The development of the PS version of Children Spinning Sky Stars is reported. SKY on the big screen, preparing for release with crossplay

Thatgamecompany announced on August 16 that it is preparing for the PlayStation version of Children Spinning Sky Stars. Although the details have not been disclosed, it seems that the PS version is being developed.

Children who spin Sky Stars (hereinafter, SKY) are social adventure games designed by THATGAMECOMPANY, the development of Kaze no Tabi Vito and Flowery. In the world of this work, the empty kingdom was once proud. One day, the darkness of the darkness loses its brightness and moved to the clouds. The player of this work is a child who spins the stars that have descended from the sky. The player departs on a journey to deliver the stars to the constellation to regain hope again in the destruction. It is compatible with multiplayer with up to eight players, depicting warm experiences and connections with others through adventures.

SKY was distributed in the iOS version in 2019, and the Android version was released in 2020. For console game consoles, the Nintendo Switch version was distributed in 2021. And this time, it has been reported that the development of the PS version is progressing.


Originally, SKY was announced that it will be deployed for PC and console after the mobile version of launch. However, the console launch gradually developed due to the development scale problem. Until now, it has been deployed on mobile and Nintendo Switch, which is strong in portable function, but it seems to be adjusted to move even in high-end hardware.

Regarding the PS version, it is said that the preparation is still piled up, but it has been stated that it corresponds to cross-platform play (hereinafter, cross-play) with other platforms. The Nintendo Switch version and the mobile version can cross-play, so the PS and Mobile version/Nintendo Switch players will be able to enjoy adventure together. SKY is a beautiful game, so I’m looking forward to drawing more high-definition.

SKY is being distributed for free for iOS/Android/Nintendo Switch. As a recent movement, a collaboration event with Norwegian singer-songwriter Aurora has been announced.

Neither Switch Pro nor Switch 2: Nintendo hgood pace no plans to launch new hardware this year

Things march at a good pace for Nintendo Switch; Both the console and its games sell to Expuertgood pace and the situation of the industry in terms of component manufacturing is at a complicated time. So much so, that Nintendo will not launch a successor console in 2022 . Instead, good pace indicated by the financial report analyzed by Nikkei-from which VGC is made-the company will focus on to ensure stock for the coming months , because this summer they have not been able to Manufacturing good pace much good pace they would have liked and the Christmgood pace campaign is just around the corner.

Nintendo Switch is in the middle of its cycle: games for this year and 2023

One of the regood paceons why Nintendo hgood pace no plans to launch a new hardware is, according to the report, that the hybrid console is in an intermediate phgood pacee of its life cycle (its premiere had place in March 2017, so hgood pace already turned 5 years in stores). A generation in which the machine hgood pace received a couple of reissues: the V2 model, which is exactly the same good pace the previous one but with a more capacity battery, and Nintendo Switch Oled, a more sophisticated version and with various improvements.

It is not surprising that the Japanese company focused all its efforts on the current platform, good pace there are several weight relegood pacees planned for this year, 2023 and beyond . In the first half of 2022 we have seen titles such good pace Mario Strikers: Battle League, Pokémon legends: Arceus, Triangle Strategy or the recent Xenoblade Chronicles 3, among others. On October 28, Bayonetta 3 is finally.

2 023 is marked by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 , one of the most anticipated relegood pacees of the generation (date to be determined), and beyond, without anyone being able to imagine When we will have it in our hands, there is Samus Aran, which will star in a new interstellar mission in Metroid Prime 4 .

Pokemon Karmesin & Purpur

The OLED design has 64 GB of storage area, which is why you can download and install and also set up numerous video games below without any lack. But below too you can utilize microSD cards to broaden the storage area.

Just how well do you quadrate your storage space on the Switch console? .

In the details of the Eshop sites on both video games, Nintendo has now supplemented the download size of Pokémon Karmesin and also Pokémon Purpur. As necessary, each title requires a place of regarding 10.24 GB Nonetheless, this size can alter a bit until the last launch.
| Pokémon Karmesin & Purpur : 10.2 GB.| Pokémon sword & shield : 10.3 GB.| Pokémon legend Arceus : 6 GB.| Pokémon: Allow’s Go, Pikachu & Evoli! : 4.6 GB.| Pokémon Ultrasonne & Ultramond **: 3.6 GB.

the complying with storage space require Pokémon Karmesin & Purpur.


