Paper Shotgun will not be updated until Monday

The industry of the videogame not for not even the weekend, but on this occasion you do not expect news from now on 15:00 today Friday, April 1, and next Monday, April 4.

How to make a paper double barrel shotgun that shoots

The reason is not another that the implementation of important technical changes in our internal platform, which will prevent us from publishing new content during the weekend and to you comment, edit the accounts or create new users. During this period we are going to migrate all the current content to the new system, and that forces us to put the web “pause” for a couple of days, but once this process is finished everything will return to normal.

There will be no important changes in the functionality of the Web with the new version and design (at the moment) it will be the same to which you are accustomed, although you will notice some improvements in the mobile version and in the publication of comments. There will also be changes in the account system, using a general system (the ReedPOP ID) that will be common for all the websites of the Gamer Network, from Paper Shotgun to VG247, passing through Rock Paper Shotgun, Gamesindustry or VGC. Current users, in any case, do not have to worry too much… During the weekend we will migrate the users and you will only have to make login again once the new version is activated.

But as we said, most changes are internal. The new tools will allow us to work better, and the new platform will also allow our technical team to make changes and add features that until now were not possible. The dark mode on the web? Is on the way…

We appreciate your patience while we implement all these changes. See you next week!


Overwatch 2: Often desired! Blizzard represents the new ping

Already in the upcoming beta phase of OverVATCH 2 , all participants will be able to try the new ping system in action. On the official website of the Hero Shooter, the Blizzard developers have introduced the feature recently, which the community has long been desired.

Every vote counts

The fact that the developers still have the Activision Blizzard scandal from 2021 in mind already shows the introduction: “The ping system follows a basic value that is very important to the Oververtch team: every vote counts. Since this value counts For Blizzard is of great importance, we wanted to implement him in our game.

The ping should expand the type of communication by an additional option. This is interesting for players who want to optically support their voicechat communication. On the other hand, the ping system also depends on people who can not or would like to use the Voicechat.
Overwatch 2: At the touch of a button, you activates a context-sensitive ping, which is directed according to the destination in your crosshair. Source: Blizzard

That’s how the Ping works

Overwatch 2 has an insane new ping system
At the touch of a button, you activates a context-sensitive ping, which is directed according to the destination in your crosshair. For example, if you play Tracer and ping the opposing Reaper, Tracer shares your teammates about their sayings in the game where Reaper is currently located. This ping follows the targeted hero as long as it is visible.

However, if you want to lose sight of reaper again, the ping shows you and your team colleagues the last known location. Some skills of reaper, such as shadow step and phantom, should also ensure that your ping indicates only its last known position. Sombras Transloker, Doomfists Meteorbag, Moira’s phase jump and tracers time loop are examples of capabilities that remove ping.

What else can the ping system?

If you keep the ping key pressed, a menu opens, for example, to communicate your fellow players where your help needs or if you want to attack and defend. There are also special interactions that you can respond to the ping of a team member. If your team tells your team with the communication menu that it should be collecting or that your healing needs, a ping is now activated over your hero. Your colleagues can then respond to your ping and let me know if they come to or where the team’s support helps are.

The developers have also thought of trolls: If someone pinges too often, you can block or suppress the system individually. The developers use a strict spam protection, which they can still adapt – depending on what the beta test will result. Accordingly important, your feedback will be if you try the new system in the test phase.

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Rumors suggest that the PS5 will be thicker

PlayStation's NEXT BIG Acquisition Just Leaked? 10 Billion to Spend | Socom PS5 Return Imminent?
Last updated 2 years ago

We saw Devkit’s leaks, but no one still had a glimpse of the legendary PS5. With the actual revelation of the console to come (hope it’s next week, rumors begin to emerge that the elusive system could actually be more epic. A fucking chonker of a system, we could say.

An initiated report of a “specialist who develops a popular American game that will be available on PS5 in the future” provided some essential details about the Sony system:

-The design of the true console is different from all the options that were previously published on the network under the insider cover.
-The console stands out with a very unusual detail that no one has spoken yet, but the initiate decided not to reveal it to us either. Reason: It is possible that this detail can be used to follow where the “drain” comes from.
-Sony has not revealed all the secrets of the console yet. It should announce another important system functionality. Some information about this chip have already falted in the Western press, but no one paying attention.
-The console is not like the design plan of the Xbox Series X. This is not a smart speaker style device. The PlayStation 5 looks like a classic decoder – it’s a flat square symmetrical box with rounded edges.

-But at the same time, the console is very thick. It is almost twice as thicker than the PlayStation 4 Pro.

All this has been recovered and translated from Russian Gamemag site (thanks to Queetera), hence the somewhat cryptic lack of some details. Honestly, the only thing that seems legitimate is the appropriate thickness of the console. A platform like this, full of powerful material, would be difficult to keep slim. All this is very unverified, but I hope we will soon have the confirmation of the thick status of the PS5.