Grand theft auto

The enthusiast recreated the GRUV

Recently, the network has been filled with various videos that show the incredible capabilities of the new Unreal Engine 5 game engine. Enthusiasts have already shown the recreated The Last of US, Portal and other demos. And now YouTuber Teaserplay decided to demonstrate how the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas remake could look like this new engine.

The video presented below proposes to evaluate the well-known location of Gruv Street recreated on Unreal Engine 5, along with the new detailed model of the game protagonist, Karl Johnson (CJ).

Gruv-X X-Click & Mundo Test/Comparison
Against the background of the latest news about more than 165 million copies of GTA V, perhaps someday in the future Rockstar will decide to go to the Unreal Engine 5 engine and release a decent remake of this popular part. However, if this happens, it is not in the next few years, because now the developer team is busy creating a sixth part, and even the preliminary date of its release is still unknown.


Tomb Raider is developed with the next, Unreal Engine 5

The news on Tomba’s next work was released on State of Unreal 2022.

Crystal Dynamics Tomb Radar Flance Dynasty Manager Dallas Dickinson announced that the end of the Epic Games’ State of Unreal video appeared at the end of the Unreal Engine 5.

Unreal Engine 5 shows a new level of storytelling in a gameplay experience and announced that this news is glad to announce this news from State of Unreal. He also said that the goal of Tomba Radar Teacher is to offer high quality cinematics and adventure experiences to the high quality cinematic actions and adventure fans beyond the limits of quality.

New Tomb Raider Game Developed on Unreal Engine 5 Announced - IGN Daily Fix

However, in this presentation, there is only news on the start of the development of the next work, but it was not disclosed any information related to the game such as video, screenshots, concept art.

Meanwhile, Crystal Dynamics has been planning to integrate the timeline of reboot 3 and the Turbit 3 trilogy and Classic series through the next tomb radar work. So what can I be a work to bind the story line of classical and reboot series this time.


Signed work agreement with Epic Games, Acetori, Eve,

Epic Games Korea has signed a work agreement for Aceory (ASTORY), Eve ASTORY (EVR Studio) and Virtual Productions and Cross-Platform Content Production Pipeline.

Acetori is a drama ‘Signal’, ‘Kingdom’, ‘Jirisan’, ‘Big Mouse’, and a variety of genres of contents that match the change in the domestic and overseas media content market, such as ‘Big Mouse’, and ‘Strange Attorney Wu Young Woo’ and Variety Show ‘SNL KOREA’ Global Comprehensive Content Studio and IP Business Group.

Eve ASULSUTI is a digital content specialist, based on its own real-time digital humanifier and digital virtual world production technology, and a digital content that has a solution optimized for real-time interactive, real-time interactive.

The Ephic Games’s Unreal Engine is used in the industry, film, TV, architecture, automobile, etc., in the field of industrial fields, such as high-end content, interactive experience, immersive virtual world production, and evaluated as a key factor of building metabus with excellent real-time 3D content production technology. I am receiving.

Through this work agreement, three companies plan to use Unreal Engine in the production of drama, games, and other association contents based on the webtoon of Seok Jung Hyun writer.

With a hit with ‘Good Domitors’ and ‘Vincenzo’, the best K drama artist will use the Virtual Production Technology of Unreal Engine in the production of Park Jae-bum, which is recognized in the global market, AAA Games ‘Doard’ also utilize unreal engine for content authoring pipelines, such as developing as unreal engine.

I Figured Out EVE History!
AceTori Bag Representative “Ace Tori and Epic Games, Eve Aya Studio, this work agreement in Ace Tori, is a special attempt to produce global K drama, games and association contents with cooperation for cross-platform content production.” “Three companies I asked you to ask you a lot of interest in various content on the ‘shaman’ IP based on ‘shaman’ IP based. “

Eve Aya Studio Kim Jae-hwan said, “The unreal engine, which plays a key role in the drama and game production, is an important technique in the production pipeline construction,” which is a cross-platform content production pipeline. ” If you successfully finish your work, you ultimately be a great resilience to the metabus implementation. “

Epic Games Korea Park Sung Chul, said, “I am glad to be able to cooperate with Eve, which is sold in the Digital Virtual Worldwide, based on Ace and Excellent Technology in Korea and excellent technology.” We will not save support in Epic Games to show you the best works through Unreal Engine, which is an essential creative tool for metaverse. “