The development of the PS version of Children Spinning Sky Stars is reported. SKY on the big screen, preparing for release with crossplay

Thatgamecompany announced on August 16 that it is preparing for the PlayStation version of Children Spinning Sky Stars. Although the details have not been disclosed, it seems that the PS version is being developed.

Children who spin Sky Stars (hereinafter, SKY) are social adventure games designed by THATGAMECOMPANY, the development of Kaze no Tabi Vito and Flowery. In the world of this work, the empty kingdom was once proud. One day, the darkness of the darkness loses its brightness and moved to the clouds. The player of this work is a child who spins the stars that have descended from the sky. The player departs on a journey to deliver the stars to the constellation to regain hope again in the destruction. It is compatible with multiplayer with up to eight players, depicting warm experiences and connections with others through adventures.

SKY was distributed in the iOS version in 2019, and the Android version was released in 2020. For console game consoles, the Nintendo Switch version was distributed in 2021. And this time, it has been reported that the development of the PS version is progressing.


Originally, SKY was announced that it will be deployed for PC and console after the mobile version of launch. However, the console launch gradually developed due to the development scale problem. Until now, it has been deployed on mobile and Nintendo Switch, which is strong in portable function, but it seems to be adjusted to move even in high-end hardware.

Regarding the PS version, it is said that the preparation is still piled up, but it has been stated that it corresponds to cross-platform play (hereinafter, cross-play) with other platforms. The Nintendo Switch version and the mobile version can cross-play, so the PS and Mobile version/Nintendo Switch players will be able to enjoy adventure together. SKY is a beautiful game, so I’m looking forward to drawing more high-definition.

SKY is being distributed for free for iOS/Android/Nintendo Switch. As a recent movement, a collaboration event with Norwegian singer-songwriter Aurora has been announced.

FC Ingolstadt: Beiersdorfer speaks of deserved descent

“We have already clearly said that we had to prepare for it,” opened Ingolstadt’s managing director of Sport and Communication Beiersdorfer, asked about the relegation three game days before the end of the season at “Sky” after the draw at the KSC. At the same time, the 58-year-old criticized the lack of throughout the team.

The game today was symbolic for the whole season.

Dietmar Beiersdorfer

The team tried everything, but “the game today was symbolic for the whole season.” Although the FCI “played well” at times, he missed the sack after the 2-0 ” – we just don’t have that. You can’t score points like that”. Beersdorfer should have meant above all the unselfishness of Filip Bilbija. Shortly after his goal, the goal scorer put on 1-0 scorer Patrick Schmidt instead of completing himself from a promising position.

Dietmar Beiersdorfer: FCI

“You have to accept that”

According to Beiersdorfer, Ingolstadt wants to “confidently look at the future” that he himself makes it the task of “putting together a team that should enable the FCI to rise again”. The Schanzer are “advanced” in their planning and full of courage.

Before the duel against HSV next Saturday (1.30 p.m.), the former Hamburg also admitted “sad” that some decisions were “not” “did not sit” this season, which led to the third descent into the 3rd division.

“We tried to correct something in winter and also caught up in phases; sometimes played good games. But we couldn’t show that throughout the season, so the deficit is great. It is a deserved descent, you have to accept that.”

Halo series starts on Sky: You have to know that about the subscription

The Halo series is here! While the series is running in the United States via Paramount Plus, Streaming Providers Sky has snapped the rights to the sci-fi epic in this country. We explain to you which subscription German halo fans now need and what costs are coming to you.

Halo: The epic journey starts on Sky

Long had to wait for video game fans, but now it is finally time: The series to the shooter hit Halo is started worldwide! The first of a total of nine consequences can now look over streaming provider sky. Optionally in the o-tone, or with German synchronization.

Since the provider of the same has several streaming packages in the portfolio, including Sky Q, Sky Entertainment Plus, Sky Cinema, Sky Atlantic and Sky Ticket, we summarize for you, which service you need and what you need each costs.

Which Sky subscription is most meaningful for me?

Sky itself recommends in connection with Halo the Sky Entertainment Plus package. That costs 20 euros per month and additionally includes a base subscription for Netflix.

We recommend Sky Ticket. This subscription includes Halo, but also all other series that Sky currently offers, including, for example, HBOS Hit series Euphoria or Bel-Air, a reboot of the cult series of the Prince of Bel-Air. This subscription costs only 9.99 euros per month .


Halo series: The Master Chief returns faster than thought!

Daniel Boldt

In addition, Sky Halo will also broadcast every Friday from 22:15 via Sky Atlantic. This is a live TV channel , which is included in both “Entertainment Plus” – but also in the ticket service.

But the following is the following: Halo is published in a weekly rhythm . So if you want to book today and want to be there to the end, it stays for at least two months Sky Customer. However, the subscriptions are cancellable monthly.

How to, for example, the subscription for Sky ticket reverses , however, we explain to you in this article.

Duo is missing the SPVGG Greuther Fürth

Soccer Bundesligaist Spvgg Greuther Fürth has to do without Saturday (15:30 / SKY) in the home game against FSV Mainz 05 on Julian Green.

The offensive player injured in training on the back. That will not work. It’s not greater injury, but so painful that he is not available, said Trainer Stefan Leitl.

In addition, Leitl dispensed with defender Justin Hoogma. The rental player of 1899 Hoffenheim is in negotiations with a new club, he will not be in the squad.

The gate at the bottom of the table is also against Mainz Sascha Burchen. The Swede Andreas Linde obliged in the winter must be patient. Andreas Linde is definitely ready, but there is no great reason to change the team after the Bielefeld game. The performance has voted, Leitl said.

In the first leg in Mainz was Fürth at the 0: 3 opportunities. We are mentally different in the square and in another constitution than on the third matchday. We are well prepared and want to win, Leitl said. The SPVGG has lost only one of the last five games. There was a win and three draws. The distance to the penultimate is still eleven points.