[Todays steam] Dark Pocket Monster? Comondon appeared

A new title appeared in the world’s best selling rankings. It is a game ‘Comondo’ that grabs the monster. As soon as it is released as a similar to Pocket Monster, it is collecting topics.

Coromon is a Turnje RPG made in Tilar Age Soft, and to tame wildlife called “Belua” to the adventure. It was released on Steam on a day,

This work has been implemented by more than 120 corones, and regions with a unique theme, including a frozen glacier cave and a desert that are frozen. The combat system is a similar turnaround method with a pocket monster. Because of the elements, characteristics, and skills, you can taste a variety of fighting because it exists. Coromons, which maintain a ‘generally positive’ assessment, is sold at 20% discounted price, 20% discounted price in Steam.

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In addition, other new work also occupied the top. ‘Midnight Ghost Hunter’, ‘Wordwest’ accounted for second and third, respectively, and the game has also appeared to benefit from discounts. The ‘Spirit Pairer’ with 66% discount on steam has been ranked 8th, 65% discount on ‘Disco Elihi’ has been ranked 10th.

In the top simultaneous connection rankings of the steam, Lost Arc and Apex Legend had a rival relationship and built a rival relationship. Rost Arc had more than 3,700 to 3,993 to more than 17,000 for the previous day. The Dread Hunger recorded 98,004 people and the rise was slightly broken. Rust is a 94,438 people who have added 15,000 people to the previous day,

Halo Infinite loses 96% of its players in Steam

_ HALO INFINITE _ I had an incredible release. The arrival of the Multiplayer Free-to-Play in November, followed by the campaign in December, caused a great stir. The work of 343 Industries obtained more than 20 million players, and was positioned as one of the most popular experiences in Steam and Game Pass. However, that was four months ago. Today, Halo Infinite has lost a lot of your community in Steam.

According to Steamdb, a site that is responsible for providing information and statistics related to the games we find in the Virtual Store of Valve, _ Halo Infinite_ currently has less than nine thousand active players . To be specific, it has been reported that during the last 24 hours there were only 8,853 people enjoying this title. In comparison, during November 2021 more than 250 active users were reported.

Over the past few months, this number has constantly decreased. In December, a peak of 150 thousand players was spoken. In January the number dropped to 62 thousand. February saw a maximum of 31 thousand. During what is going on March just and about 21 thousand people have been recorded at most . In this way, it would not be surprising to see that the number of users continue to fall in the coming days.

This is not a campaign against halo infinite. Since its launch, users have complained about the lack of content and a quite annoying progression system for their multiplayer. While 343 Industries is committed to solving these problems, To this day we have not seen new content that asserts the return of the masses.

Halo Infinite has lost 90% of their Players on Steam! What's the problem?

However, this is not the end for the game. It is important to mention that Steam DB is only the reflection of Steam, and no concrete data on the number of players in Game Pass for PC and Xbox consoles. Together with this, a second season with new content and several Improvements is already on the way.

On related topics, here you can check our interview with Master Chief’s actor in the Halo series. In the same way, here is our talk with the production company of this series.

Editor’s note:

The multiplayer of Halo infinite is fun, very fun with friends. However, the content and progression are the problem. Eventually, the fun is finished, and there is not a great justification for returning. I hope this is solved as soon as possible.

Moon! It is the future! SF plenty! Adventure RPG “LUNARLUX” STEAM store page released

Cosmicnobab Games has published the store page of SF Adventure RPG “ LUNARLUX ” to hand by itself at STeam.

The stage of this work is the future of the future, the protagonist Bella and the buddy robot Tetra, which became humanity to move to the moon. A hybrid battle system combined with “turn system” and “action” is a major feature, skill-upgrade, 30 unique support skills, combo, puzzles in the cyber world, customization of spacecraft, etc., search by jet pack, etc. Various other elements are incorporated.

All five chapter books are originally created in “ RPG Tsukool 2003 ” and delivered in the title “LUNARLUX Chapter 1”, but this time the development engine is switched to GameMaker Studio 2 and again It is recruited from one.

In addition, this work is compatible with English only (at the time of article writing), and the voice actor who plays the main character Bella is in charge of Lizzie Freeman. So far, “ Pokemon Masters ” “ Fire Emblem ” “ Laemon ” “ Dragalian Lost ” “ Sword Art Online ” “ Jojo It is a veteran who has been developing English version of the game and animation work such as a strange adventure “.

“LUNARLUX” scheduled for demo version delivery is scheduled to be distributed at STEAM for PC (Windows) for PC (Windows) at STEAM.

Steam made a record of new simultaneous players immediately at the beginning of the year

How To Fix Steam Game Won’t Launch in Windows 10

Valve-owned PC game distribution, multiplayer and communication platform Steam started with a new year’s record number. According to Steam DB, the new recovery of the platform was made on the 2nd day of January, when the lines had at the same time 27,942,036 simultaneous players. The next day was lively, as the user readings increasingly spared to over 27 million. Valve also announced the recent 2021 best-played and played Steam games that can be explored more closely here. Last year’s gaming publishes for top ranks were reached by battlefield 2042, Latham and Halo Infinite.