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LOL: The worst champions in each position that you should not play after the middle of the season

League of Legends He addresses one of the biggest changes that players have never seen. Riot Games has decided to listen to the constant complaints of the community about excessive damage and prepare a great patch in which the survival of all the champions of the game will increase. An unprecedented change that will change the most powerful characters from one day to another. Any tender list that we have attended until that moment will serve. Although the gameplay will not change so much, this will blur and new account when determining the power of the characters.

The 10 WORST CHAMPIONS You SHOULDN'T PLAY for Season END! - League of Legends

The worst champions after the big change of League of Legends

Although there was never such uncertainty regarding the future of League of Legends, the new game board is clear. The effective damage will be reduced between 10 and 20% depending on the time of the game or the chosen character. This situation will make the fights longer, the most valuable cures and have opportunities to counteract the enemy proposals. The big losers in general terms will be the characters of explosive damage, which in many cases will have to hit more skills to end their enemies. In this way, they will have to be very skilled and expose themselves much more.

It is impossible to determine what will be the exact power of each and every one of the League of Legends champions, We will focus on extreme cases . These are the ones that star in the characters whose performance promises to fall into dive. Heroes with characteristics that are especially punished by the adjustments announced by Riot Games and in which the differences between the old situation and the new one is too large. There are very clear examples, such as Talon’s, which with the new characteristics will not be able to end his rivals in the MID lane of a single combo.

It should be noted that The concept of worst champions only affects the average player . We will calculate it taking into account the most populated qualifying ranges, the current statistics of the characters and the information shared by Riot Games. However, this does not mean yes or if you have to stop playing with your favorite character. In the end, the new League of Legends will be very similar to what we already know and be very good with a certain champion can be enough to overcome any handicap. However, if we recommend avoiding the characters that we will mention if you have love to your MMR.


LOL: The worst patch of history? Riot loses the course and fails big with two champions

The last patch of League of Legends has complied with the worst forecasts of the community. The changes announced by the developer pointed out that two characters would almost be impossible to play after the update, and thus have once been the Nerfs. Ryze and Zeri have become the two worst characters of the game. However, this negative situation is not truly striking. With a day since the arrival of the adjustments, they are also two of the most inefficient heroes in the history of the game .

The two worst champions of the story of League of Legends

How Riot's Juggernaut Patch Turned Worlds 2015 Upside Down

The 12.7 patch was marked by putting the bases for the next MSI 2022. A version centered on the competitive that tries to increase the range of viable champions for professionals and attacked some of its most used characters. Among them were Ryze and Zeri. Neither of them passed for a great time in qualifying games. However, Riot Games decided to carry out a reduction of superacity power in which both champions have become mere cartoons incapable of overcoming 44% victory rate .

If we talk about that this could be the worst patch of history is not only because of the fact that both champions have stayed in such a unfortunate situation, if not because there were no great reasons to load against them so hard . The great argument for both nerfs was the competitive presence of both characters. However, the error has been shown resounding. Although in the case of Zeri if a reduction of power was justified, Ryze’s statistics had naturally reduced as the teams realized that he was not a great champion.

The presence of Ryze in competitive had dropped to the second lower number of season , with 47% of elections or bathing on patch 12.6. In this way, nor was it approaching the Riot Games rules to apply balance adjustments, having been a justified decision of the developer that leaves itself worse that was already the champion with less performance of the game to which it seems that can only be Save a REWORK. As if that were not enough, its victory rate of it in competitive is also ridiculous , staying only at 47.7%.

In the case of Zeri the situation if it was more serious, since he had appeared as an election or bannery in an average of 99.25% of the items played in the last four patches. However, everything indicates that Riot Games wanted to be aggressive. Although Statistical retouching could have been enough To reduce this champion data, developers also wanted to fix the situation of it in the qualifying items playing the bulk of the League of Legends community. The problem is that it was already being solved alone: Zeri’s bathing rate was reduced by more than 6% during patch 12.6.

