The 10 Best Tips for a Better Warframe Invasion Experience

Warframe is an online video game that has a cooperative mode where players can team up to take on the various missions. These missions are divided into two categories: invasion and non-invasion. In this article, we’ll explore what the differences are between these two types of missions, so that you know which one will work best with your gaming style.

In Warframe, the invasion objectives see you momentarily becoming an ally with a faction which is typically your enemy.
The balance of powers is fragile, you will for that reason in some cases need to intervene in the fights between your enemies to make sure that a person of them does not win and become too powerful.
In invasion objectives, you choose a camp between the corpus and the Grinder, then help them accomplish their objective.

where to find invasion missions

You can easily find invasion objectives using your web browser.


Merely select it from the menu or module of your ship, then look at the leading left in the row of icons.
You will see a small fist icon, click on it to see a list of invasion missions currently active.
You can click on among the missions on the list, and this will bring you directly to the world concerned.
The missions will be marked on the map of the stars by the same fist icon.
The list will show you where the objective is, which factions are involved and what portion of control each faction exercises in the area.
When the portion reaches 100%, this faction is deemed to have actually won.
The factions will provide you different awards to assist them, and you have to end up the objective three times on the very same knot to get your reward.
The reward is then sent to your reception box when the invasion is ended up.
Benefits, or Battle Pay, can include components such as strategies or parts for Fresh and Vandal weapons.
The only time you do not require choosing a camp is if the invasion includes plagued, due to the fact that they are constantly your opponents.
It needs to likewise be noted;
You can only see the Fight Pay when you click on the objective node on the star map, and you have to choose between both sides.
From a narrative point of view, no matter who you choose, go with the faction offering the most appealing benefit.

What are the invasion objectives?

The types of objective include the missions of capture, defense, extermination, interception, espionage, rescue and sabotage.
They can typically alter as you play in the three, so you can end up doing two extermination missions, then a spy.
After loading the objective, you play it typically, reach the objective, then extract.
The main difference is that the friendly faction will battle at hand and attack your enemies.
It is really similar to a crossfire objective in this way, except that a person of the factions will not assault you.

Invasion missions in Night wave

If you play invasion missions are part of Night wave, then each complete objective will count for your target.
You don’t require ending up the three missions on the very same node for Night wave, but you will need to do so if you desire to get your basic invasion mission rewards.
There is no factor not to be content to do the 3 objectives;
It is simply good knowledge to have in case your video game session is interrupted for any reason.
Night wave will count them anyway if you just do one or two objectives.

Rewards of the invasion objective

Intrusions can cause outstanding awards that are otherwise challenging, even impossible to discover.
These consist of weapons, plans and resources.
The kind of reward you get will plainly be indicated on the objective list.


  • Field
  • Detonates injector
  • Mutagen mass
  • Muralist Alan V Nav Coordinate


  • Patron Wraith
  • Strung Wraith
  • Kara Wraith
  • Twin Vipers Wraith
  • Era Vandal
  • Sheep


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  • Rookie reactor plan
  • Trans Plan
  • Exiles adapter strategy