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Wow: Kerkermeister does not want to fight and crashes himself in death

The fight against the Chairman is the final climax of WoW: Shadowlands and at the same time the end of a story that has begun many years ago. Whether the struggle of this iconic position is fair, everyone may decide for themselves . Of course, however, the fight against Zovaal is anything but easy. Three phases, various overlapping mechanics and, above all, the steady danger to fall into death in case of a wrong step, make the fight to the challenge.

That’s not just you like that. Even the chairmaster has to be careful all the time, where he starts – and at the same time falling around with a whole raid at attackers. You can already be inattentive.

Chairman crashes himself in death

Only then can explain why even Zovaal falls into one of the holes of the fighting arena. So happened at a pull, which was accidentally absorbed and disseminated.

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Actually, only fair, one or the other will think. Why should only we can fall into the holes while the boss never happens. But stupidly there is a dramatic difference. If we fall into the holes and die, then we lost the fight. If Zovaal falls into the hole and dies, but he still did not get lost, but just dives again. Unfair, right?

Why the boss that happens every now and then when Raidbosse and their adds can not even be pushed over a cliff, but it is still unclear. Maybe this has to do with the detection of closed and open doors in the ground. Fortunately, that happens only extremely rare and is not a particularly big problem as long as it happens directly to the pull. However, if the problem extends on later phases, then it could be annoying.

9.2 Jailer Death Cinematic - Arthas Freed & Shadowlands Ending - All Cutscenes [WoW: Eternity's End]
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Humble Games Announcement Monaco II on PC

Monaco 2 - Animated Teaser Trailer | Humble Games

Small multiplayer nugget of the indeed scene, at least ten years ago, Monaco will be entitled to a follow-up in good shape. Humble Games confirmed the return to the PocketWatch Games business for co-operation, at least on PC, but no release date. If one is still in the teaser stage, it is understood that the cooperation mechanics will apply to 3D environments, generated processed by an AI designed to renew the interest of the parties. It will be necessary again to shine intelligence, stealth and improvisation to carry out the breaks to several. No more details at the time it is, but the Principality has only to stand well. Trailer ## Monaco 2 – Official Teaser


Rumors suggest that the PS5 will be thicker

PlayStation's NEXT BIG Acquisition Just Leaked? 10 Billion to Spend | Socom PS5 Return Imminent?
Last updated 2 years ago

We saw Devkit’s leaks, but no one still had a glimpse of the legendary PS5. With the actual revelation of the console to come (hope it’s next week, rumors begin to emerge that the elusive system could actually be more epic. A fucking chonker of a system, we could say.

An initiated report of a “specialist who develops a popular American game that will be available on PS5 in the future” provided some essential details about the Sony system:

-The design of the true console is different from all the options that were previously published on the network under the insider cover.
-The console stands out with a very unusual detail that no one has spoken yet, but the initiate decided not to reveal it to us either. Reason: It is possible that this detail can be used to follow where the “drain” comes from.
-Sony has not revealed all the secrets of the console yet. It should announce another important system functionality. Some information about this chip have already falted in the Western press, but no one paying attention.
-The console is not like the design plan of the Xbox Series X. This is not a smart speaker style device. The PlayStation 5 looks like a classic decoder – it’s a flat square symmetrical box with rounded edges.

-But at the same time, the console is very thick. It is almost twice as thicker than the PlayStation 4 Pro.

All this has been recovered and translated from Russian Gamemag site (thanks to Queetera), hence the somewhat cryptic lack of some details. Honestly, the only thing that seems legitimate is the appropriate thickness of the console. A platform like this, full of powerful material, would be difficult to keep slim. All this is very unverified, but I hope we will soon have the confirmation of the thick status of the PS5.