The only reason why we have questions about whether this is the worst patch of the story of League of Legends is by the severity of other past failures of the company. The joint rework to the colossos on the eve of the 2015 Worlds is a rival themeable. However, we are sure of one thing: it is the worst update that has ever been introduced since the modernization of Riot Games and its change of philosophy as to champion balance.


Lol: the champion with the oldest game skills that has never received a rework

Riot Games constantly applies changes to League of Legends champions seeking to improve those who worse and worsen those who demonstrate to be too powerful. Mostly these settings consist of just changing a few statistics around and there to leave them ready. However, there are times when playable modifications of greater dimension are made, carrying out a complete playable _rework or at least a few skills. It is a situation that does not escape any character, but that as all norm has a great exception.

The oldest champion of League of Legends

There are barely champions in League of Legends who have not received great changes in at least one skill. Even recent releases like Zeri or Samira have been victims of this type of adjustments. However, Karthus still resists without having had outstanding modifications in its original kit. Although it was launched in 2009, the character has only suffered two small performance changes in their spells . The first came to the passive of him, who lost the ability to make him reappear, and the second affected the wall of his W (pain wall), which stopped reducing armor to the rivals.

Even considering these changes, we can not talk about great updates if not small cuts. A case very different from that of other characters of League of Legends who could compete with him for this record. They are good examples JAX or Teemo , the last two launch campus champions that have not received a complete visual and playable update. However, Jax did have a small playable rework in January 2012 and the words “new effect” are repeated too much in the historical change of the badger.

The other great candidate on which we even accept discussion about whether he deserved this title more than Karthus is Tryndamere . However, we have left it out of the discussion because it is if he received a great gameplay rework after the release of him. Although many players have forgotten or never knew, during their first two years in League of Legends he did not use fury as a resource, but that his skills cost life. It is true that the changes took place in 2011, but we believe that they are too significant.

In the absence of Reworks, what has received Karthus is one of the most interesting visual updates in the story of League of Legends . The champion not only modified the aspect of him to modernize and go more in line with the theme of him and that of the islands of the shadows, but it was a great example of how subtle the censorship can be. As in some regions of the world, the skirts can not be shown, the developer bet on a more spectral aspect that left this element aside.

In addition, there is another interesting situation. Even if he has never received great changes, Karthus has evolved naturally. When the game was released, it was played in the upper lane and the middle line, while their best positions are currently the lower area of the map and the jungle, a position to which it threatens to return thanks to the changes of the next 12.7 patch, That, as you could expect, they do not even resemble a REWORK.


LOL: The champion who taught a great lesson to Riot and demonstrates the importance of errors

The biggest changes in the story of League of Legends have been written with errors. Still today we see how the company makes failed decisions that do not convince the community and have to end up eliminating or repairing some of the novelties included in the game. A rare phenomenon that usually relates to large additions that intend to refresh the gameplay. We have seen it, for example, with the already eliminated technochemical dragon. However, in the past the failures were much more serious and notable due to a very simple fact: the developers had no decade of experience working in the game.

RENGAR launch failure changed League of Legends

We do not necessarily have to catalog it as the most serious error of the developer because Riot Games employees have always indicated that League of Legends can be updated and that equilibrium failures are usually relatively easy to eliminate if there is a good design. However, the case of RENGAR is one of the most interesting since with it a tendency was discovered that has since accompanied most of the premieres of champions and has set a new launch strategy for the developer.

History explained it on Twitter Edgar Medina , who has been working in Riot Games for almost ten years and currently occupies the position of “_country manager” for the Iberian Peninsula and Italy. In it he counted as Rengar was a complete failure regarding victory rates during the first days after his premiere. The community hoped that he was a very much champion, but the first reactions were comments from the community in which jokes were made on the alleged lack of damage and resistances of him, assessing the character as one of the poorest that had never been released.