Pokémon Karmesin & Purpur appear on ** 18. The legendary Pokémon will certainly come to be loyal buddies for the initial time, on which you can drive around the location like on a bike. All information from the last Pokémon Direct and you will certainly discover out a lot extra in the Purpur review.

Our referral for the finest microSD cards for Nintendo Switch can be located here: .


more on the subject.

In the information of the Eshop websites on the two video games, Nintendo has actually currently supplemented the download size of Pokémon Karmesin and Pokémon Purpur. This implies that Karmesin & Purpur is one of the largest components of the Pokémon collection.

With a download dimension of around 10.2 GB, Karmesin & Purpur get to almost the exact same dimension as sword & shield. 10.3 GB was essential for the two series components. This implies that Karmesin & Purpur is one of the largest components of the Pokémon series.

The download sizes of the Pokémon video game event Nintendo Switch in contrast: .

This year the ninth Pokémon generation for Nintendo Switch is launched with Pokémon Karmesin & Purpur Currently Nintendo has announced in the eShop which storage space is needed on the console to download and install the video game.

Is the bursting sufficient? The Nintendo Switch console has just 32 GB of interior memory, of which 6 GB are inhabited for the system. So the storage space could be a little limited right here. To increase the existing storage area, you ought to utilize MicroSD cards.

Pokémon Karmesin & Purpur show up on 18. November 2022 for Nintendo Switch. The epic Pokémon will become devoted friends for the very first time, on which you can drive around the location like on a bike. In the Paldea region you have to press your college once more and participate in a so-called treasure quest task. All info from the last Pokémon Direct and you will certainly learn far more in the Purpur introduction.

The current Pokémon Karmesin & purple trailer can be admired below: .

KARMESIN & PURPUR Paddles up with sword & guard.

51 0.

These are the most effective Nintendo Switch Micro SD cards 2022.

Nintendo Switch: Warmth warning provided for all versions

Nintendo recently issued an alert for the Nintendo Switch and also its various tastes. Playing in heat wave temperatures is therefore not advised.

High temperature levels are likewise expected in this country-too high for the narrow switch. Nintendo advised that the crossbreed console is planned for use in between 5 as well as 35 levels Celsius:

Rest mode shields equipment

You should also make sure that the ventilation ports of the switch aren’t unintentionally covered-there must be around ten centimeters of cost-free room around them when it’s warm. You ought to also dust them off periodically. Air that does not leave can additionally lead to overheating of the gadget.

What is not mentioned is the fact that playing games on the television with the help of the billing station leaves less space for the air flow. In this instance, everyone needs to likewise guarantee a comfortable temperature level in their own four walls. By the way, the warm caution applies to the regular Switch, the Switch Lite and also the Switch OLED.

Kindly, Nintendo has actually provided the Switch its own protective mechanism, which takes result in case of approaching damage due to too much temperature levels: The tool is meant to automatically switch to sleep setting if the outdoors temperature reaches a degree that is too expensive or exceeds this. After a short cool-down, the fun ought to have the ability to proceed.

Battery problems with the Switch? Nintendo gives practical tips

Battery empty? As a mobile console, the Nintendo Switch has a permanent hunger for energy. We have a few simply tricks for you how to get out of your console for a few additional hours of battery life. In addition, we will explain to you how you can solve the well-known battery problem of the OLED variant.

Update of April 29, 2022:

Nintendo reacts to the Switch’s battery problems

According to several users , the Nintendo Switch Oled should discharge unusually quickly . Particularly problematic: the battery of the console even empties in calm mode rapidly. In order to fix this problem, Nintendo’s official customer service has published a practical guide . We summarize the steps for you:

  1. System settings → Automatic hiding condition → never

Nintendo Switch: 14 Useful Settings for Beginners. PART 1
2. Separate the switch from all power sources.
3. Any game starts.
4. Wait until the battery has completely emptied the Switch.
5. Up the console for at least four hours.

It is not certain whether this procedure will finally solve the Switch’s battery problems, but it depends on the attempt. Alternatively, we have a few tips for you on how the battery of your console lasts longer:

Original post of April 8, 2022:

more power for your Nintendo Switch

Every gamer and smartphone user knows the problem: A dying battery . Some people even get nervous when the battery stand scratches the 50 percent mark. So what do you go on the go when the power bank is at home and there is no socket nearby?

