Large -scale sale is being held before the end of the e -shop for Nintendo 3DS. Exceptional from Dragon Quest to World Tree to eye -healing games

A sale for Nintendo 3DS is being held at Nintendo E Shop. It is announced that the service will end on March 28, 2023 for the Nintendo 3DS series and the Nintendo E Shop for Wii U. It has been announced that the addition of the balance to the shop will end at 1:30 pm on August 30, 2022 (related article). In response to such a schedule, each company is implementing a significant price reduction as the last 3DS sale. The sale period of the introductory title in this article is the shortest until 23:59 on August 29. Please note that the sale period differs for each title.

Atlas has a sale with all the target titles of 1000 yen including tax, and the popular series has become a bargain. This is an opportunity to get the sequel Soul Hackers 2, which has just been released, Devil Summoner his soul hackers, the Devil Survival series, and the World Tree Labyrinth series.

Devil Summoner Soul Hackers
・ Popular RPG transplanted work that has increased ease of play, such as full voice conversion by gorgeous voice actors and difficulty in real time.
・ 1000 yen including tax (store page)

Devil Survival Overclock Lock
・ Simulation RPG with full voice, Easy mode, additional new scenarios, etc., in the DS version Devil Survivor
・ 1000 yen including tax (store page)

Devil Survival 2 Blake Records
・ DS version Devil Survivor 2 is fully voice. Transplanted work with new difficulty, new scenarios, etc.
・ 1000 yen including tax (store page)

Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology
・ Full remake that adds a scenario to the RPG and DS version that confront the darkness of the world while solving various incidents using the power of time movement
・ 1000 yen including tax (store page)

Shin Megami Reincarnation DEEP STRANGE JOURNEY
・ RPG that is easy to play with additional elements to the popular DS for DS in the series.
・ 1000 yen including tax (store page)

Shin Megami Tensei II FINAL
・ Completely new RPG where a completely new scenario is developed while following the world view of Shin Megami Reincarnation II
・ 1000 yen including tax (store page)

New World Tree Labyrinth 2 Knight of Fafnir
・ 3D dungeon RPG with a unique system that draws a map with a touch pen and captures the dungeon and a chewy battle
・ 1000 yen including tax (store page)

Labyrinth of World Tree ⅴ The end of long myths
・ 3D dungeon RPG of a characteristic mapping system with greatly enhanced character makeup
・ 1000 yen including tax (store page)

In addition, Railway Topin! Various titles, such as the Route series, have been significantly reduced. It is noteworthy that Sega’s works such as the Sega 3D reprint archives series are also available.

Railway Nippon! Route Aizu Railway Edition
・ The 8th railway driving game with beautiful nature and travel in the live-action video of 3D
・ 200 yen including tax / 6180 yen (store page)


Eyeresh for Nintendo 3DS Eye Stretch & Training
・ Stretch the eye muscles just by looking at the three-dimensional screen, and train the power to see the power
・ 100 yen / 700 yen including tax (store page)

Sega 3D Reprint Archives 3 Final Stage
・ The third installment of Sega 3D Reprint Archives, which converts popular games to 3D. Includes 9 titles including Super Hang-on and After Burner II
・ 2700 yen / 2789 yen including tax (store page)

Puyo Puyo Chronicle
・ Action puzzle RPG that adventures in the 3D graphic world, which is the 25th anniversary of the Puyo Puyo series
・ 500 yen including tax / 2789 yen (store page)

Seventh Dragon II CODE: VFD
・ RPG series complete edition depicting a battle between people and dragons surviving

・ 1315 yen / 1974 yen including tax (store page)

In addition, the Dragon Quest series is also eligible for sale. The popular Dragon Quest Monsters series is also cheaper.

Dragon Quest IIIII to the Sora, Sea, Earth and Curse
・ New scenarios and characters have been added to Dragon Quest II, and voice is added to the event scene.
・ 3289 yen / half price including tax (store page)

Dragon Quest XI In search of the time after passing
・ The fierce adventure of the hero called the devil’s child, RPG that can switch between 3D mode and 2D mode in the middle of adventure
・ 3289 yen / half price including tax (store page)

Dragon Quest Monsters Terry’s Wonderland 3D
・ Full remake version and new monsters of the first work of the Dragon Quest Monsters series have been added, and 3D
・ 1540 yen / half price including tax (store page)

Dragon Quest Monsters 2 Il and Luka’s Mysterious Key
・ Dragon Quest Monsters 2 Luka’s Journey / Il Adventure is 3D full remake, consolidating into one software
・ 1540 yen / half price including tax (store page)

And on August 25, Atlas’s sales targets have been added, and the Persona Q series can be purchased for 1000 yen including tax. Both are affordable with 2278 yen.

Persona Q Shadow of the Labyrinth
・ RPG in which Persona users of Persona 3 and Persona 4 fight together in a different world
・ 1000 yen including tax / 2278 yen (store page)

Persona Q2 New Cinema Labyrinth
・ In addition to Persona 3 and Persona 4, the character of Persona 5 and the female hero of Persona 3 Portable also appear
・ 1000 yen including tax / 2278 yen (store page)

There are still many other deals other than introduced, so why not check the sale page? There is also a special page for Atlas works that summarize the title of the sale. If you are worried, you should check that too.