The criticisms of the developer followed and were not very different from those we continue to see in full 2022. However, the number was such that they were proposed to carry out an almost immediate power increase. Everyone agrees less the main designer of Rengar. Trevor “Classick” Romleski He insisted his teammates on an idea that today we take for granted: The champion had just left, was played differently from others and needed time for the community to understand the right way to play it He was not weak by the statistics of him, if not by generating a game pattern difficult to learn and with a high expert curve.

Just before launching an emergency patch that will increase the power of the then new League champion of Legends began to see how Classick’s intuition was not disregarded. The character began to climb his victory rate and pointed out good ways, but he was ‘bufó‘ since “_The process to schedule a ‘deploy’ was complicated.” A situation that had as a consequence that the character became the personification of hell for Riot Games. His power happened to be terrifying and, although he is not among the most broken champions in history, he did have important consequences.

Since then the League of Legends champions are launched with the knowledge that their victory rate will increase over the first days in a notorious way and this situation is taken into account. For example, in the case of Zeri the champion stood on the verge of being the worst premiere of history in terms of victory rate and without receiving changes in positive happened to be the most dominant shooter when the players discovered the Correct way to play it and what was your best build and now accumulates several consecutive nerfs.

This lesson was so important for Riot that Edgar Medina himself learned from her without having never been related to the Department of Champions . He simply became a legend in Riot Games and the philosophy of him transcended the design of champions. Country Manager himself has insured having used this learning when he performs different League of Legends promotion campaigns, knowing that sometimes things “_hay let them breathe.”


Announced the first novel by League of Legends

Riot Games has announced the publication of League of Legends’ first novel.

First Ever League of Legends Games

His name is Ruination and will be published next September. It has been written by Anthony Reynolds, one of the main writers of the North American company, and will have as protagonists two LOL champions: Kalista, the spirit of revenge, and Viego, the ruined king.

According to Editorial Orbit Books in the advertisement, Ruination “explains the story of Kalista, the Military General of King Viego, while looking for a legendary kingdom that can have access to ancient magic, the only way to cure the poisoned Reina Isolde”.

Viego, Interestingly, also appeared at the Spin-off Ruined King of last year, a narrative RPG developed by the Airship Syndicate study and published by Riot Forge, which we said in his analysis that “does not fail in Execution or in concept, but it does suffer from a certain conformism. “

The English edition of Ruination will be published in September on paper, eBook and Audiobook, and according to Riot will also translate to “Large international markets” later.


Becker and Riot Games announce agreement that will take the ESPORTS to another level

The pandemic and enclosure have generated that during this lSuper Leaguet time the phenomenon of online games hSuper League increSuper Leagueed considerably. More and more are those who decide to invest their time in this hobby, this wSuper League confirmed by the report made by DFC Intelligence, which showed that 40% of the world population enjoy this pSuper Leaguetime.

This wSuper League the main motivation for the main exponent group of beer worldwide, Brewery AB InBev, joined in alliance with Riot Games at a Latin American level, where specifically Becker beer will be representing Chile. In this way, League of Legends (LOL) fans, game that hSuper League more than 180 million monthly users, can enjoy beer while delighting with the best competition of the category, the Latin American Lol League.

“This initiative is the perfect opportunity for fans to join and grow the League of Legends community in our region; We are greatly happy for this collaboration, “Daniel Morales, Director of Strategic Alliances of Riot Games Latam

The objective of this new alliance is to allow the various players to bring to another level the Gamer experience, so Becker beer wants to be present at the League Streamings Transmissions. The central idea of ​​the initiative is that LOL fans enjoy their favorite hobby in the best possible way.

“One of the main trends that hSuper League grown in our country for more than 2 years is the remarkable increSuper Leaguee of professional players of League of Legends and videogames in particular. We are clear about the importance of this type of tournament, so, with this alliance, we seek even more the Super League with all the Becker beer portfolio, “Josefa Undurraga, Brand Manager becker beer.

How to play and win

The Alliance between Becker Beer and Riot Games wants to provide an opportunity for the fans of the League of Legends to participate actively in this super League. The idea is that they can participate

In a set of predictions that will begin on February 12 and will have 9 weekly rounds that will lSuper Leaguet until April 16.