Fortunately, there are a few simple tips and tricks how you can extend the term of your battery. In the case of the Nintendo Switch, a user on Reddit made the following discovery:

In his experience, the battery life of the Nintendo Switch is significantly extended if your activates the console aircraft mode.

Why is that? The Switch tries to connect to the Internet regularly ** and every attempt costs energy. This is a background function that she doesn’t notice most of the time.

The aircraft mode not only has a positive impact on the battery life, but it also improves the performance*of your console in a way.

Some games are also looking for an internet connection after the start and that not only costs energy, but also time. In aircraft mode, this automatic check is skipped and the games start faster.

By the way, you can easily activate the aircraft mode via the system settings of the Switch and of course deactivate again.

How to improve your battery life in addition

Of course, the trick with the aircraft mode only works if you do not need an active internet connection. In this respect, this tip is primarily aimed at offline players.

However, there is another way to improve the battery life. This “trick” is so obvious that it is often forgotten. And it is about screen brightness .

For many players, the brightness is usually set to 100 percent. A reduction to 70 or even 50 percent saves precious energy and you get used to the seized screen surprisingly quickly.

Switch sensation Somagged streaming app finally on Nintendo

Twitch (likewise referred to as Twitch.TV) is a platform belonging to Amazon, Inc., which allows real-time transmissions. This system has as a main feature the retransmission of online computer game, an area in which you are as a competitor to YouTube. Presented as a by-product of one more Streaming platform of general rate of interest, the website is primarily concentrated on computer game, including Walkthroughs games by customers, ESPORTS transmission, and other occasions associated with video games. The web content of the website can be seen online or on need.
In mid-2013, the site attained a standard of 43 million visitors on a monthly basis, and for February 2014 it was taken into consideration the biggest source of web traffic on the web in the United States. At the same time, Justin.TV’s matrix was relabelled Twitch Interactive to stand for the change in his priorities (Diversify). Justin.TV was enclosed August 2014.
In September 2014, Twitch was bought by for 970.482,567 USD.

More than 4 years fans had to wait, now it’s finally time: About the Nintendo shop All Switch owners can download the official Twitch app for free. The software makes it possible to watch streams live on the handheld console. But on an important function, switch players have to do without.

Twitch: Streaming app ends after 4 years on the switch

How To FIX The Nintendo Switch ESHOP!!! (⚒️Fix The Switch Ep. #1)

If you want to consume video content on the switch, you could only resort to the YouTube app. Now a new fellow entrepreneur enters the ring, because now you can install the official twitch app on the switch over the Nintendo shop to ensure the live streams of thousands of streamers.

Hitch app in the Nintendo shop

Alt New: The OLED switch! But for whom pays up the transition to the improved model? We reveal it to you in the video:

Chat function works only on detours

After you have logged in to the app, you are basically the same functionality available, which you also know from other platforms. So you can immediately recognize which streamer, which is followed by, just has a live broadcast on running and viewing the stream. In addition, you can also lead to the overview pages of the respective streamer and there all information there.

Clips can also be viewed over the app. All functions are available to you both on the large screen in dock mode and mobile in handheld mode.

However, a function of the Twitch app on the switch is not very thoughtful: The use of the chat. To participate in the entertainment during the stream, you must scan a QR code that appears on the screen on the screen with your smartphone. This will take you to the Companion Experience program of the app, which allows you to use the chat via the smartphone. By contrast, you can not participate directly on the chat.

The introduction of the Twitch app for the switch is likely to look forward to many Nintendo fans. But what most players are still waiting to be, should be a Netflix app for the handheld console. Especially after the introduction of the OLED switch would be worthwhile. So far, however, there are no efforts to make the streaming service available for Nintendo’s Handheld Console.

Switch OLED Nintendo advises you to remove the protective film

For a few days, the Nintendo Switch OLED is in the trade and if you are one of the happy buyers, you certainly have fun with the larger, improved screen and the chic, white joy-cons. You should also noticed that the screen of the console is already covered with a foil.

