The YouTuber Technoblade died :(

The community of gamers around the world is in mourning today following the death of one of its largest stars, the youtuber Technoblade .

Affected by aggressive cancer, it was best known for its Minecraft game videos and its live broadcasts on its YouTube channel which had 11 million subscribers.

On June 30, 2022, a video was downloaded from the Technoblade YouTube channel where his father announced that he had died, succumbing to his cancer, who had reached Stade Quatre.
Alexander alias Technoblade left us at the age of 23.

Why is it so good Sifu? We play live at your first hour: Gameplay, bosses and more

SIFU first hour gameplay!
SIFU is one of the great surprises of this beginning of 2022, and it is to be able to move the essence beat’em up of a lifetime a 3D format explains we have rarely seen. The SLOCLAP game hexplains stuck very strongly at Meristation, here you can read our analysis, and in this director issued on our YouTube channel, Salva Fernández, coordinator of the magazine and analyst of the game, explains all the goodness of him. Throughout something more than an hour shows the first two levels, explains the system of combat (attack and defense), explains the progress and system of age so original and Curious title, explains well explains gives some advice before final leaders and other situations. All this and much more, in our Gameplay of more than an hour with SIFU , available next week in PC, PS5 and PS4 at a price of 39.99 euros.