Return Alive is a network Survival from the creators of Elsword and Kurtzpel

It’s time for the next production from South Korea. This time, the team of Kzypa will try to conquer your network Survival called Return Alive. Developers should be associated, because they are responsible for Elsword, Grand Chase or Kurtzpel. Now they are ready for the next game!

Return Alive is a multiplayer survival with a view “Top-down” (from above / from a bird’s eye view) where there will be no shooting. The creators emphasize that their title combines the elements of PVE from PVE – as part of the game players are fighting not only with mobs, but they also compete themselves with each other.

All this to get the best items on the battlefield and eventually escape from it. Earlier, however, you should complete a specific mission! We use the collected things to improve their mercenaries (characters) and create unique weapons.

Worst MMO Ever? - Elsword
Return Alive is a pc title and for this moment is tested only in South Korea. The team was confirmed by the desire to issue his title also in other regions – was provided for releasing a version with English, but no specific deadlines were given.