Darts For Price the tournament is now less value

I’d rather play against the best to be the best. I’m really sorry for those players who have to retire for COVID-19, wrote the Welsh Price on Instagram.

I’m really sorry for these players who have to retire for COVID-19.

2019 Grand Slam of Darts  Semi Final  van Gerwen vs Price

Berwyn Price

On Tuesday evening, it had become public that the Dutchman Van Ger wen has been positively tested for the Coronavirus and has to leave the most important tournament of the year. Now this tournament is worth less, Price made it clear. After all: Van Ger wen has no symptoms.

Despite the rapidly propagating omicron variant, the Darts World Cup is so far without restrictions. London’s Alexandra Palace is permanently permitted under 3G approval (vaccinated, recent and negatively tested). Van Ger wen was within a few days of the third player who has been positively tested on the virus. Previously, his two compatriots Vincent van der Oort and ex-world champion Raymond van Barnfield, who had already left, had caught.