There will be a ranking for each round of competition, in which users will add points according to their predictions of the LLA matches, the Professional League of Legends of Riot Games. Every week a new ranking will be carried out, starting from scratch each player.

There are 6 possible predictions that the user can make of each game. At the time of the game you will get 10 points both who is the winner of the party Super League the team that gets the first blood and also the one that obtains the first tower. Then points will be addressed that can go from all three to the more than fifty, they depend on the dragons obtained by each team, the murders and the duration of the game.

In order to participate, you have to register at and predict which lol player will win weekly. There will be a ranking for each competition round following the official schedule of the League published in the following link: https: // Leagues = ll It will exist selected by Ronda and users who add more points for their predictions, they can win:

First place: Becker Hat, Becker GlSuper Leagues, Pack of 24 ClSuper Leaguesic Beers 473 CC, $ 2000 Gift Card CDLC and 10 COFRES + HEXTECH Keys.

Riot's CEO Talks About The Next 5 Years of Riot Games
● SECOND AND THIRD PLACE: GlSuper Leagues Becker, pack of 24 clSuper Leaguesic beers 473 cc, $ 2000 Gift Card CDLC and 5 chests + Hextech keys.

Top 10: $ 2000 GIFT CDLC and 1 chest + Hextech wrench.

Top 100: $ 2000 Gift Card CDLC.

The winners of the various prizes will be announced by the Official Social Networks of Becker Beer: Instagram @Cerveza_becker, Facebook Becker and Twitter Becker Chile.

Also, just by registering at / Challenge / Becker , Beer House will give 1000 pesos of discounts on Becker products for purchSuper Leaguees over 20,000 pesos.


LOL: Kois hopes about the LEC confirmed by IBAI

The arrival of koi to the competitive scene of league of legends has served to boost the superliga and level up it. However, the organization formed by IBAI LLANAS and Gerard Piqué does not conform only with the national scene. Like any assembly that competes in the Moba de Riot Games, the ultimate goal is to get a Plaza in LEC and compete against the historic Europe in the maximum continental competition. A possibility on which the streamer has been moderately optimistic .

Koi could get to the LE in the future

The possibility that Riot Games decides to increase the squares of the LE in the next season of the year 2023 takes time on the table. IBAI has not confirmed this option, but it has insured in a program issued after the last day of the Spanish League of Legends competition that would try it if it was finally confirmed. A scenario in which it placed Koi as one of the great candidates to obtain the Riot Games license.

The European League of Legends competition works through a franchise system and all teams must meet a series of requirements, but the ultimate decision corresponds to those responsible for ESPORTS in Riot Games. According to opinion IBAI, KOI would be between the two or three more strong options . A small group in which he has included Giants, an organization that already participated in this league when he still had an open format of promotions and descents.

Although it still defined the arrival at LEC as a dream, he has assured that he would want to participate by maintaining the current template. However, in case it could not, two signings that would imply a change of role. Possible players on which he joked if his nicks began by E (Elyoya) and R (Razork) before what Streamer assured that when playing dream, dreams… and sometimes dreams are fulfilled.

In addition to these doubts about the possible future of Koi in the competitive scene of League of Legends, IBAI has also wanted to ensure that the club will not serve as an entrance door to other organizations not even in the alleged theoretical that Real Madrid would like to be associated with the club. Sajantes and future illusions that will have to be resolved over the next few months.


