How to unlock the underwater point of the teleport to the pile in Genshin Impact

When visiting G. , teleport the track point west of the statue of seven on the Visudha field. , you will find that it is immersed under water. To unlock it, you need to drain the water level in this area, solving the Dendro Monument puzzle.

Start from the direction to the statue of seven on the Visudha field, and then slide into the area circled in the image below. Be careful not to slide to the water-go to the top of the waterfall and turn right find a locked mechanism, good and two guards of the ruins.

How to drain the water level on the Visudha field in the pile in Genshin Impact

Defeat the guards of the ruins to unlock the mechanism. interact with it to drain the water. You can ignore good and immediately go to the cave on the left. Follow the way forward until you enter a huge cave with several Dendro monuments scattered throughout the region.

First turn left to find Dendro monument hides inside the arched entrance. Use any Dendro attack to activate it. Then go up to the Dendro barrier with the treasures surrounding him. To to the left of the design you will find four-leaf printing which you can use to get up, opening a small hole that you can use to enter the locked room. Once inside, activate the second monument of dendro to disperse the barrier.

Then jump down until you find yourself right by the water. Use any dendro-Atak on rock covered with branches , which will make the branches grow and expose a favorable branch under them. Interact with it to call the dendrogran .

As soon as this is done, use Dendrograna to attack a stone with a green core in front and behind you. One will find the third monument of Dendro -light up immediately. Another will cause enemies and open the entrance. Defeat enemies and go through the entrance to return to the starting position right in front of the locked mechanism.

Turn to the right Find another stone with a green core. Attack it using Dendrogranum to open the fourth and final dendro monument . Light it to open the locked mechanism.

Interact with the mechanism to completely drain the water level in this area. Now you can walk to the waybill of the teleport and unlock it!

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