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What are anomalies studies in MHR Sunbreak?

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak received a significant amount of content with version 11. Perhaps the biggest feature was the inclusion of anomalies studies. They develop an existing endgame in several ways. At the same time, let’s plunge into a tempting new mode.

investigation of anomalies at dawn in Monster Hunter Rise

Studies of anomalies are the evolution of anomalies quests, which make up the final part of the game Monster Hunter: Rise Sunbreak. These quests A5 Anomaly will have a set level. Monsters in every hunt will become more and more as this level increases. Also, a target monster, location and the total number of players will be randomly selected. But in order to encourage hunters to take part in these complex hunts, there will be rewards that can be used to create and improve equipment.

Materials obtained during the studies of anomalies can be used in Qurios Crafting. This new craft method will allow the players to accurately configure their equipment. Such characteristics as the power of attack or proximity can be improved on weapons, while characteristics, such as protection, resistance and skills, can be improved on armor. In general, this is a significant addition to the already reliable expansion, which should take hunters for a long time.

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