to 30%of the total mass consists of water. If this is true, it is estimated that it has a proportion of water such as Saturn’s bright and cold satellite Enceladus in the solar system or Jupiter’s largest satellite Ganimede.

The researchers predicted that the James Web, who recently started scientific observation, will be able to remove the more secrets of the planet. The researchers said, The planet is luckily in the area where JWST can be observed all year round.

The observation using JWST is essential to expand the understanding of TOI-1452 B, said Rene Doon, who also developed one of JWST’s main equipment.