This is a Nintendo new-developed anti-scattering protector and you please do it on the screen! Because in contrast to the old Nintendo Switch (Buy Now 379,26 €), the screen of the OLED model consists of glass and not of plastic and is thus slightly fragile. If you drop your brand new console, prevents the protective film that the glass is distributed in all directions and should prevent injury.

Nintendos Please: Let the protective film on the Switch OLED

To answer any ambiguity, IGN Nintendo asked for a direct statement regarding the new protective film. Nintendo came to the request, explained that players should please the protective film on the screen and also refer to the enclosed usage guidelines:

As indicated on page 2 of the Nintendo Switch OLED Health and Safety Information and Usage Guidelines (included in the Box along with the system), please do not pull the displeasing anti-scattering protector from the OLED screen of the console.

The question of whether players can blee an extra protective film on their console, answered: Nintendo sells an official OLED model screen protection that fits on the new screen, so yes, you can use one. If you already exist? So do not go enough and you want to make it twice as possible, you can get extra protection at any time. Whether the improved version of the switch is worthwhile, we reveal you in our detailed test.

Incidentally, Metroid Dread appeared at the same time with the Nintendo Switch OLED on Friday. The latest adventure of the intrepid bounty hunter Samus Aran expresses all buttons that must press a Metroidvania and is therefore a successful trip to the expanses of space. You will find our test for the game here.

Source: IGN

From Jonas Höger

Should You Remove the Plastic Film on the Switch OLED Screen?

11.10.2021 at 19:30

Youtuber torments switch

With the Switch OLED, Nintendo has published an improved version of the original console. But what does she stop? That has tested a well-known Youtuber and he is positively surprised.

Nintendo Switch OLED: Tested with knife and fire

The Youtuber Jerry s aversion has been dealing with hardware of all kinds for years and his channel is not for a weak nerve. There is tested and with hard means – but only so you can actually know what your device can stand out without having to create your own hand or in the case knife.

Everything starts harmlessly with a test. It is already known that the screen of the OLED is made of glass, but there is a plastic layer, even from the Nintendo also triggers to remove it. Of course, these are not undamaged after the effects of things like metal and coins, But in an emergency one can replace this plastic layer quickly.

UNSER Tech editor Kaan is enthusiastic about the console:


48 hours with the Switch OLED: Why not the same, Nintendo?

Kaan Gürayer

Testujemy NOWE NINTENDO SWITCH OLED! *1v1 w różne gry*

Then the knife is pulled to find out which materials the console is in itself. Both the screen frame and the stator of the switch are made of metal and thus significantly more robust than the original model.

The body of the console still consists of plastic, but a hardness test shows, the switch OLED is flexible despite all violence flexible, but it stays completely. Even the joycons are surprisingly good.

Even before fire, Youtuber Jerry does not stop and there is good to report. After about 35 seconds with direct fire contact, some pixels of irreparably turned white, but the plastic protection did not give up and did not start to melt – a good sign.

In his video you can watch everything yourself:

Conclusion by Jerryigeverything

Basically, the Youtuber gave a thumbs up for Nintendo. The console and the joycons are stable and highly worked. He even wonders that the console costs only 50 US dollars more than the original model. Test probably passed.

Ihr does the switch OLED? For example, they exist at Amazon:

Nintendo Switch (OLED model) white

Now from 389,00 € at Amazon

The price may be higher now. Price from 30.10.2021 09:11 clock

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Buy Nintendo OLED Switch Who wants the new console has to numbers

The release of the new OLED switch is now less than 3 weeks – but still the new handheld console is almost out of print everywhere. And if you want to buy the new switch anyway, you have to numbers.

Update from 29 October 2021:

On 08 October 2021 the new OLED switch – at least on the paper appeared. Because right on the release day was the new handheld console almost anywhere, it was sold out everywhere.

But what about it now, just under 3 weeks after the start of sales? A look at the well-known sales portals shows: The delivery situation has not improved. The opposite is the case.

At MediaMarkt and Saturn, neither the white nor the colorful console version is currently for sale, let alone the pre-order offered. After all, shipping Areas opposes orders for the version in neon-red / neon-blue, but requires an extra charge.

While the handheld console has been offered in the past for 359,00 Euro, it costs 369,00 Euro. In addition, the console is expected to be available again from 22 November 2021.