LOL: The next champion would be called Renata and it would have a launch date

K/DA is a digital K-pop girl team containing four themed versions of League of Legends personalities: HRI, Alkali, Evelyn and Kai’SA. American singers Madison Beer, Area Burns, and (G)Idle participants Milton and Soy eon supply the voices of Evelyn, Kai’SA, HRI, and Alkali specifically, though the characters have actually additionally been voiced by various other musicians. K/DA was developed by Riot Games, the company behind League of Legends, as well as revealed at the 2018 League of Legends Globe Champion with an augmented truth live efficiency of their very first song, Pop/Stars. A video of the track submitted to YouTube subsequently went viral, surpassing 100 million views in one month, as well as reaching 400 million views, in addition to topping Signboard’s Globe Digital Tune Sales graph. This would be adhered to up with the release of an EP in 2020, entitled All Out which featured 5 brand-new tunes consisting of the pre-released single The Baddest and the lead solitary Even more which the latter obtained a songs video clip with over 100 million consider as of July 2021. The conception of K/DA was based on Riot’s revealed need to create even more musical material in the future, with the personalities chosen based upon K-pop archetypes. The group was created to advertise the League Globe Champion as well as to market in-game K/DA skins of the characters in League of Legends. K/DA has consequently accomplished considerable appeal both within and past the League of Legends fandom, as well as received vital acclaim, specifically for their performance throughout the Globe Champion and the effect of video gaming on the music scene.

Although we are still aware of the arrival of Zero to the official servers, a filtration on the next Skins of League of Legends could have revealed the identity of the next champion that will reach the game. It would be Renata , a character who would occupy the position of support and that will land on the title the next day March 3 , coinciding with the launch of one of the most expected events of season 12.

The new champion revealed by filtration

The filtration over the new champion has come through a document that reveals the Future Skins that could increase the catalog of League of Legends. In it there are a series of cosmetics among which are some belonging to the line of aspects squad, confirmed by Riot Games as one of the news for the current year. The most curious, however, is that a good part of these aspects have been confirmed in one way or another by the developer.

According to this same filtration, the launch of the event and the new character would take place next March 3 on the occasion of the premiere of the patch 12.5, dated Riot Games for the previous day. The theory is nothing crazy so much for offering confirmed information and by coinciding with the developer’s statements. Riot Games had promised that.

Keep in mind that Riot Games can use key names when you work with the launch of champions. However, there has been a good number of filtration in the past that have allowed us to know heroes ahead of time. It was the case at the launch of Anshan, Strafing, Lille or One where different details about his identity were revealed by the community before the developer could make them official. In any case, you will have to be attentive to the official social networks of League of Legends where they will discover the details over the next few weeks.



This is how the skills of the new character of League of Legends

Zero will certainly have a game style similar to that of jinx, in the sense that the projectiles of it will note any kind of opponent against which they affect. An additional of him likewise enables him to glide in the direction of an address as well as gain a passive incentive in the automatic strikes of him.

Zeri: The Spark of Zaun | Champion Trailer - League of Legends

This shooter will certainly also have a shield that will certainly take in a component of the damage obtained. She will certainly also be fairly remarkable, given that she can take a large jump on the map after filling her feet with electrical power. To cover it up, we have the last capability of it that is an electrical pump with a massive array which will compel enemies to utilize some ability randomly.

Last week, Riot Games revealed the very first information regarding Zero, the new character of League of Legends that must be getting to the game in the coming weeks. At the time we did not give us details about the skills or playability of him, but that changed today with a new video.


Riot Games reveals first details about the new LOL character

ZERI GAMEPLAY REVEALED! (New Champion with Abilities + Trailer)
League of Legends It is still one of the most popular mobs of perpetuity, and also the dedication of Riot Games In the direction of this video game will certainly not quit with this new year. Actually, they already revealed the next character that will certainly be coming to the title and below you can recognize, as well as their initial details about the gameplay of it.

Riot disclosed A Zero as the new champion of lol, and also it is also possible to discover the complete description of it on the main web page of the video game. We still do not have details from each of her skills, yet she will perform as a shooter and also right here is a quick description of her powers:

Zero web page also exposes that she is Faun and also the only champion of her relevant presently is EK KO. We still do not understand specifically when this character is going to come to lol, however its abilities need to be disclosed in the coming days.

A young and persistent woman from the working course of Faun, Zero carry her electrical magic to tons herself and her individualized tool. The desire to assist her often can be disadvantageous, Zero believes in an outright fact: she supports the neighborhood, and also the community will support you.