All buildings are for your home system and what they do in Tower of Fantasy

The artificial island of Tower of Fantasy represents construction mechanics and allows you to build various structures. There are several to choose from, but you will need to collect enough materials to build them. As soon as you do this, these buildings can, in turn, provide you with more supplies. This may make you ask you what buildings you can build and what they do in Tower of Fantasy.

all troops of fantasy buildings

There are eight buildings as a whole, each of which provides different use . Some provide materials, while others allow you to exchange supplies for various things. One of the most important is development center , which allows you to improve buildings. Here are all the buildings in Tower of Fantasy and what they give.

Pumpkin House Tower of Fantasy-fiber

Tower Fantasy Pawpaw House-Energy

Machine Capsule Tower of Fantasy-Metal

Tower of Fantasy Kitty House-accessories

Clawing House Tower of Fantasy-Repair

Tower of Fantasy Development Center-required to improve buildings.

Workshop Tower of Fantasy-Material Exchange for Matrix

Tower of Fantasy-Exchange of materials for objects

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