Order OLED Switch at Amazon

Our tip: Dear the feet are still keeping and practicing in patience. The prices will probably fall again with time – despite hardware crisis. The onslaught on the new OLED switch is likely to pass on in the coming weeks, so that prices should be normalized. We keep you up to date in this regard.

Original article:

For months, it brooded in the rumor kitchen, now it is finally official: Nintendos Switch family gets offspring. On October 8, 2021, the sale of the Nintendo Switch (OLED model) starts – the official EIA in the US is $ 349. An official euro price has not yet revealed Nintendo, With MediaMarkt & Saturn, however, the OLED console is already listed – for 359.99 euros. That s 40 euros cheaper than before, because initially the two markets listed the OLED switch for 399.99 euros. The new console is available in the colors white as well as neon-red / neon-blue.

The only problem: Currently neither Saturn nor media market offer your customers to continue to pre-examine the console. Seems as if Scalper had hit again. On the websites is only the message This item is currently not available. Even worse it is at Amazon. There, the new console can not even be found more about the search with the term OLED Switch.

Nintendo Switch OLED model (white) already pre-order

Nintendo Switch OLED model (white) at Saturn for 359.99 euros (sold out)
Nintendo Switch OLED model (white) at Mediamarkt for 359.99 euros (sold out)
Nintendo Switch OLED model (white) at Amazon (sold out)

If You Just Bought A Nintendo Switch OLED, I Have Bad News For You...
Nintendo Switch OLED model at Amazon

Nintendo Switch OLED model (neon-red / neon-blue) already pre-order

Nintendo Switch OLED model (neon-red / neon-blue) at Saturn for 359.99 euros (sold out)
Nintendo Switch OLED model (neon-red / neon-blue) at Mediamarkt for 359.99 euros (sold out)
Nintendo Switch (OLED model) (Neon-red / neon-blue) at Amazon (sold out)

Nintendo Switch OLED model at Amazon

WAS has changed Nintendo at the OLED model compared to the original? This short video summarizes the innovations for you:

Nintendo Switch OLED model: better display, equal power

Many had hoped that Nintendo the Switch not only donates an OLED screen, but also equipped the handheld console with more powerful hardware. However, this wish remains a dream. Also in the new OLED switch continue to work the same processor and the same amount of RAM.

Nintendo has improved in other places. So the dock of the new switch is about a LAN port, the display of the console grows in comparison to the original of 6.2 on a proud 7 inches – and the kickstand is now much wider and thus more stable than the plastic snippet The UR console. In addition, the speakers should have been improved.


Nintendo Switch (OLED) introduced: 7 things that make the new console better

Peter Hryciuk

What do you say about the draft price of the new Nintendo Switch? Would you have expected that the OLED model will be much cheaper? Or can you find the price for the improved switch console more than appropriate? Write us your opinion in the Facebook comments!

Otto Offer Nintendo Switch OLED with Metroid Dread at the best price advert

The Nintendo Switch OLED has existed since the beginning of October 2021. Since then it is regularly sold out or partly available with longer delivery times. Nevertheless, one or the other dealer always offers an offer with the new console. This time you can buy them much cheaper at OTTO.

So good is the offer: The Nintendo Switch OLED in white is available at OTTO in bundle with Metroid Dread for only 399 euros. This saves you around 20 euros compared to the currently best single prices.


That awaits you with the Nintendo Switch OLED

Display of the top class: Thanks to OLED technology, the new display of the Nintendo Switch is a real highlight. You expect an outstanding black value, which makes dark areas in games really dark. In addition, it offers brilliant colors, which is why all games always look better. Compared to the normal Nintendo Switch, the OLED version screen is also greater than that the handheld would be greater.

In addition, the Nintendo Switch OLED has a foot that is now over the whole width of the console. The station for the Switch OLED now has a LAN connection and the console relies on 64 GB of internal memory instead of 32 GB.

30 1

more on the subject

Metroid Dread - Overview Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Oled-Teardown proves that the Dock 4K and HDR Ready is

Metroid Dread convinces in the Switch test

Samus was missing: In our test, the game convinces almost all the line and gets a very good rating of 85 points. First, the very chic 2,5d optics stand out. Our author Dennis Michel comes in his conclusion: 35 years after the beginning of the 2D saga, Samus shows himself in absolute best form and tied us over many hours to the switch.

83 5

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Metroid Dread in the test: Samus, you missed us so

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